Too Skinny?

Here's the latest set of images that are doing the email circuit. Now, I know that models are skinny, and some of them can get very, very skinny. But do they actually get this skinny? A few of the images appear suspiciously photoshopped, particularly the top left and middle left images. The stomachs of the models in these shots look unnaturally pinched. But maybe that's just me being naive. Maybe these women really do look like this. I can't imagine why the fashion industry would encourage this. It's like having the spectre of death model your spring line-up. But then what do I know? I buy my clothes at Target.
(Thanks to bleeding_rose on the LiveJournal Hoaxes community for sending me the pictures)

skinny 1  skinny 2
skinny 3  skinny 4
skinny 5  skinny 6

Update: Below are two of the original images, which confirms that the 'too skinny' images were photoshopped.
skinny skinny