World’s Biggest Cat

Meet Angie from Chernobyl. She's the biggest cat in the world. She belongs to Dr. Maricek, who's a radiation scientist. Angie's missing a gene that controls her growth. As a result, she just keeps growing and growing (and growing!). She currently weighs about 800 lbs and eats 60 lbs of food a day. Despite her size, Angie behaves like a normal cat, though she is extremely shy with people.

Angie's very cute (and looks a bit like my cat Boo), but if she ever curled up on someone's lap, I think the result would be a very flat human.

Thanks to Sarah of for the link. Sarah says, "With some dodgy photo-editing. I can't work out how this hasn't yet ended up in a chain email. Eat your heart out Snowball!"

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Posted on Wed Aug 22, 2007


Don't even need to prove that it's a 'shopped picture. If the uncontrollable growth story was true, the cat's organs would failed long ago.
Posted by Bah  on  Wed Aug 22, 2007  at  11:00 AM
anyone remember that old joke (no, not Paul Harvey) that goes: "What does a 500 lb canary say? Here, kitty, kitty..." Not anymore, I'd guess. That's one big Shut Your Mouth. What? I'm just talkin' bout Shaft. dag
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed Aug 22, 2007  at  06:49 PM
Organ failure wouldn't be the half of it... bones would break, sinews and muscles rip - that'd be one fucked up cat.
Posted by outeast  on  Thu Aug 23, 2007  at  03:04 AM
why wouldnt i be a human
Posted by that is so fake  on  Wed Dec 19, 2007  at  01:07 PM
hey guys i will send you the pices of a puppy body. by love you guys!

Posted by misty bowe  on  Tue Jul 22, 2008  at  05:09 PM
i don't think this is true its just a false story if she don't have her growth gene so it can't be possible that she will be alive like the normal cats.
Posted by sweety96  on  Sat Nov 22, 2008  at  05:13 AM
ok,this is amazing! i do believe that isnt a real cat maybe just something someone might edit bcuz ppl are right because if it was tht big the organs and things might have stopped working its impossible but u never kno it might be real u just have to wait and see
Posted by Ashley  on  Mon May 18, 2009  at  07:45 PM
Only photo edit!
Posted by Starfruit  on  Wed Feb 09, 2011  at  10:31 PM
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