Will one be wanting fries with that?

This is obviously fake. For a start, the smoothness of the arms don't match the age of the face. And then there's the more obvious clue. Still, I thought it was amusing.

I think it first appeared a month ago on the b3ta message boards.


Posted on Thu Sep 11, 2008


Isn't that....isn't that.....is that the Queen?
Posted by hulitoons  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  11:56 AM
That does look like my Lizzy too! This photo likely IS a fake but in my area - our McPuke's hire older people, single moms and seniors to handle the shops during the day when the youngin's are in school. I've seen people who are *almost* old enough to be Wallyworld greeters in our busiest branches during the day shifts.. The local McDs reps say its to help promote growth and employment within the community...
Posted by jGrrl  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  12:25 PM
>>is that the Queen?<<

That was the more obvious clue!
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  02:22 PM
"The local McDs reps say its to help promote growth and employment within the community..."

Old people tend to be on a fixed income and have a need to take any job which will hire them to supplement it.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Thu Sep 11, 2008  at  06:42 PM
"is that the Queen?"

Hulli, have you turned into a Canadian, given that you say THE Queen rather than the British Queen...? 😉
Posted by LaMa  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  01:42 AM
Well, We are not amused...
Posted by KDP  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  08:09 AM
:cheese: Hrhrhr, we are NOT amused...
Posted by Alex  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  09:53 AM
I thought the more obvious clue was that the signs behind her seem to be in Japanese....

But then as an American I don't really recognize the British Queen on sight.
Posted by Mimzy  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  11:14 AM
Even as an American, I do recognize the Queen on sight, but I was more amused by the signage. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out, Mimzy.
Posted by Ahdora  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  11:44 AM
I've seen several other (less well done) pictures of her related to McDonald's, too. They seem to be a result of <a >this bit of news</a>.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  12:13 PM
Great Scot! I spend two weeks in the States and they abolish the monarchy while my back is turned! To think that our poor Lizzie is reduced to this....
Er...while you're at it, I'll have a milk shake too.
Posted by Mr Henderson  on  Fri Sep 12, 2008  at  05:05 PM
I believe it came from Worth1000's "Celebrity Day Jobs" monthly photoshop contest.
Posted by Jess  on  Sat Sep 13, 2008  at  04:22 PM
Perhaps Queen Elizabeth was there to deliver a fryer-side chat.

Oh, come on. That was funny!
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  02:04 AM
Duh... McQueen is there to compete with The Burger KIng.
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Sep 15, 2008  at  11:03 AM
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