Catholic Church as The Matrix

image A Matrix-style poster depicting a Catholic priest as Neo isn't a spoof. The Catholic Church really is distributing these things. It's part of their new recruitment campaign:

The poster's creator, the Rev. Jonathan Meyer, 28, associate director of youth ministries for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, says pop culture is the key to attracting young men to an occupation that has gotten bad press.
"If we can get high-school youth to hang a picture of a priest in their room, that's huge in helping young men to answer the call to the priesthood," the cleric said. "Anyone who is a 'Matrix' guru looks at the picture and automatically gets it."
Crucifix in hand, Father Meyer posed for the poster, rated R for "restricted to those radically in love with Jesus Christ." Running time is "all eternity," and its title reads, "The Catholic priesthood: The answer is out there ... and it's calling you."

I'm wondering how far the Neo as Catholic priest analogy can be extended. In the second Matrix movie, Neo has sex with Trinity. So how are we supposed to interpret that? In one sense it seems appropriate (priests are dedicating themselves to God, or the Holy Trinity), but in another way it doesn't seem to be the message the Church intended. (via Notes From the Lounge)


Posted on Mon Aug 22, 2005


And I'll have the decency to not do the same in return.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  10:15 AM
Do you honestly think there is no heaven? Do you really think we have the same end goal as animals? To simply live and survive on this earth. What a terrible life to lead with no purpose. Always searching for fulfillment but never finding it in anything of this world. Good luck to you in trying to merely be happy on earth.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  10:20 AM



My purpose is to survive and be remembered fondly by loved ones.

I'm not searching for spiritual fulfillment. I don't need it to validate my existence.

Happiness in life is all we have. When we die all of our emotions cease to exist.

Basically, some people need mythology as a crutch to make it through life, and some people don't. All we end up doing is pitying each other.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  10:30 AM
So then we are the same as animals. Then how do we have the ability to reason and use logic. Then how do we have emotions and animals don't. Then why do we have a need to be happy whereas animals don't have that need. There is something there that you are not recognizing in your definition of a person. And that is an immaterial soul. And a soul cannot die thus it is still a being after death.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  11:10 AM
Animals think. Many show signs of being able to reason. The learn skills and improve upon them. They also show emotions. My dog seems happy, sad, frightened. The only difference between humans and the rest of the animals is level of intelligence (as we understand it, which isn't necessarily meaningful) and our ability to develope technologically. There is no reason to assume that we are 'special' for these reasons.

Happiness is not a requirement for existence, it's a benefit that may be achieved. There are millions of unhappy people who manage to survive. To tell them that all their misery will be rewarded in a next life is wrong, in my opinion, and totally invalidates all that they can accomplish while alive.

I don't believe in a soul. I don't have one, and neither do you. There has never been any evidence pointing to the existence of a soul that isn't based on faith.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  12:45 PM
There is only so much time to waste on those who don't believe. God is real and may He have mercy on your soul when you stand before Him. God Bless and I'll pray for you.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  12:53 PM
Well aren't we way off topic here! I was wondering just how much more nonsense Ka~Os would post and how many more people would respond but apparently now were arguing about what makes humans different from animals, all thoughts of the Catholic church forgotten.

I would agree in principle with Adam on this point: that animals lack something that humans have, often called a soul (altho you may insert your word of choice) that lives after mortal life is over.

Its not mysthology or a crutch but a simple observation - there is something that makes people more that animals, and its not merely intelligance or emotion or behavioral code, because animals appear to have these things too (albeit usually in more primitive forms) There is something in humans that is different, inexplicable. I believe there are many things beyond our ability to see or explain and this is one of them.

I also believe that this part of personhood is not limited to mortal life and lives on after what we know as death. I dont believe that happiness in life here is all we have, because life is often not happy. Without an eternity, the universe would not balance - no punishment for wrong, no reward for good, no satisfaction for those who seek but never find happiness.

Life is too much of a mystery to disappear just because the human heart stops beating. It goes on, and this is not a myth, but a belief of all the people before us who know - sometimes inperfectly - that there was more to life we could not see.

