Loch Ness Monster Poetry

In the article about the Loch Ness Monster in the hoaxipedia, I've posted some Nessie haiku contributed by readers. I'm quite proud of my own contribution:

Lurking in the deep,
centuries old. Addicted
to tourist sushi.

But far more accomplished poets have also been inspired by Nessie. Glasgow's poet laureate, Edwin Morgan, included a poem, "The Loch Ness Monster's Song," in his 1970 collection Twelve Songs. Here it is:

Hnwhuffl hhnnwfl hnfl hfl?
Gdroblobblhobngbl gbl gl g g g g glbl.
Drublhaflabhalflubhafgabhhafl fl fl -
gm grawwwww grf grawf awfgm graw gm.
Splgraw fok fok splgrafthatchgabrlgabrl fok splfok!
Zgra kra gka fok!
Grof grawff gahf?
Gombl mbl bl-
blm plm,
blm plm,
blm plm,

According to a Rice University webpage, in 1991 the poem was reprinted in 100 Poems on the Underground, and had this explanation appended to it:

"The author explained in conversation that the lonely monster rises from
the loch and looks round for the companions of his youth -- prehistoric
reptiles -- and, finding nobody he knows, he descends again to the depths
after a brief swearing session. This was confirmed by a nine-year-old boy
in a workshop, who said the monster was 'looking for a diplodocus'. When
asked how he knew that, he said, 'It says so.' It does."

Sure enough, if you read the poem closely, you can tell that the monster is looking for a diplodocus, and does then start swearing.

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Posted on Sat Jan 26, 2008


No, he's swearing because we've named him "Nessie".
Posted by leshka  on  Sat Jan 26, 2008  at  09:35 PM
I love that Loch Ness Monster's song. ^.^
Posted by Katsu  on  Sun Jan 27, 2008  at  03:16 PM
Now that's art.
Posted by Nona  on  Mon Jan 28, 2008  at  05:28 AM
very beautiful poetry that is related to cryptozoology which I love.This author obviously has a creative mind for poetry,which not too many people have.
Posted by Isaiah  on  Tue Jul 01, 2008  at  11:05 AM
That's pretty well done.
The explanation is particularly helpful, i was a bit confused at first. Thanks for the post!
Posted by Lyric  on  Sat Oct 04, 2008  at  02:43 PM
It is a very fascinating poem and very different from all the other poems i've read.
Posted by Love Reading  on  Fri Feb 06, 2009  at  03:40 PM
I don't get it. How on earth does that have anything to do with the loch ness monster trying to find a diplodocus? It's just a jumble of letters!
Posted by eliza  on  Fri Mar 13, 2009  at  09:23 PM
I love nessie.
Posted by shakia  on  Tue May 10, 2011  at  12:20 AM
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