Media Reviews:

"this book is smart, well-written, and a helluva lot of fun"

"Whether it is picked for cover-to-cover reading or occasional browsing, readers are sure to find many laughs."

"Highly recommended... satisfyingly complete."
Oregon Daily Emerald

"Just the thing for those lovers of historical esoterica on your gift list... this volume produces one outrageous humbug after the next."
January Magazine

"As entertaining as it is well researched"
Entertainment Today

"Required reading... there's everything from a woman who supposedly gave birth to a litter of rabbits in 1726 to a widely disseminated photo of a 380-pound cat in the 1990s."
New York Post

The Museum of Hoaxes: A History of Outrageous Pranks and Deceptions

We live in the Golden Age of the Hoax! But the phenomenon of hoaxing actually has a long history. Read all about the most amusing and outrageous hoaxes of all time in The Museum of Hoaxes, available now at bookstores throughout North America, Canada, Australia, India, the United Kingdom, Holland, Poland, and Japan.

It's all in there: trees that grow spaghetti, women who give birth to rabbits, lunar bison, mermaids from Feejee. There's even a female Pope.

Ask for it at your local bookstore or purchase it through one of these online vendors (and when you've read it, come back and visit the site to stay current on all the latest hoaxes):

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