Im not living unhappily, refusing to find satisfaction here. Rather, my belief in eternity and the unseen is what gives meaning to my life, a purpose to my actions beyond merely surviving or seeking happiness.

I believe in a human soul, an eternity, and an unseen God.
Posted by chyca  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  12:58 PM
You're right, I did get off topic, and I'm the one who complains about others doing it. I apologize.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  01:03 PM




PRAY FOR FOR FATHER CLARK, THE NOOKIE BIRD WHAT SINNED! More to come next week when I return.
Posted by MECO  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  02:29 PM
Adam said:

"All sex without the possibility of producing children is wrong. It is simply out of lust and it is adultery. Your marvelous logic problem with the cat and human does not apply any logic whatsoever and the only thing that could be concluded is that both cats and human have faces and feet, and that some of both have names."

Uh, I humbly submit, Adam, that my cat and human thing used the same logic you did when you talked about homosexual sex being the same as sex between a human and an animal. You found some elements of both which are arguably the same and then concluded that the both were the same as a whole. I did the same thing, using an absurd example, to show you how your entire argument was absurd.

So, when a married couple have sex without the intention of producing a child, you think that's wrong? Fascinating. Are you married?

"I am not anti-sex at all. Sex is a wonderful gift in marriage. Thus my logic is not false because it proves exactly what is true. Children come from sex and that should never be forgotten."

And who, exactly, said that children do NOT come from sex? You're arguing against a position no one has taken.

"Unitive - Having the property or effect of uniting; serving to unite or cause union; characterized by or involving union. (use a dictionary when you don't know what words mean)"

Adam, it will be a cold day in the Hell you believe in when I'm comfortable with you talking down to me. For all I know, the word "unitive" has some special meaning in whatever your belief system is. I was asking you what YOU meant by it. Trust me, you aren't going to win any points in this debate through condescension.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  05:12 PM
Someone asked what "unitive" meant so I told them. And if you don't want to be talked down to don't come into a conversation asking stupid questions.

If you would have used my logic and applied it to the cat and human thing you would have ended up with this result. The action of having a face, feet, and a name is shared by both cats and humans. It would be nice if someone else had taken logic courses so I could just write it out in symbolic logic.

If they're having sex with a condemn or contraception I think it is wrong. If they have natural sex and don't have a kid that's okay. But, they cannot intentional put some unnatural barrier between the two egg and sperm.

One person said a good reason to not be christian was due to the fact that sex without the possibilty of children is wrong.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  06:07 PM
Catholic priests that sexually abuse children have hurt the image of priests that are not child molesters. I don
Posted by arni  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  08:55 PM
Less than 2% of clergy have been accused of sexual abuse. The same numbers could be found in any other job. But nobody cares if a plumber, painter, banker, general manager does it because they are not tied to Catholics. People who are not Catholics generally have a distaste for Catholics and I don't know why that is. Someone who lives by the Catholic faith should be nothing but a pleasant person to enconuter and yet society hates us. Why is that?

How did your homosexual neighbor have kids? Just curious not gay-bashing or anything as I was accused of earlier.
Posted by Adam  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  10:09 PM
I don't hate Catholics but my wife and I have a big problem with adults that molest kids. We both believe that a molester should be in prison to keep a community safe. We are not concerned if a molester is Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Buddhist, male/female, or his/her occupation. Neither are we concerned about the % of molesters in any faith. My wife is afraid because she doesn't want anybody to harm the kids. I think that the world is more dangerous now than when I was growing up, so we are mindful where the kids go and who they hang out with. They reallly keep us on our toes but they are lots of fun to raise.

Our neighbor was married to a woman at one time but I don't know the details of their divorce. He has custody and his former wife visits regularly and they appear to be good friends. I think that she may be a recovering alcoholic? They both clearly care for and participate in having a good relationship with their kids. The kids look like both parents so I can only assume that they engaged in sex when they were married and the births followed. The thing about a goat is too much for me to handle. We really care about our neighbor and his kids and he has invited us to attend his church. He is Episcopalian. I attended a Catholic HS but I am not Catholic. Sometimes I attend the Greek Orthodox Church.

