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#18: “Would You Go To Bed With Me Tonight?”
If you were a man walking across the campus of Florida State University in 1978, an attractive young woman might have approached you and said these exact words: "I have been noticing you around campus. I find you to be attractive. Would you go to bed with me tonight?"

If you were that man, you probably would have thought that you had just gotten incredibly lucky. But not really. You were actually an unwitting subject in an experiment designed by the psychologist Russell Clark.

Clark had persuaded the students of his social psychology class to help him find out which gender, in a real-life situation, would be more receptive to a sexual offer from a stranger. The only way to find out, he figured, was to actually get out there and see what would happen. So young men and women from his class fanned out across campus and began propositioning strangers.

The results weren't very surprising. Seventy-five percent of guys were happy to oblige an attractive female stranger (and those who said no typically offered an excuse such as, "I'm married"). But not a single woman accepted the identical offer of an attractive male. In fact, most of them demanded the guy leave her alone.

At first the psychological community dismissed Clark's experiment as a trivial stunt, but gradually his experiment gained first acceptance, and then praise for how dramatically it revealed the differing sexual attitudes of men and women. Today it's considered a classic. But why men and women display such different attitudes remains as hotly debated as ever.

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... If anyone watched a documentary called Primal Instinct, it is all very simple: all males in nature are genetically programmed to sustain species and spread genes. This is where "male promiscuity" stemms from. Call of nature. Procreation. Hunters and conquerors.

Females are "keepers and gatherers", they mostly look for companionship and realtionship and are less likely to respond to a straighforward sex offer (providing they hadn't been drinking or sexually deprived grin.

Women in general are looking for stability, security and emotional connection that can lead to sex. Men are looking for the kind of sex that can lead to stability, security and emotional connection...
Posted by Blue Moon  in  Canada  on  Fri Apr 23, 2010  at  02:24 AM
definately some casual sex on this site, plenty of one night stand related articles
Posted by casual-sex  in  new york  on  Tue Aug 17, 2010  at  05:05 PM
I think it can be explained as easily as men almost everytime in a sexual encounter can ejaculate during sex... When most of the time, even though we might tell the men we do, we dont reach a climax/orgasm during sex... This is even more true with younger women... Unless I think I might have something beyond this one night stand or I will gain anything from our encounter, I WILL ALWAYS say no... I think to myself why? Whats in it for me? Counting the fan blades while laying on my back as they pass by? No, thanks...I'll go watch T.V. lol...Im telling you though I KNOW if I were to enjoy sex as men do.. to orgasm once or several times I would be more inclined to accept a random strangers request for some all night fun! wink I have found though as I get older I am able to enjoy sex more than when I was in college.. so to truly test the theory they would need to test women and men at all ages.. because I've also noticed that when men age they become more picky in their choices of women.... but of course sometimes they dont lol...MEN... -Ashlee (age 25)
Posted by ashlee  in  houston, tx  on  Mon Aug 30, 2010  at  10:15 PM
if a really attractive guy came up to me, I'd sleep with him for the night :D
Posted by Helen  in  USA  on  Fri Sep 10, 2010  at  06:29 PM
Jaguar. For men who like handjobs from women they don't even know! grin
Posted by Dudley Moore  on  Fri Oct 01, 2010  at  04:53 PM
Lol, what a finding. Males are more receptive to sexual offers than females. Lmao. Next time I'll do an experiment showing that Dutch people can speak Dutch better than Thai people.
Posted by Som  on  Sun Nov 21, 2010  at  10:29 AM
I find this kind of experiments interesting.

There has been done an experiment that is pretty much alike the one mentioned here, except for it focusing on a man asking a woman for sex. This guy asked 100 girls for sex over a time period of 3 weeks, and ended up with having sex with 14 of them as a result - that's 1 in every 7 girls!

Posted by Markus  in  Norway  on  Thu Jul 28, 2011  at  05:46 AM
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