World’s Strongest Vagina?

Posted by Neo in the forum:

A Russian woman has grabbed the title for the World’s Strongest Vagina and set a new world record by lifting a 33 pound glass ball with the muscles in her private parts. Tatiata Kozheynikova told that she has been training for the title in the Guinness Book of Records for 15 years and was declared the winner yesterday, the Examiner reports.

In the forum thread you'll also find a link to a video of her doing her thing.

My question concerns her claim that the Guinness Book of Records declared her the winner of the title of World's Strongest Vagina. I can't find any confirmation of this from the Guinness Records people.

And on twitter, it's being reported that Guinness has denied awarding her this title.

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Posted on Thu Jul 09, 2009


Guinness record or not, lifting 33 pounds is certainly a cunning stunt.
Posted by Fred  on  Thu Jul 09, 2009  at  11:51 PM
Are the ads for Kegel exercises immediately above the forum posting a coincidence?
Posted by Canadarm  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  06:38 AM
Mr. Lifto has a Russian counterpart.
Posted by KDP  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  07:32 AM
There, however, a classification for biggest penis. He lives in Crawford, Texas. Clarification, he doesn't Have the biggest, he IS the biggest. yawn
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  10:21 AM
photo link:
Posted by BCAST  on  Fri Jul 10, 2009  at  11:20 PM
I got away with saying I was "examining" the Farrah Fawcett pic for research reasons.

I'm not even going to try with this one.
Posted by Joel B1  on  Sat Jul 11, 2009  at  04:52 AM
Is it a coincidence that the video was posted by canalblog or was that just a Freudian slip?
Posted by busterggi  on  Sun Jul 12, 2009  at  08:36 AM
hey i think the russian women are great about this issue 😊 i agree with her 😊 tested certcified 😊
Posted by kizlik bozma  on  Wed Sep 23, 2009  at  06:52 AM
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