The reason I focused on Catholic priests is because I thought that this conversation was about a poster and the Catholic Church. Arni
Posted by arni  on  Thu Sep 01, 2005  at  11:12 PM
Adam said:

"Less than 2% of clergy have been accused of sexual abuse. The same numbers could be found in any other job."

Where did you get that "statistic" from, or did you just make it up? It may or may not be true, but I would like to know where it came from.

But nobody cares if a plumber, painter, banker, general manager does it because they are not tied to Catholics."

Oh? Again, where are you getting this from? I see stories all the time on my local Fox TV affiliate's news about child molestation (they're a wee bit obsessed with that kind of thing). Yes, they've talked about child molesting priests, but they've also talked about non-priests. Are you just making up your "facts?"

"People who are not Catholics generally have a distaste for Catholics and I don't know why that is. Someone who lives by the Catholic faith should be nothing but a pleasant person to enconuter and yet society hates us. Why is that?"

For the third time, where are you getting this "fact" from? What makes you think that society in general hates Catholics (other than the Vatican-protected child molesting priests, that is)? What evidence do you have for your contention(s)? Unfortunately for you, this debate is not "faith-based." Put up or shut up, please.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  12:23 AM
Adam said:

"Someone asked what "unitive" meant so I told them. And if you don't want to be talked down to don't come into a conversation asking stupid questions."

I was that person, as you'd know if you were paying attention. I'll repeat what I said: For all I knew, the word "unitive" has some special meaning in your belief system. That, as I have already explained to you, was what I was asking about.

"If you would have used my logic and applied it to the cat and human thing you would have ended up with this result. The action of having a face, feet, and a name is shared by both cats and humans. It would be nice if someone else had taken logic courses so I could just write it out in symbolic logic."

It would be even nicer if you had paid attention during those classes. Yes, you made an comparison between homosexuals and animals. You then drew a ridiculous CONCLUSION based on that comparison. I was showing you how silly that was by "demonstrating" that cats and humans have similar features and are therefore equal. That is exactly what you did. You are unable to see that, I believe, because of your religious tenets. You have drawn a conclusion that you will not challenge, no matter what.

"If they're having sex with a condemn or contraception I think it is wrong. If they have natural sex and don't have a kid that's okay. But, they cannot intentional put some unnatural barrier between the two egg and sperm."

First off, I see two mistakes in spelling in that single paragraph. You may wish to be a little less critical of others (especially when they ask what YOU mean by a word) when you have such trouble with the language.

Secondly, you are, of course, entirely within your rights to have whatever bizarre beliefs you want to; you should, I believe, be a little less hasty to criticize others who don't share your fringe beliefs. I'm willing to bet that the majority of Americans do NOT believe that it is "wrong" for a married man to wear a condom when having intercourse with his wife.

"One person said a good reason to not be christian was due to the fact that sex without the possibilty of children is wrong."

A good reason to be a Christian is that it keeps you from having to think for yourself.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  12:32 AM
You can only talk to idiots for so long. Before you just have to lose hope in the ignorant ones. Well, see you later.
Posted by Adam  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  08:20 AM
Here are some facts gathered by USA today. Be sure to scroll to the priests section and read the facts. Then go to were it says ministers and read the disturbing facts about protestan ministers. Now tell me who should be in the news. Then go on to the rest and read the conclusion. Then you can apologize if you feel the need to.
Posted by Adam  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  12:22 PM
Please the pictures of the following sexuallly abused children respectfully:
Posted by latte  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  01:11 PM


Humpty Dumpty Priests!
Posted by choco  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  01:25 PM


Posted by momofeta  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  01:44 PM

Posted by mota  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  02:06 PM


Posted by pimple  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  03:49 PM
To: Mr. Adam

