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1979 Pakistan Airlines WTC Ad
Status: Real
image Alex from Colombia sent me this picture. He writes:
This is supposed to be a PAKISTAN AIRLINES ad, posted on the newspaper LE POINT on March 19, 1979. It announced nonstop voyages from Pakistan to New York. I saw it on this page. Interesting coincidence.
This image has been circulating widely around the internet during the past week. For instance, it appeared on Digg four days ago. The question is, is the image really an ad from 1979? Following the link chain back, you soon arrive at, where they have a larger scan (see below) of the entire page of the March 19, 1979 edition of Le Point in which the ad is said to have appeared. The scan looks legitimate, and I see no reason to doubt that it's real. But I also don't think the image is surprising or meaningful in any conspiracy-theory kind of way. Images of the World Trade Center appeared in many ads, and were a common symbol of New York. So it's not surprising that an airline combined an image of them with airplane imagery.

Update: The advertisement is definitely real. This has been verified by a reference librarian at UCLA's Charles E. Young Research Library (which, apparently, is the only library in America that has back copies of Le Point). The advertisement appeared on p.143 of the March 19, 1979 issue, #339. The ad also ran in other issues, such as April 2, 1979, p.163. (Thanks to J Fontane for tracking down and verifying the authenticity of the ad.)
Categories: Advertising, Conspiracy Theories, Hate Crimes/Terror
Posted by Alex on Mon Sep 18, 2006
Comments (14)
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This was actually just yet another way George Bush tried to frame Middle Eastern terrorists for 9-11. You see Bush did this in Pakistan in 1979, so that the baby version of the people that would be framed as the hi-jackers would see a sublminable image causing them to take actions as adults to play right into Bush's gigantic, grand 9-11 conspiracy which was an idea formed during a brain storming session that brought together the Skull and Bones, the Masons, and the Grey aliens. Oh.....and also caused global warming and high oil prices.
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Mon Sep 18, 2006  at  11:31 AM
okay how would the shadow be so big unless the plane was close to the sun or the plane was very very big? what the lonewatchman said is true because bush is lying, and now they make more lies to the Pakistani people. The bigger the lie the bigger the plane
Posted by Pervert Mushotdasherif  on  Mon Sep 18, 2006  at  11:39 AM
In the context of when it was made (1979) it looks like a very clever and professionally made image for an ad. It would have had that "unexpected" look about it that makes it memorable.

You'd never use it for the same purpose now of course
Posted by Peter  on  Mon Sep 18, 2006  at  04:21 PM
I took a look at the site and noticed that the place the planes crashed at and the location of the "shadow" plane in the 1979 ad were the same! Clearly the US Government was setting up the attack back then, they even identified the proper place for the planes to hit, and which types to use.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Sep 18, 2006  at  08:43 PM
It wouldn't be the only image to pre-date the WTC attacks.

Is an album by a hip-hop artist which shows both the towers burning. This album was released in 1996.
Posted by Mr Royale  on  Tue Sep 19, 2006  at  04:18 AM
More of the same ...

The Coup CD Cover (July 2001):;=&q=cd+cover+911+coup&btnG=Search


The Legend
Posted by The Legend  on  Tue Sep 19, 2006  at  08:47 AM
The computer game "Deus Ex" partially took place in a future New York. The towers were noticably absent in the skyline artwork, though this was more of a memory issue. It was easier to draw part of the skyline then repeat it, and repeating the towers would have too obvious.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Tue Sep 19, 2006  at  09:22 AM
Actually, I have a problem with the ad from an aesthetic point of view. No self-respecting ad agency would show the plane with nose pointing down (because if we're advertising an airline, 'planes going down' should be the last thing on our potential customers' minds). Instead, the ad should show the nose pointing up. As it is, the shadow looks like the plane is heading TOWARD the buildings, where as, if the nose were up, it would look like a shadow of a plane flying OVER the buildings. From this perspective (no pun intended) I suspect that the image is a hoax. I imagine that they took an image of the WTC, took an image of a 747, 'shadowed' the image, and pasted into the picture.
Posted by mr-e  on  Mon Nov 27, 2006  at  09:14 PM
Wow all of you are the biggest dumbshits i have ever seen. This shadow shit was made up to make you guys think. wow you guys are dumb asses.
Posted by Dumb  on  Sun Apr 01, 2007  at  11:15 PM
It looks real to me. Besides that yea. I think that bush never new that this was going to happen really. do you know where a bush is?
Posted by chris  on  Wed Apr 11, 2007  at  04:07 PM
No self-respecting ad agency would show the plane with nose pointing down (because if we're advertising an airline, 'planes going down' should be the last thing on our potential customers' minds). Instead, the ad should show the nose pointing up.
Posted by derec  on  Sat Nov 03, 2007  at  05:04 AM
To the author of this post, I don't think anyone is implying that it's evidence of any conspiracy (or if they are, they are freakin' dumbasses), but it is just one of those creepy coincidences. Once more, if anyone sees anything more than an odd coincidence, they are incredibly retarded.
Posted by Unclaimed Money  on  Thu Jan 10, 2008  at  03:37 AM
and particularly interesting is the time in the top left corner:

NEW YORK 16 h 30.

16 + 30 = 46

what time did the first plane hit?


just a coincidence? maybe, or perhaps the typical coded trademark of the villain.
Posted by great scott  on  Fri Nov 06, 2009  at  04:48 AM
yea this stuff is crazy.
Posted by stephen  on  Wed Nov 11, 2009  at  08:01 PM
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