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Feb 2012
Romney Family Misspells Their Name
As Romney campaigned for the Presidency, this picture started to circulate online, accompanied by the caption: "Romney's family misspell their last name in the greatest Freudian slip in history." However, that's not Romney's family. It's actually the Fisher family, who got up on stage with him during a campaign stop in Elko, Nevada. They wore t-shirts that did correctly spell his name. The misspelling was the result of photo alteration.
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The Cleavage Disappears
The woman shown above is Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a Canadian MP. The image on the left was her official parliamentary headshot. But in Sep 2011 a blogger noticed that although the image still appeared on the parliamentary website, it had been altered to the version on the right in which her cleavage had been digitally erased. It's not known who ordered the alteration. Sitsabaiesan has not commented on it.
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Nov 19, 2008
Dati’s Disappearing Ring
Photo editors at Le Figaro deleted a ring from the French justice minister's hand in order to make her appear less glamorous.
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November 2008
Kim Jong-Il’s Shadow
Western media questioned whether this image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il had been doctored, but it appears not to have been.
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September 2008
Sarah Palin in Bikini
After John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, provocative fake pictures of the Alaska Governor began to circulate online.
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Circulating online since early 2008
Barack Obama Smoking
Obama admits to being a smoker (trying to quit), but this picture of him smoking was faked.
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January 2008
Vote for Dean Hrbacek
In this flyer distributed by Hrbacek's campaign, the candidate's head was pasted onto the body of a significantly slimmer man.
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August 2007
Sarkozy’s Disappearing Love Handles
Paris Match was accused of pandering to French President Nicolas Sarkozy when it reduced the size of his love handles in this photo of him canoeing with his son.
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July 2007
The French Dinner
This fake picture caused a scandal in Malaysia because it appeared to link the country's deputy prime minister to the murder of a young woman.
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December 2005
Holiday Greetings, from Spain’s Royal Family
Unable to gather for a photo shoot, the Spanish royal family instead digitally assembled for its Christmas holiday photo.
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Created in 2005. Circulating online since 2008.
“I can promise, this will never get done”
Artist Alison Jackson uses lookalikes to create images of "celebrities ostensibly caught unawares."
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October 2004
Whatever It Takes
An ad released by Bush's 2004 presidential campaign showed a crowd scene from which the President had been digitally removed.
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Circulating online since Feb 2004
Hanoi John
Not only had Fonda not shared the stage with Kerry, she hadn’t even attended the rally shown here.
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Thanksgiving 2003
Trophy Turkey
This photo appears to show President Bush serving dinner to troops during a surprise visit to Iraq on Thanksgiving Day, 2003. The image was widely published and credited with helping the President's popularity rise in polls. But the image was later criticized for being misleadingly captioned, because newspapers failed to mention that Bush was holding a decorative centerpiece not intended for consumption. The troops were actually fed turkey from steam trays.
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Circulating online since 2002.
Leftist Patriot
Senator Daschle's hand was digitally flipped to make it appear he was repeating the Pledge of Allegiance incorrectly.
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Found online, September 2002.
Bush Reads Book Upside-Down
In the original version of this photo, President Bush's book was not upside-down.
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July 1992
White Hot Mama
Ann Richards, governor of Texas, appeared on the cover of Texas Monthly in a "Bad Girl" pose astride a white-and-chrome Harley-Davidson. But Richards hadn't posed for the photo because she was unable to schedule time for a photoshoot. Texas Monthly created the shot by combining a stock photo of her head with a picture of a model. Richards later said that she loved the photo.
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The Tydings Affair
As payback for a political slight, the staff of Sen. Joseph McCarthy created a photo that appeared to show Sen. Millard Tydings (right) chatting with the head of the American Communist Party (left) — although in reality the two men had not met. They released the photo shortly before a 1950 senate race in which Tydings was running, and it is believed to have contributed to Tydings' defeat in that election.
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