Where is my pond?

At 9 a.m. George Terry Dinnie left his house to walk Buckley, his bouvier des Flandres. When he returned, an hour-and-a-half later, he discovered that his 2500 gallon pond had disappeared. He figures someone took it, though he doesn't know why or how someone removed that much water: "They pumped the water out faster than I can fill it up again. It's as weird as weird can be." Something fishy is going on. That's for sure. [morning call]


Posted on Fri Jun 26, 2009


Reminds me of the Lake Peigneur story.
Posted by Joe  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  10:47 PM
Perhaps it was a man-made pond over a mine shaft that opened up, or a sink-hole took the water, or a local fire department filled up a tanker or two... we have folks by me that pay for the local FDs to fill or top off their ponds when the water level is low and they plan to stock the pond with fish... we also have nat gas co's around here that buy water from municipalities (creeks, rivers, etc.) for use in a process called "fracking", pumping water into fissures at high pressure to break up shale formations and release nat gas... or, it's a fracking hoax. You're welcome
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Sat Jun 27, 2009  at  10:21 AM
...I wonder if it was very cold...and some ducks landed on it...then the water froze & the ducks carried it away! Maybe he'll find it a few counties over. 😉
Posted by Maegan  on  Sat Jun 27, 2009  at  01:04 PM
You beat me to it, Maegan! :lol:
Posted by Crafty Dragon  on  Sun Jun 28, 2009  at  09:40 PM
Well if he failed to put the liner in properly, or if it didn't have a liner, it probably just soaked away in to the earth. What an idiot.
Posted by derek  on  Mon Jun 29, 2009  at  02:02 AM
Karst bedrock and associated sinkoles are very prevalent in this location. Actually, the pond seems rather small and could easily be drained in an hour with no clue where all the water went. However, I did not see mention of formation of drain or breach that normally would occur. It's making the rounds on alien visitation and fortean websites.
Posted by Sharon  on  Mon Jun 29, 2009  at  10:36 AM
I suspect the dog. Bouvier des Flandres are very shaggy dogs:

And England has been in the middle of a heat wave.
So obviously, after taking Buckley for a romp, the poor dehydrated pooch drank the pond dry! :D
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Tue Jun 30, 2009  at  09:09 PM
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