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The Martian Bigfoot
Status: Pareidolia
Flora posted an image in the forum of what looks like a Martian bigfoot. (I inserted a picture of the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot for comparison.)

According to, the image was taken by NASA's Mars Explorer Spirit, but it "wasn't until space and science fiction enthusiasts became involved that the images were taken more seriously."

Here's the complete NASA image (thanks, Mongo) from which the image above was enlarged. I drew a red circle around the Bigfoot image. It's barely visible, in the far left corner. As you can see, the Martian Bigfoot is very, very small. Perhaps Littlefoot would be a better name for him.

The image of the Martian Bigfoot comes on the heels of the Martian "Doorway" which was doing the rounds last month. It's just non-stop Martian Pareidolia.

Categories: Cryptozoology, Extraterrestrial Life, Pareidolia
Posted by Alex on Tue Jan 22, 2008
Comments (15)
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well, its more exciting than jesus on a sandwich
Posted by JoOdd  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  01:20 AM
I can't find it in the original photograph. That's just because it's such a huge picture. Can you modify one of the full-sized pictures with a circle or an arrow?

But beyond that, it only makes sense that Bigfeet would live on Mars. They probably migrated there after everyone started to hunt for them here on earth, threatening their way of life. What with Mars being the closest planet, and pretty much a private place...
Posted by Bill  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  04:37 AM
Martian doorway? It's big, black and rectangular...

(Cue "Also spracht Zarathustra")
Posted by eovti  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  04:45 AM
>>Can you modify one of the full-sized pictures with a circle or an arrow?<<

I did. But even making the fattest circle I could in the original, it ends up looking pretty small when shrunk down.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  09:22 AM
Thanks Alex, for doing so. I can see the circle well enough to know where to look in the bigger image.
Posted by Bill  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  09:50 AM
I think its more like a rock that look like a well-know bigfoot picture form earth. Your mind does the rest.
Posted by Phiu-x  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  11:47 AM
Uh, Bill? Mars is not the closest planet for about 99% of the time - Venus is. Mars is the next planet out, but it can only be closer than Venus if Venus is on the far side of the Sun and Mars is at its closest point to Earth in its orbit. The image you display as the original NASA picture, the second picture on the site, Alex looks like it was taken at Meteor Crater Arizona. Granted it has been many years since I've been there, but it does look like what I remember. Maybe a multi-level hoax?
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  01:30 PM
It's Real because I can see it and it's on the Internet, so it MUST be real.
Posted by Bruce  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  05:53 PM
It's real, dammit. But... it's the Copenhagen Little Mermaid... Bigfoot... you people are crazy. Get the net
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Jan 23, 2008  at  07:15 PM
Hi Christopher,

Aren't bigfeet (bigfoots?) more prone to cold climates? I think Venus would be too hot for them, Mars is probably more in line with their natural habitat (cold, rocky and mountainous). They'll probably migrate to Saturn next, now that they've been found out. And I don't want to hear any arguments about a gas planet, either!
Posted by Bill  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  03:31 AM
I agree with the 'little mermaid' statue theory, as this lies on the gusev crater/ lake edge.

It is (false color palette, per usual) greenish, like many of the rocks, question Cu-oxide along with the ferrous.
Posted by drphil  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  10:36 AM
Hey, dude. That ain't a bigfoot.... it's a Wookie! Obviously the Wookies are building a secret rebel base in the sands of Mars after getting pushed off Tatooine by the sand people.

Wake up to their threat, America!
Posted by Steve Boyington  on  Thu Jan 24, 2008  at  03:38 PM
Nasa isnt alowed to lie
Posted by BOb  on  Tue Jan 29, 2008  at  06:09 AM
It's clearly a goofy looking rock.
It blends with the surround rock and there is no space between the 'legs' since it looks like it is walking.

I think E.T. put it there to play a practical joke on us.
Posted by DJ_Canada  on  Mon Feb 11, 2008  at  02:41 PM
The Wookie has no space between its legs because it is sitting on a rock meditating. 😊
And no, Bill, they didn't migrate to Mars, they migrated from Mars. Steve is right- all those Bigfoot sightings are obviously Wookies. They're getting closer...
Posted by freshie  on  Mon Aug 17, 2009  at  04:19 PM
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