Catholic Church as The Matrix

image A Matrix-style poster depicting a Catholic priest as Neo isn't a spoof. The Catholic Church really is distributing these things. It's part of their new recruitment campaign:

The poster's creator, the Rev. Jonathan Meyer, 28, associate director of youth ministries for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, says pop culture is the key to attracting young men to an occupation that has gotten bad press.
"If we can get high-school youth to hang a picture of a priest in their room, that's huge in helping young men to answer the call to the priesthood," the cleric said. "Anyone who is a 'Matrix' guru looks at the picture and automatically gets it."
Crucifix in hand, Father Meyer posed for the poster, rated R for "restricted to those radically in love with Jesus Christ." Running time is "all eternity," and its title reads, "The Catholic priesthood: The answer is out there ... and it's calling you."

I'm wondering how far the Neo as Catholic priest analogy can be extended. In the second Matrix movie, Neo has sex with Trinity. So how are we supposed to interpret that? In one sense it seems appropriate (priests are dedicating themselves to God, or the Holy Trinity), but in another way it doesn't seem to be the message the Church intended. (via Notes From the Lounge)


Posted on Mon Aug 22, 2005


Where did that entity come from? Your assumptions about matter can be applied to that entity just as easily. If matter (and by matter I'm assuming you mean the universe and all it contains, and not just matter itself) has to have been created then so does God.

To assume one has to have a beginning while the other doesn't is an illogical assumption not based on any facts or evidence. It's simply a blind spot people who feel compelled to present this argument suffer from and refuse to acknowledge.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  12:09 PM
I see what you mean, but matter was the 1st thing to come into existence in our world.Since matter can't create itself then it had to of been created by something other than matter.Since matter was the 1st thing to come into existence in our world and it had to of been created by something else other than itself than matter was created by an intelligent designer.If matter wasn't created by "God" then matter HAD to of created itself.If matter created itself though then all of our scientific laws would be invalid and cars,t.v. sets etc... would not work.But that is not the case which shows us matter was created by something otherworldly.IF, IF, matter, which can not create itself,was NOT created by God and keeping in mind matter can't create itself and it was the 1st thing to come into existence in our world then what the hell created matter?!?!The only other possible explanation would be if matter randomly POPPED into existence and if it did just POP into existence then again, all ofour scientific laws would be invalid.Thus the only logical explanation is that GOD and intelligent designer created matter since matter can't create itself,or pop into existence.Now taking that into account let me answer your next question which is where God came from.Now you assume that God is like matter in the sense it had a beginning.But God is an omniscient omnipresent eternal being.God coulnd't of had a beginning because if he had a beginning the same logic that I applied to matter would be applied to God and that would mean we have multiple God's all created by God's and if we were going back to the beginning then we would again have the problem of:where did the original God come from?So since God is eternal and since there is just one HE (singular) created matter thus God eventually created the universe.Thus God exists.
Posted by J.R.  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  05:48 PM
Uh, J.R., who says that matter was the first thing in the Universe? Couldn't ENERGY have been the first thing?

Besides, we come back to the same old problem: matter can't come from nowhere but an infinite, all-knowing, all-powerful being CAN?
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  05:51 PM
Here are my snwers to your 2 questions Cranky.
1.The dilemma is that even if, as you say Cranky,ENERGY-not matter was the 1st thing to come into existence in our universe it had to of been created by something else other than energy because it simply just can not possible create itself and/or pop into existence unless all of our scientific laws are invalid-which they obviously aren't.
2.You argument against God is "matter can't come from nowhere but an infinite, all-knowing, all-powerful being CAN?" But the critical thing you have to realize is that God does not operate by our laws.By this I simply mean that God does not die,he was not born,he can not sin,nor can he be subject to our same traits such as getting tired, sleeping, eating, etc...So the fact that everything in OUR world has a beginning does not make God invalid.God did not come into existence in our universe, he CREATED our universe, thus he is not subject to our laws such as having a beginning or dying.Yes, in our world eternal lfe is not at all possible but God does not live in OUR world he simply created it.God operates by his laws, and thus God was not born and did not have a beginning as he doesn't need to be since he doesn't exist in our universe.Thus the reason matter energy etc... all had a beginning is not at all like God's existence.He CREATED OUR UNIVERSE since we are not God and haven't always existed.Thus since we were created we had a beginning and will all die.But just because God created our beginning and we haven't lived forever does not mean God can't.God created us and thus we had a beginning,thus are laws are different than his.He is eternal since no one created him and thus that is how God is eternal and how he can be eternal but how our universe/energy/matter etc... can not be.
Posted by J.R.  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  09:33 PM
By the way check out this site for proof of an intelligent designer based on logic and science-I just found it 3 or 4 minutes ago it is great!
Posted by J.R.  on  Mon Jul 21, 2008  at  09:58 PM
Pope apologizes for priests going "down under" in Australia:
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Jul 22, 2008  at  02:00 AM
So, neither matter nor energy can come out of nowhere. To "resolve" this dilemma, believers make up a magical being who is completely outside the laws of physics.

The fact that this doesn't really resolve the problem doesn't matter. It's all about BELIEF.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Tue Jul 22, 2008  at  02:01 AM
Um, energy is matter. They're one and the same thing.

Why doesn't God operate by our laws? What proof do you have to support this?

If God doesn't operate by our laws then our logics and proofs of His existence cannot work on Him. If God doesn't operate by our laws then you cannot constrain Him by arguing that He must exist. Such logic and argument are, by your own definition, inapplicable and meaningless when trying to prove God. You've successfully managed to argue that you cannot prove God's existence using our logic.

Besides, it's a moot point. There is nothing to indicate that the universe and everything in it requires a beginning. That's just a bias you place on it without any real evidence to support it. If you say

"The universe (or matter, or energy, or whatever) has to have had a beginning!"

I will say

Posted by Charybdis  on  Tue Jul 22, 2008  at  11:49 AM
I promise this will be my last posting regarding whether or not God exists, as I see no point in continuing with this futile discussion any longer.It seems that both parties here:athesist's and Christians alike have no desire to change their religious positions so,honestly,why should we even bother quarelling over a topic which is based purely upon ones own self-desire to believe or discredit the existence of God?Charybdis aske why the universe had to of ahd a beginning.The reason the universe had to have a beginning is quite simply because of the second law of thermodynamics.For information reagarding this law you might want to check out that website I posted up one or two responses ago.Talk to you al later.-J.R.
Posted by J.R.  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  01:42 PM
Business is picking up:
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Aug 04, 2008  at  12:38 AM
"Get behind me satan" is your Ass, not your ARSE!
"bow the knee" is not bend over, it's curve! And a 'Dardah' is something you'll never catch in your eye, Carpe Diem!
Go read the Bible, because you proove you never read a word of it!
Posted by Ka~Os  on  Thu Aug 07, 2008  at  01:01 AM
Ka~Os, if you can't keep your posts civil, then please don't post at all.

Posted by Smerk  on  Thu Aug 07, 2008  at  06:03 AM
1. My warning was my first post on this thread. I've just read over all 20 pages again to confirm this. And the only reason I commented was because I was doing my job as a moderator of this website.

2. It's not my church. I'm not affiliated with any religion in any way.

3. No. Seriously, if you're going to be swearing a blue streak at anyone and everyone, and telling them that they're halfwits, then why should we respond?

I've sent an email to Alex, owner of the website, that he should review and possibly even close this thread down if things don't calm down.

- Moderator
Posted by Smerk  on  Sat Aug 09, 2008  at  01:48 AM
This thread has been closed.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sat Aug 09, 2008  at  08:21 AM
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