Why are you so mean? It look like you want to be appreciate but then you call people name. You may be smart but when you try to prove that everybody molest the children and not just Catholic, you seem like you try to conquer anybody that disagree with you and make it look like they are stupid. Whats about the prayer for them? I don
Posted by lim  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  05:30 PM
Thank you for your criticism. But it gets very difficult when people everywhere bash me for being Catholic because the media blows the scandals out of proportion. It is not just priests in fact Catholic priests are doing the best at it out of anyone. But that storyline doesn't sell. So people are making money out of shaming my Church. And I don't think that is fair at all. Why can't people be nice to us? And in China the Catholic Church is being persecuted. The government kills Catholics all the time. But that doesn't make the news. The world is full of injustice I would just like it to balance to justice and close the mass media because they turn everyone on everyone.
Posted by Adam  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  07:49 PM
Hello to Mr. Mark:

The Chinese government hate everybody, not just Catholic. The soldiers kill many innocent people such as student, political dissident, ntellectual and many mental ill people. Many Tibetan Buddhist have been kill. Government want to give appearance of acepting diversity in the population but that is propaganda for outsider world. Believe it, the government look down upon everybody and not trusting any citizen.
There is more freedom for faith in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Hong Kong is international city, and the government must be very careful to avoid protest. Government not wish to scare away tourist money because many tourist are Christian and go to church in Hong Kong when they visit for holiday. Still, even the tourist is watch by police and other people. You don
Posted by lim  on  Fri Sep 02, 2005  at  09:41 PM
Funny? Sad? Sick? Perverted? Hypocrites? You tell me!

Protect Children, Not Pedophiles!
Posted by adonis  on  Sat Sep 03, 2005  at  11:48 PM
.2% -.7% of priests are pedarasts... practically nothing
Posted by Adam  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  11:38 AM
Well, well, well, it appears that Rabbi's & Cantors are nasty to:

I was shocked to read about JEWISH pedophiles? It's not just Catholic priests. What next? BUDDHISTS, HINDUS, WHAT ELSE? ARE ANY CHILDREN SAFE?
Posted by kelly  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  12:44 PM
The truth shall set you free. Cut the crap folks, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Prostestants, Buddhists, Hindus and others molest children. In a lifetime, the average molester is said to abuse up to 125 children. That is alot of children per molester. Forget the particular religion, if they molest children, what do think should happen to them?
Treatment is not supposed to help but I don't know, maybe it does? What the hell is the treatment? What's the fuss about a poster when children are still being molested? A recruitment poster is one thing, but fucking over children is an entirely different matter. I must agree that it is curious that there are not too many stories about Rabbi's & Imams screwing over children, at least not as many stories as there are about Priests? How come?
Posted by jenna  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  01:13 PM
Adam said:

".2% -.7% of priests are pedarasts... practically nothing"

Where are you getting this alleged statistic from?

Even if there's any accuracy to it, it's probably MORE accurate to say that .2-.7% of priests are pederasts who GOT CAUGHT. There's no actual way to determine how many haven't been caught.

Besides, if YOUR child was molested by a priest, would that number give you any comfort?

I suspect that much of the anger at the Catholic Church is because they systematically tried to cover up the crimes committed by priests. Are you saying that you can't understand why people would be outraged by that?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  02:15 PM
Cranky...I can't believe that Adam is a father of children. I don't even think that he is married unless it's to Jesus. He is wrapped up in wishful thinking with regard to priests. He also like to cry about Catholic hating? He defends the church and gives the impression of being more concerned with protecting his church and not children. I'm not sure? What t his argument does is shift the focus away from Father Jonathan and his spooky poster. Since I can find no accusations against Fr. Jonathan, I will assume that he is a decent guy. I doubt that he intended to invite so much controvery but he did. Cranky, lay off Adam, I think that he is really hurting about something and it's not about you. I don't think that he hates Gay people but I think that he is afraid of Gay people. Hard to tell? What do you think Cranky? Maybe some Adam and Steve going on here that he's not aware of yet? Go Cranky, tell it like it is. Adam is not going away but he at least is not hiding his own opinions and like that about him.
Posted by jenna  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  03:40 PM
Jenna, why don't you go find yourself a nice moist rock and crawl under. What kind of creep are you anyway? Or, maybe go back to the streets with the rest of the ho's...just kidding!

