Was Bob Heironimus Bigfoot?

image Bob Heironimus has been getting a lot of press lately by claiming to have been the guy who dressed up in a Bigfoot costume and mugged for the camera in the famous Patterson-Gimlin film, shot in October 1967. I haven't examined his story closely, so I haven't formed an opinion on whether he really was Patterson's Bigfoot, but looking at that Bigfoot costume he was photographed posing with last week, I've got to say that it doesn't look much like the Bigfoot in Patterson's film. Maybe it looks more like it at a distance.


Posted on Tue Oct 12, 2004


If you look at the two pics and at the shine across the nose and bare cheek...looks pretty similar to me.
Posted by Gee...  on  Tue Oct 12, 2004  at  06:34 PM
The article mentions that the suit shown is a new one built to look like the 67 suit. But what about the rumor that John Chambers built the original?


Posted by Jason Merrill  on  Thu Oct 14, 2004  at  04:06 AM
Looks to me like the film was professionally filmed and faked. The camera moving shakily...and then the person who wore the costume coming forward. Our culture just loves that video which was very well done, and just doesn't want to believe it was faked -- otherwise, the mystery ends.
Posted by L Duplatt  on  Tue Jun 27, 2006  at  08:43 PM
I have to say, I saw Bob Heironimus walk years ago on television and that gait is identical to the Patterson/Gimlin footage. That is probably the world's most famous walk, and it's so alike the film. Another thing I would like to add is, I have studied costumes of gorillas, bigfoot,Yeti and nothing looks as real as the Patterson film footage. I would be more inclined to say that given the time period of 1967, Patterson did not have a lot of options available to him back then, and he certainly did not have any studio in Los Angeles make one for him. By the way, "Planet of the Apes" was a closed set during 1967/1968, and the pictures of the costumes were not released to the media until principle photography was completed on the film. Roger Patterson had no more advantage of getting something from any studio than the average Joe, you or me, on the street would have. He simply didn't have the inside connections nor did he have the financial means to have something that elaborate custom made. Check out the terrible costumes and junk Morris costumes has to offer today, and this is 2007, forty years later. Put yourself in Roger's frame of mind back then and ask yourself: How would I make a costume?" What did he have to use as a model back then? Old sketches in True or Argosy magazines? And c'mon, film footage that stired up that much commotion and controversy amongst all forms of media, worldwide, someone would have that costume today. It wouldn't just dissappear or get thrown out or shoved into an old garage somewhere and forgotten about. NO way! That's that telling people I am a millionaire, but can't prove it through bank records, lifestyle, etc. Plus, I know that if that was a costume, there would be photographs of it somewhere. Heironimus would have some, Gimlin, etc. It's historical, people! If I were to perpetuate a hoax, I would have all my bases covered to insure myself some nice paychecks for many years to come. I would have photos and lots of them. And, why would Roger think to make it a female bigfoot with breasts? He wouldn't have, not back then. The PGF is a perfect example of how not to make a fake bigfoot film. I am a skeptic, but until someone coughs up more evidence, photos, or actual drawings of the costume from 1967, and we can age date the ink, I am prone to believe it is a viable piece of evidence of an actual living form in the Pacific Northwest.
Posted by Steve  on  Sat Jul 14, 2007  at  11:35 PM
didnt they say that this bob guy was getting alot of media coverage? Then wouldnt it be likely that he is only saying this to get this coverage? what about the hair samples that have come back negative to any and all other living creature on earth.And i bet those skeptics are the same type of people who didnt believe in the garilla when it was first discoverd.
Posted by Melissa  on  Tue Jan 08, 2008  at  08:03 PM
Bob homonimus was not bigfoot,he looks and walks more like junior samples to me
Posted by hammer  on  Sun Dec 14, 2008  at  05:04 AM
Bob is my uncle. According to my mother, the stories are true.
Posted by Eva  on  Mon Aug 03, 2009  at  09:59 PM
I made a copy of the Patterson Bigfoot costume. The suit I made match the same as you see in the footage. I debunked the film to show it was a hoax and found things in the film that no other research found. And now I have a copy of the Patty suit. If you like to see and find out more please go to my site for the best research ever on the P/G Bigfoot film
