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Dining in the Dark
True or False: there's a restaurant in Zurich where most of the waiters are blind and all the meals are served in total darkness? It's very strange, but true. The restaurant is called Blindekuh (translated: Blind Cow). Here's its website (translated via Google into English). You choose your meal first, and then you're led into the dining area, which is kept absolutely pitch black. No lights at all are allowed. Not even cellphones or watches. Reportedly (and not surprisingly) it totally changes the dining experience. My wife read about this in Gourmet magazine. I would definitely try it out if there was a restaurant like that in San Diego.
Categories: Food
Posted by Alex on Thu Sep 30, 2004
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It is good idea for all kind of things - book stores, public toilets, barbershops, whole chain of businesses...
Posted by Lox  on  Thu Sep 30, 2004  at  01:33 PM
"That's not the steak you're cutting, that's my finger!!!!!!!"
Posted by john  on  Thu Sep 30, 2004  at  03:56 PM
Didn't they do the same type of thing in NYC a while back?
Posted by Drunk Stepdad  on  Fri Oct 01, 2004  at  03:15 PM
If it's completely dark, how do you find your mouth?
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Fri Jan 13, 2006  at  06:53 AM
definetly true. you find a similar restaurant in berlin.
Posted by aeiou  on  Wed Feb 22, 2006  at  10:02 PM
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