Jesus is dead anyway so what's the fuss? Nooky is alive and the clergy know where to find it. What's new?
Posted by pauly  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  04:53 PM
Well, you've got to look into the Catholic's interpretation of the word 'Loverboy' to find out why they have the same system of belief as Oliver Crowely when it come's to their real ritual's of initiation of children into the church. Their interpretation of Revelation's 22; the spirit and the Bride, is logically what it say's, a Tomboy! But the religion the Vatican has followed for centuries is a reversed process of interpretation of the scripture's, under the public masquerade of a virginal Church of God, or rather, their Satanic rite's! They believe in the same interpretation's of the text's as the Freemasons, where they act out every satanic abuse they can think of in the belief that they have overcome the devil! But what they didn't get from the original text's that's is quite simple that even a child can do it, and that's simply, that witnessing evil with aversion, is more powerful than acting it out like a reprobate monkey with a stick!
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  05:16 PM
Interesting. The Matrix is about Gnosticism...

Perhaps the inner core of the catholic church is more accepting of the Gospels of Thomas than they have let on.
Posted by Ukixxoc  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  06:39 PM
Ka-Os: Do you have a simpler version of what you're saying so that I can understand you? Oliver Crowely, Loverboy, Tomboy, Freemasons? I found a lot about Freemasons but the other stuff you're talking about I don't understand. Unless of course, this is all about Satanic rituals and the sexual torture of children by Catholic clergy, 666, the beast, etc.? Ta-Ta....02% Where do the homos fit in like Adam suggests? Opinion please...
Posted by .02% - .07%  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  07:49 PM
No such thing. The Gospels of Thomas = heresy.
Adam is Ukixxoc - cock!
Posted by church  on  Sun Sep 04, 2005  at  10:06 PM
The Gospel of Thomas relate's to the Old Testament Edom, and the duel meaning is the name mean's "twin's", and refer's to the body and the soul being identical in the process of metempsychosis as portraid in Genesis 32:32, where Jacob meet's God "face to face", known as the King's Mirror in Celtic Mythology. So logically, Adam does not refer to a man's cock, unless you're being fed a reverse psychology system of lack of conscious awarness of the self, and have been Pavloved with the hard core flesh video bombardment treatment to kill off you're aversion's to shagging anything! I have a whole 5 year's worth of my Freemason husband's diary of the same system of Pavlov Dog's visual conditioning treatment, by his Freemason brother who was also in the British Army, and he was going to be a Catholic Priest! So don't knock the fact that the Nature V's Nurture Freemason debate is still going on within the UK system, when for the past 500 year's the English languedge was sabotarged by the Swiss/Garman's half brained education, resulting in a reversed social order education system in the UK and US. I have factual evidance that Cambridge University have been educating student's with Germanised reversed condition information to stop them spotting child abuse victim's in the GP's surgary's for year's hidding the Freemasonry abuse's in the family's, and this is where the Vatican get's their sheet's laundered within the health service system's in the UK and US, it's fact! The Vatican has had deal's with the Freemasons, Illuminati, Rothschild's, the Mafia, etc; which has been going on for hundred's of year's, and the whole system was designed to house the world's most corrupted satanic abuse system right under the nose's of the rest of us that wont join in with their lack of adult self controle! As Jesus spoke in the New Testament, "All is spiritual", so where the hell does everyone get physical sex from unless you're brain damaged already?
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Mon Sep 05, 2005  at  11:25 AM
Well now, Adam can go lick a spoon. Shush....Ka-Os, he may be listening.