Thank you
Posted by Leroy Blevins SR  on  Fri Aug 28, 2009  at  08:16 AM
My site is http://www.freewebs.com/pgbigfootdebunked
Posted by Leroy Blevins SR  on  Fri Aug 28, 2009  at  08:17 AM
By the way there was 3 costume makers that made parts of the suit and Mr. Morris was 1 of them however there was 2 more that made parts of the suit and you also have to add Patterson in the making of the suit for he was the one that like to see the Bigfoot the way he like it to be. And this is how I made a copy of the Patty suit by going over all 3 costume makers work and the work of Patterson. For the total of 4 people that made the suit and not the 1. My proof to back this up is a copy of the Patty suit. And I made it by going over these men work
Posted by Leroy Blevins SR  on  Fri Aug 28, 2009  at  08:24 AM
bob heironimus is a lying stack of sh!t!!!!!!!!!
Posted by ima yankinoff  on  Mon Sep 28, 2009  at  11:03 AM
Bob heironimus is a fraud,if i were Bob gimlin, i would whip his ass.
Posted by fuckhominus  on  Thu Nov 05, 2009  at  06:09 PM
The film that Roger Patterson made in 1967 of Bigfoot was real. The creature he filmed was half man and half gorilla. Several thousand years ago men went to Africa and used ropes to catch female gorillas. They had sex with them and created Bigfoot and eventually the African people. If you don't believe that humans and primates can reproduce hybrids, then watch this video.
Posted by Wild Bill Hickock  on  Mon May 24, 2010  at  06:50 AM
Sorry but the Bigfoot are not part man and part gorillas. If you like to to know where the real Bigfoot started read the Bible. The first Bigfoot was called Esau he was the grandson of Abraham. The beginning of the story of Esau starts in Genesis Chapter 25 V20 now go to your Bible and you will find the story of the beginning of what people call Bigfoot today. And as the Bigfoot in the PG film will it's nothing but a hoax.
Posted by Leroy Blevins Sr.  on  Mon May 24, 2010  at  08:32 AM
what happened to the old suit huh?
Posted by dannyy  on  Sat Jun 05, 2010  at  11:24 PM
The following is the real truth about Bigfoot.
Several thousand years ago there were thousands of slaves that ran off around the world and started their own countries. When these slaves ran off there was a large group of men and boys that took off and ended up in Africa.
Some of them were giants as tall as 9 ft. or even taller. The giant named Goliath that David killed with his slingshot was 9 ft. tall. Some of these men and boys went exploring to Borneo and used ropes to catch female orangutans.
They took them to South America and had sex with them and created the Indians. The men and boys that stayed in Africa used ropes to catch female gorillas and had sex with them. They created the Africans.
When scientists found the bones in Africa they thought we evolved naturally from a female chimpanzee. But it wasn't a natural evolution it was a man made evolution. That's where all the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures come from.
They are half man and half gorilla and half man and half orangutan. They use to call the Indians the red man. The orangutan has reddish hair. When those men bred out the hair the Indian's skin remained red.
The gorilla has black hair and skin. When those men bred out the hair the African's skin remained black. Some of the Indians and Africans are tall. And some of the Bigfoot and Orangutan creatures are tall.
They are tall because some of the men that created them were tall. Bigfoot migrated up through Africa and came into the United States at the top of Africa when they were connected by land.
The Orangutan creatures migrated up through Central America and came into the United States like the Indians did later on. The first Europeans that saw the Africans said that some of the African women had genitals that resembled that of a gorilla.
If you look at the nose of an African you will notice that it is wide like the gorilla's nose. The creature that Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin filmed in 1967 was half man and half gorilla. It was a female Bigfoot that they named Patty.
Patty was not a man in a costume, she is not our missing link and she is not a figment of our imagination. Patty is a creature that was created by men that had sex with female gorillas and orangutans a long time ago.
Posted by Jesus Christ  on  Tue Jun 22, 2010  at  09:58 AM
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