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My First Tattoo
On Tuesday, a sign went up in a shop window in the town of Whitstable alerting residents that Britain's "first tattoo parlour for kids" would soon be opening there. The website for this new business,, showed a kid-friendly Hello Kitty tattoo.

Locals were shocked. But the sign was quickly revealed to be a hoax created by artist Sadie Hennessy who told the Daily Mail that, "I'm not doing it to make a fool out of people, I'm just trying to get people thinking about these issues about our children growing up too quickly."

Tattoo parlors for kids and toddlers is actually a pretty old joke. There have been several April Fool's Day versions of it. For instance, back in 2003 a San Diego radio station created a hoax website called, which supposedly was a body art chain specializing in tattooing babies and children. And in 2007, a North Dakota station created the hoax site, supposedly the "first tattoo studio for kids."

Recently there's also been a viral image in circulation that shows a child apparently being tattooed (much to his displeasure). The photo is often captioned "bad parenting" or "parenting fail".

There's no evidence that the kid in the photo really was being tattooed. According to reddit: "It was take your kid to work day. There is no needle in the gun or ink, he wanted to know what daddy did, so his dad was just showing him. This kid is not in any danger, just nervous because of the noise."
Posted by The Curator on Wed Jun 04, 2014

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