Manusia Kena Sumpah

I have no idea what the meaning of this video is, but whoever created it appears to be trying to simulate the appearance of a Feejee Mermaid-type creature. I found it linked to on the CeticismoAberto blog, where it's noted that the illusion of the creature is created in much the same way as magicians create the illusion of sawing a woman in half. In other words, this Feejee Mermaid actually consists of someone's head poking out the top of a box, with the body of the mermaid being manipulated separately from the head.

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Posted on Tue Jul 24, 2007


I saw this a couple of months ago as a 'Weird Link of the Day' on a website. Quite evidently a very clever re-invention of the 'animated head' sort of illsion that's been around for about 500 years (they used to used it as the head of John the Baptist and little plays where they'd decapitate a man and then make his head talk). Just a guy, in a box with his head sticking out and what appears to be either a soft toy lion or a dead dog attatched to him.
Posted by Renquist  on  Tue Jul 24, 2007  at  11:17 AM
I've seen a couple examples of the "disembodied head" and "snake/spider girl" illusion. The difference is that it's actually, truly done with mirrors. If you can't see under the table or pedestal, it's not much of an illusion.

I also noted that the head appears to be way too small to be human, and seems unnaturally stiff and immobile.

My guess is a simple mask or mildly manipulated puppet/doll type face. The mouth does appear to move slightly at one point.
Posted by SicTim  on  Tue Jul 24, 2007  at  03:56 PM
That's one uuuugggglllly Mermaid
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Tue Jul 24, 2007  at  03:57 PM
It's deffinitely fake, but it still creeps me out.
Posted by Jackie  on  Wed Jul 25, 2007  at  04:26 PM
"Manusia Kena Sumpah" means "cursed humans" when translated from English to Malay, meaning to say that these people have been cursed by somekind of spell that disembodies them or turn them hideous, usually by a "bomoh" (medicine man or shaman) or by their own 'mother', based on folklore beliefs popular in Southeast Asia mothers supposedly have the power to curse ("sumpah ibu") any of their children who is found to be disrespectful towards her.

This video seems to attempt to capitalize on that belief to gain traffic to their site or just people doing it for fun trying to fool backwater civilians (and believers in the supernatural) from rural areas to do good.
Posted by Hangmen  on  Sun Jul 29, 2007  at  12:39 AM
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