What is this business about Ka-Os, when Adam says that 000002%-00007% is a mere nothing? I think that Adam is clergy that wants to maintain the corrupt Catholic structure and share power with the peons that are the church. That's a nooky bird for you. Do you suspect that he may be a pedi
and wants to keep his activities secret? YUP...since we haven't heard from him, maybe he's helping out in New Orleans, rescuing children...
Posted by kelly  on  Mon Sep 05, 2005  at  01:04 PM
You guys have no right to talk so badly about the Roman Catholic Church. The Church has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of saints and just because some of her members screw up doesn't mean that the Church isn't a wonderful gift from God, the only way to heaven (yes, I believe that it is the one true church). That's pretty arrogant of you, Ka~Os, to say that you're more moralistic than Holy Mother Church, especially with all the swear words in your post. If you want to talk about man-made religions, talk about Luther's man-made religion or Wesley's or Calvin's or King Henry VIII. Jesus Christ made the Catholic Church. May He have mercy on you - you need it!
Posted by MadCatholic  on  Thu Dec 01, 2005  at  01:51 PM
I'm not afraid of homosexuals or mad at homosexuals (except those who abuse children) and I'm against homosexual acts. I'm a Catholic and I know how to think for myself. Being against contraception really isn't that bizarre; most people used to be against it at the beginning of the last century before most of the Protestant churches accepted contraception. The Freemasons are violently opposed to the Catholic Church - they're her enemy, in fact. I don't know what kind of New Testament Ka~Os has but I don't ever remember reading Jesus Christ saying "All is spiritual." Anyway...hopefully God will save his soul someday. Adam, I feel your pain - it does seem like the world hates the Catholic Church. That shouldn't be a big surprise, though, because Satan is the prince of this world.
Posted by Corinne  on  Thu Dec 01, 2005  at  02:09 PM
To all the Catholic haters...keep hating. Because your lives must truly be as empty as your postings suggest. True Catholics (not the paedophile element of the Church) couldn't give a toss about what your saying. All you'll get is our pity. And though it'll really rub the salt in the wounds, we'll probably even pray for you. Be mature and think beyond your own little uninformed brains. Because frankly, your irrational rants will never affect the Roman Catholic Church
Posted by Danny  on  Wed Jan 11, 2006  at  03:29 PM
Man, only because it is a religious, and furthermore, Catholic thing you have to tear it down. You people are bcoming prophecies, where people will have no respect for God and the Divine, but rather will seek carnal pleasure and such...
A Generation of sin is what you all are...

Would it be something ridicoulizing the church, then you'd be all happy, or would it have been some poster of some nude girl posing as what, Trinity, and then you wudnt have given a shhhh...
You hate it because God is present on it. and in fact, that poster is really awesome.

And it is not meant to put the priests as matrix people, are you so dumb to believe so? It is only to attract people, to make it look cool, and the purpose was achieved. It was not meant to be some sort of analogy of Matrix.. where is the common sense???
Posted by Apocalyptic PRST  on  Thu Jan 12, 2006  at  08:56 PM
The catholic Chruch has contirbuted more to over populating this world then all the honeymoon nights combined. They also held back advancing medical science by over 100 years because they condemed and did not permit examing of the dead.
All they teach is that suffering is a blessing. yeah right, suffering never did any good what so ever.
Posted by Pissed  on  Wed Feb 22, 2006  at  07:37 AM
Exodus 13:15(KJV) "I sacrifice to the LORD all that openeth the matrix, being males; but all the firstborn of my children I redeem."

Exodus 34:19 "All that openeth the matrix is mine".

Numbers 18:15 "Every thing that openeth the matrix in all flesh, which they bring unto the LORD, whether it be of men or beasts, shall be thine".
Posted by Rev. Thomas S. Painter (R)  on  Wed Mar 08, 2006  at  09:00 AM
First off, Joshua, turn off the Caps Lock key, OK?

Secondly, what you're saying in defense of the Catholic Church is factually incorrect.

The Church actively covered up for many of the molester priests, moving them to other dioceses to hide them from the law. One, the alleged worst of the bunch, was moved to Rome where he is currently in the Pope's Inner Circle.

