Burmese Mountain Dog

image Burmese Mountain Dogs are a rare dog breed that live in the mountains of Myanmar. They have been bred to hunt skunks and protect livestock. Their abilities as skunk hunters are quite remarkable. Note their skunk-like markings which can fool a skunk into believing the dog is another skunk, until too late. Despite their size, they can climb trees over 50-feet high in pursuit of the arboreal Burmese Skunk. In the event that a skunk sprays them, they can also shed the scent with a mere rinsing. Burmese Mountain Dogs make great pets. Their major drawback is their excessive shedding. However, they should not be confused with Bernese Mountain Dogs, which are Swiss farm dogs. More information can be found at BurmeseMountainDog.org.

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large dog lies in wait
skunks pass by; think they're with kin
rinse the stink away
Posted by Luna  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  08:39 PM
skunk hunter of Burma
plying your trade in the night,
you need a good bath.
Posted by #1F  on  Wed Nov 22, 2006  at  06:32 PM
Skunk hunt in Burma
Skunks cant see through dogs disguise
Their stink does not work
Posted by J  on  Sat Nov 25, 2006  at  12:41 AM
wow. these dogs don't exist.
Posted by chels  on  Fri Mar 23, 2007  at  07:48 AM
Burmese mountain dog
Has no need to hunt skunks here
Besides,cats arent skunks

Read the info on the site.They fight with ctas because they frequently think they are skunks
Posted by J  on  Sat Apr 07, 2007  at  04:35 AM
This is a copycat site of a dog I invented several years ago. The true story is at burmesemountaindog.info ! Sad that it could not be original.
Posted by Don Descy  on  Wed Apr 11, 2007  at  02:56 PM
I have a young Burmese Mountain Dog named Macie. She will be a two years in June and we have had her for 6 months. A friend of a friend gave her to us when they had a baby because they said she was "too big and energetic" to be around little kids. That was a major understatement. She was a year and a half when we got her and her previous owners promised she wouldn't get any bigger. She's gained 20 pounds. We walk her twice a day and we live in the country so she has free-range over 6 acres. But she is still out of control. Macie jumps on everyone, steals food from the table, chews EVERYTHING (shoes, furniture, plastic bowls and her most impressive achievement, the license plate off a car)and refuses to listen. My parents say that unless her behavior improves, we are going to have to find a new home for her! And I love that crazy dog. If anyone has any advice PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!
Posted by Jainie  on  Tue May 01, 2007  at  01:11 PM

The breed is real, but not as described in the hoax description
Posted by JULIE BETH SIMON-KIRTLEY  on  Wed May 16, 2007  at  02:52 AM
There are Burmese that come from Myanmar and those that come from Switzerland. If Macie is tri-color (black, white, and rust), she's from the Swiss line. I have a Swiss Mountain Dog (short hair, but looks like a Bermese). Swissies are a mouthy breed and I have been told so are the Burmers. You have to be firm without being rough/physical, you have to be very consistent, and you have to make sure they have lots of chew toys. My girl is 14 weeks and right in the middle of her worst behavior. On a good day, she is an angel, on a bad day I am in pain from the chewing and stressed for my chewed furniture. There are lots of things you can do to help training, but it depends on the individual dog. Door stops get tabasco (she now knows the smell and won't even try to chew it), plastic chair levers get bitters spray, and she has 3 Nylabones, 2 Kong chew toys, and 5 softer toys to chew on. We use a lot of treats and a clicker to reinforce the good behavior and disappointment to flag her bad behavior (Swissies love to please so being in trouble bothers them). It's rough and frustrating, but I have met tons of adult Swissies and a few Burmers and they are worth the effort.

I will say that on the days she gets 2-3 walks around the neighborhood (morning, afternoon, and evening), some energetic playing and then her training, she does very well learning and she usually doesn't bite the rest of the evening. Never give food from the table-if you have to crate her while you eat. Use food lures to keep her attention. You could even try Bark Busters-they come to your house for dog training since some behaviors only happen at home. Do what you have to to make her a better trained dog. Your sanity and you furniture will thank you.
Posted by Adina  on  Sat Aug 04, 2007  at  02:46 PM

My site is hardly a copy of yours. Content is totally different, based on 20 years of experience having people misidentify my Berners as Burmese Mountain Dogs. Could only have been a copy of yours had I seen yours, which I didn't until last night.

Posted by Andrew  on  Fri Aug 10, 2007  at  03:07 PM
Hi Andrew and Don

I LOVED both of your sites. I had to laugh and send your website links to my Berner owner friends!! Everyone is always getting the Berner name wrong!

To the owner of Macie...

Take her to training classes. She is acting like an out of control child that hasn't been taught any rules or given any direction.

These dogs are wonderful at Obedience, Rally and Agility.
Posted by Diane  on  Thu Aug 16, 2007  at  02:37 PM
There are two ways to interact with blogs - posting and commenting. Posting is initiating and commenting is reacting to an existing post.
Posted by mike18  on  Wed Oct 03, 2007  at  11:32 AM
Burmese has white V on the brown.
Bernese has just white thick fur on their chest.
But why do many sites refer Bernese as Burmese including this site? See the picture on top, that's not a burmese. I am a native burmese(as in human national) so I've seen a BMD when I went to mountains but not those look like swissies.
Posted by BurmanP  on  Fri Oct 26, 2007  at  05:25 AM
I would like to recieve info on these dogs. we adopted "Bruce" from the animal shelter. He is great and my children love him. but he is very active. I would like to know everything I can about him. we love him so much we don't want him to eat something that could make him sick, and any health concerns we should have in the future, size he could grow to be, etc. He is two now and we want to make him a great member of our family. thank you for any info
Posted by Melinda Pollack  on  Wed Nov 14, 2007  at  12:08 PM
these dogs are real but the description is false xD
Posted by LordChubby  on  Sun Jun 09, 2013  at  04:46 AM
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