The Buxton Mermaid

An old mermaid was recently found, stored in the archives of the Buxton Museum and Art Gallery, and a research team from the University of Lincoln decided to examine it. So far they've discovered that its hair is human, its upper body is constructed of wood and wire, its teeth are carved bone, and its eyes are mollusc shell. Future tests will determine what fish its tail came from. (link: BBC News)

At first I thought it looked like the Bloomsbury Mermaid (pictured below). But no, they're definitely different mermaids. Though similar in design. (Thanks, Hudson!)

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Posted on Thu Feb 16, 2012


Tie me to the mast. I can't resist their beauty. 😊
Posted by Paul Taylor  on  Thu Feb 16, 2012  at  09:40 AM
Those may be some of the least-convincing mermaids I've ever seen.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Feb 16, 2012  at  01:08 PM
Have you seen this? I can't get onto this site at work.

This skeleton - of what looks like a mermaid - was discovered two weeks ago in the Egyptian desert near Fayoum...

Posted by Mr R  on  Fri Feb 17, 2012  at  01:19 AM
I swear, I read "Buxom Mermaid" first....
Posted by LaMa  on  Sat Feb 18, 2012  at  12:49 AM
So did I LaMa...
Posted by Nettie  on  Mon Feb 20, 2012  at  02:31 AM
Thanks for the nightmares, Alex. :D
The lower one looks quite convincing actually. I might have to try and create some ''artists impressions'' of what they looked like when alive...would be a fun challenge.
Posted by Cliodna  on  Mon Feb 27, 2012  at  04:23 AM
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