In other circumstances, if this didn't involved a powerful, influential Church, this would be prosecuted as obstruction of justice. In any case, it's just plain disgusting and morally wrong. It is NOT defensible, especially for a Church which claims to speak directly for God.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Sep 13, 2007  at  02:36 AM
The Catholic Church make's fake Saint's out of Scapegoat's via their underground global Freemason/Skull and Bone's Society's, running fake historical association's that are employed within Public civil Servie's, ie; American Civil War Society for one, and cover up the Vatican's 'Condemnation Of Jeannette', Witch Hammer Policy, by messing about with the public record's of witnesses to their peadophile antic's, simply because the name 'Jeannette' in Hebrew mean's John Of the Summer, ie; John The Baptist, or rather, from the Book Of Revelation itself, a Tomboy with the spirit of a man called, so called The Spirit And The Bride, because the Vatican hate's the fact that a women know's what 'Jesus christ', and 'Christ Jesus', mean's in the realm of their reverse psychology for the 4th Reich!!! The Vatican has no foundation's in the Religion whatsoever on this planet's TURF it's sitting on, and the Vatican only exist's for it's own selfish greed in an international political conspiracy to conquer and dominate the world, and that's a fact! How can you declair to translate anything logically if you can't decipher which is the physical body of Christ, and which is the spritual body of Jesus, from a simple statement about a Spirit and Bride being ONE single female, then you have no idea why Welsh is Hebrew in reverse, and 'Jeannette' in French is 'Mohammed' in Isreal... Ain't that a Terror to your Live Coal of a Conscience, or have you got a gender problem because your pitrutitry gland was burned out before you were 5 year's old, and you've still only got half a brain to decipher your own bollock's with just like Alzheimer shaking brain's sHitler had! Did anyone ever tell you that 'Paganism' over the age of 5 year's of age, mean's Psychotic Schitzophrenia!... and you don't know why thousand's of Catholic priest's ARE PAEDOPHILE'S!!! Why don't you Pole-ish your pineal gland, then you might wake up to your shit faced self one day, and know what Shave Yourself mean's to a girl called MEDUSA $!!!
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Sat Sep 15, 2007  at  03:50 PM
Oh, by the way, the Vatican's Ratzinger ain't no Pied Piper, and certainly dosn't know how to WRAP A GIRDLE ROUNDABOUT THE EARTH on any Lay Line conjunction on this planet, even if he had a sex change, and pulled 3 million water mellon's (PILES in the De Medici = Medical Code Book, and we all know why!), out of his backside! Dosn't 'NEAH' in the Bible mean 'Shaking Of The Earth' in Shakespeare/Spur-Shaft, the emblom of the World Health Organisation, ie; the Cadaseus = $, and didn't 'Obed Dollah' make a Sterling Silver Press Plate, still kept under the Queen of England's Crown Jewels, in the Tower of London today, and watched over night and day by the Yeomanry Guard like the Prisoner of the winding Sheet (Roll of a Book = $ = May Poler = Frohlich/Spring), well before the 3rd Reich faked the vatican's 'Doller' in their fake America! The Vatican has to learn, ther's no Tollerance for child abuse anywhere on this planet, only Stockholm Syndrome, and that make's them prisoner's to themselve's, which is the LORE of this TURF, no matter what LAWLESS shit any half brain can invent! This Earth is Poling itself, just like it did in the time of the Mayan's, because greed destroy's itself in the end, and as it's written in the Bible, the 4th Rich is in the mind, not in your bank ballence!
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Sat Sep 15, 2007  at  04:14 PM
'$' Here's Birth-Spin syuneasthesis, ie; The Nativity, now go and find a lay line conjunction and spin like a Suffi and see if you can Draw Up your skull and Bone's out of your Ass... don't call me Ruth!!!
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Sat Sep 15, 2007  at  04:21 PM
Joshua, I'm beginning to believe that you are attempting to be humorous, as your postings are so over-the-top.

For the record, I made NOTHING up. Not only has there been more than a "few" pedophile priests, the Catholic Church hierarchy HAS gone out of its way to cover that fact up, including, as I said, moving perhaps the most egregious offender to Rome in an apparant attempt to avoid having him go on trial. The fact that the Church tried to move priests to avoid prosecution has been cited in several of the lawsuits against it.

As I said, under any other circumstance involving a less politically powerful organization than the Catholic Church, that would constitute "obstruction of justice."

Even if, as you say, there are examples of clergy from other denominations who have engaged in similar criminal activity, so what? Since when do two wrongs make a right? That would only mean that those people should also be indicted, tried and convicted along with the priests.

I am sincerely baffled as to why you would want to make excuses for the molestation of children. I fail to see anything "Christian" in that dismissive attitude.

Please stop with the personal insults, by the way. They contribute nothing to the discussion.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Sep 22, 2007  at  04:31 PM
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