When To Stop Tanning

imageHere's a picture that I got in my email, which is appropriate for these hot summer days. Not to be negative about sun worshippers, but it's pretty gross. The woman's skin could have been made to look like that with photoshop, but I suspect the image hasn't been manipulated because I know that there are people whose skin really looks like this.

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Posted on Wed Jul 20, 2005


Gross, are there really back wrinkles?
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  12:52 PM
I used to live next door to a lady who looked like that, seriously. It pretty much grosses me right out.
Posted by Winona  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  01:55 PM
It's her legs that I find grossest. It's almost as if she's wearing leather pants.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  03:05 PM
I'm hoping (and praying and wishing) that she's wearing a brown leather catsuit that doesn't fit well, but I know that's just not true.
Posted by Boo  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  03:07 PM
The child's reaction is the best part, in my opinion. . .
Posted by Jacob  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  07:43 PM
Reminds me of a birthday card I once read:

"What do old women have between their brests that younger women don't?"

Their navel.

*shudders at the pic.*
Posted by Tirlas  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  08:25 PM
well maybe smoking is also a factor?
Posted by RAMONESxMANIA  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  08:27 PM
Tan or not... smoker or not... oil up just about any old granny and you'd have the same look going on...

The gross part of it is that she oils it up and puts it on display out in public... which most women her age DON'T do...
Posted by Mark-N-Isa  on  Wed Jul 20, 2005  at  09:26 PM
Uhhh... what the hell is her bikini top doing all the way down there :grrr:

Is it even on ?!?!
Posted by Jockamo  on  Thu Jul 21, 2005  at  06:59 AM
Yeah, it's on her boobs, which are next to her navel!
Posted by Nettie  on  Thu Jul 21, 2005  at  07:10 AM
Ugly people definitely don't have the right to enjoy the sun with their families at the beach.
Posted by cvirtue  on  Thu Jul 21, 2005  at  07:12 AM
What's wrong with a hottie granny gettin' her groove on at the beach? Maybe some of you should see she's one of God's beautiful old creations who is about to die, and give her a break. I hope when my wife is 98 she looks as good as her. Lay off.
Posted by booch  on  Thu Jul 21, 2005  at  10:57 AM
If any of you had to take care of an 80+ person (I worked at a nursing home when I was young) you'd know that old women AND old men have skin like that. It's what happens when you get old...as you're probably going to find out.

Good for her that she's enjoying the beach with friends and family rather than stuck in a home.

I'm with you cvirtue.
Posted by Gee...  on  Thu Jul 21, 2005  at  07:03 PM
What's the matter? She's just old.
I'll tell a really scary thing.
I live in Brazil and some people just don't use sunblockers by some reason. Most people think it is useless. And most people like to toast by 4 hours or more when the sun is in it's top.
There are women with 40 yrs old with the skin worse than that... They use to be fat and full of cellulite and wear very little bikinis. If I was a governor I would forbid it... ugh!
Posted by dark girl  on  Fri Jul 22, 2005  at  02:08 PM
Nasty! EW!!
Posted by thephrog  on  Sun Jul 24, 2005  at  10:40 PM
Yeah, the wrinkles are scary...but even Canada geese have never flown as far south as those tits of hers.
Posted by Tornado  on  Wed Jul 27, 2005  at  03:39 PM
Like Phyllis Diller said, "You know you're getting old when someone compliments you on your alligator shoes, and you're BAREFOOT!"
Posted by Count Karnstein  on  Sat Jul 30, 2005  at  09:18 AM
:P i think it is onderful at that age she isn't scare to show off her body. i hope when i get that age i can do the some.
Posted by sher  on  Mon Aug 01, 2005  at  08:22 PM
It's not true that old people generally look like this. If you take care of your skin, you'll never look this way! My grandmother had very pretty skin up to her death at 95. Her face had wrinkles, but her body skin looked very nice. I'm pretty sure she didn't tan much at the beach or elsewhere.
Posted by Suzy  on  Fri Aug 12, 2005  at  12:53 PM
my ex wife threw me out and handed my young children to a 46 yr old man that looked just like this. the joke was on her in the end tho ... he was a child molestor who threw her aside once the kids were removed from her care ... lol sexy lawrie hey wendy ???
Posted by head1ess_chicken  on  Sat Aug 13, 2005  at  08:59 PM
from the shorts on everyone else at that beach, it looks like america, but i just spent the summer in germany, and went to a public lake, and a spa, where i saw an awful lot of old, and overweight people who looked just like that - but more naked.

