What Students Want

Scottish high school students were given a survey to find out what resources they would like to see in the area to help it develop. The answer: fast-food restaurants, cinemas, and a brothel. [BBC]


Posted on Mon May 11, 2009


Considering the attitude exposed in the final paragraph...

He added that the pupils had voted against a wind farm which he described as "a disappointing outcome" which showed more needed to be done to "get the message across".

...I'm not surprised someone may have found the exercise hard to take seriously.
Posted by Robert Seddon  on  Mon May 11, 2009  at  09:08 AM
I've been to Selkirk. Trust me, it does actually need a brothel.
Posted by Renquist  on  Mon May 11, 2009  at  02:02 PM
I'd go for a combination brothel/arcade.
Posted by Madison Marbury  on  Tue May 12, 2009  at  09:21 AM
Was Renquist seriously the only person polled?
Posted by Transfrmr  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  12:32 AM
The brothels would never need to bailed out
Posted by LondoninActon  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  03:52 PM
I agree with MadHar, but I'd go one step further and combine the fast food restaurant-cinema-brothel into one venture, I'd call it McFlickaTrick. I know, I'm awesome. You're welcome
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  06:03 PM
No, you're not awesome, you're idea would never work. After the fast food and hookers you'd be far too tired for the cinema. Clearly.
Posted by Madison Marbury  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  09:56 PM
Actually, if you did the fast food first, and then simultaneously indulged in the hookers and a movie, you could probably pull it off, Awesomeness restored 😉

Not Hairy's fault if you pick the wrong order!
Posted by Transfrmr  on  Wed May 13, 2009  at  11:01 PM
Hey seriously, any community above 120 000 people needs more cinemas - 4 mainstream, two nostalgia, one arthouse and one offbeat/weird.

And I will accept any challenge to that statement. 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Thu May 14, 2009  at  11:58 PM
As the student who actually proposed the brothel, I would like to point out that it was originally spoken entirely in jest. However, given the popularity of the suggestion, I may just have to pursue a career in town planning! :cheese:
Posted by Adam L  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  02:45 AM
David Hammersmith ( Or David OF Hammersmith? Unclear), you might want to check your facts before making a statement like that.

In WW2, the French-licensed and organised brothels in Algeria and North africa were all shiut down when Filed Marshall ( later Lord) montgomery toof charge of the area with his forces. Venereal disease among civilians and soldiers went up by around 300%. The lowest rates of STDs in Europe are in those countries with licensed brothels in them.

Sure, there are exceptions, like my own country, where prostitution was decriminalised and the rate of infection among men for Chlamydia stayed the same . . . But then, it had been rising for years before that.

And who among us can name a university town that has NOT got an overworked STD clinic at it's college ( OK, maybe the towns where Brown and Bryn Mawr are . . . )?
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  09:02 PM
Oh and Adam L, you certainly should become a town planner - You cannot do any worse than any of the qualified ones . . . .
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  09:04 PM
i have to say beeing one of the students that was their at the time it was so boring! and it has to be said that shermans comment made all of us laugh and lightened the mood greatly! hence the afternoon was no longer boring as feck :D
Posted by kim H  on  Sun Dec 20, 2009  at  03:57 PM
I agree with Madison Marbury. Very clearly.
Posted by clarissea  on  Mon Jan 11, 2010  at  10:32 PM
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