in a way, though i didn't want to stare long, i thought it was cool they just accepted themselves as they were. pre-cancerous skin and all :D
Posted by valerie  on  Mon Nov 14, 2005  at  09:15 PM
🐍 ahh holy shit man thats bad i hope shes wearing a plastic suit cuz thats the grosses thing i have ever seen and i dont care about the people who think its old age cuz no one looks that bad old. and her tanning just makes it look worser then it really is..
Posted by ashlee  on  Mon Jan 23, 2006  at  05:24 PM
it cracks me up that everyone is assuming she is a very old woman. some even mentioned her being in her 90's. I have seen several women like that at the health club I work at, that are only in their late 40's and 50's. Besides, if that's her grandson,... that would put her in at most.. her 50's or early 60's. Anyway... that isnt normal old person skin. My grandmother had lovely skin, she had wrinkles on her face, but not many on her body. as for that poor woman's breasts, that's what happens when you over tan, you lose elasticity and collagen from your skin and everything goes south. I'm with you guys when you say good for her that she has self esteem but, that skin prob is from a tanning addiction, and NOT old age!
Posted by Nanc  on  Tue Aug 08, 2006  at  04:00 PM
This is a real lady at Surfside Beach, SC. My parents have a condo there and I have seen her on the beach for years. She is there everyday during the summer smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.
Posted by Melanie  on  Fri Aug 11, 2006  at  02:24 PM
I wonder if she knows she looks like that? That's disgusting, she looks like rubber. She prabally has skin cancer.
Posted by Smantha  on  Thu Mar 29, 2007  at  03:37 PM
Omg this is disgusting theres a girl in our class who tans too much and might look like this in a couple of years.
Posted by Cassandra S.  on  Wed May 09, 2007  at  12:39 PM
This woman could be made into a leather seat!

I don't know of anyone here in So. Cal that spends that much time on the beach! Looks like the poor kid in the picture is ready to heave.
Posted by DV  on  Mon May 14, 2007  at  01:40 PM
yeah some people on the beach look like that.. even worse.. i think it hurts..

tan is strange with me.. I'm a south slavian.. during the winter I'm super white.. but my hands, forearms and neck are darker.. looks like shit.. every summer I'm tanning every part of my body.. even my ass (on the terrace).. i don't wear tshirts from 11 to 18.. and still.. I think I'm somewhere stuck in the evolution between being white and brown.. i have to go to solarium in the winter so i wouldn't look like a field worker when I get naked 😛
Posted by goat_with_a_helmet  on  Wed Jun 27, 2007  at  08:10 PM
omgosh! that's nasty! i wont be like her! but there is sumthing wrong with her boobs!! blah
Posted by Laine  on  Mon Feb 08, 2010  at  06:28 PM
I can imagine what her face looks like.
Posted by Tom  on  Thu Feb 25, 2010  at  09:25 AM
The scary part that no one has mentioned is that she probably isn't very old.

I'm comfortable with the fact that I will have wrinkles at 80, but i don't think this woman is 80. Tanning will make you look that way at 40 or 50, especially if you are naturally fair skinned. Don't do it!! That doesn't mean you have to stay inside all the time, I just use suncreen and a hat or parasol when I go to the beach 😊
Posted by Rachel  on  Sun Jan 23, 2011  at  11:03 PM
oops, i guess someone did mention that, i missed the second page of comments. :p but Nanc you are exactly right, that is the result of tanning not age!
Posted by Rachel Morgan Krieger  on  Sun Jan 23, 2011  at  11:07 PM

My product guarantees that no one will look like this no matter what amount of exposure they get to the UV rays.

Not a tan lotion
Posted by Charl  on  Fri Feb 18, 2011  at  02:30 AM
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