Is the Voynich manuscript a modern forgery?

Simon Worrall, author of "The Poet and the Murderer" (about the Mark Hoffman forgeries) recently wrote an article for BBC News Magazine about the Voynich manuscript. Worrall notes that new theories about the manuscript "breed like mayflies." However, he confesses to believing that it's a modern forgery created by its discoverer, Wilfrid Voynich.

He writes: "One of the most common tropes in the history of forgery is that of a rare book dealer 'discovering' previously unknown manuscripts."

But even if you don't accept his theory, the article is worth a look because it has some nice photos of the manuscript itself. [BBC News]


Posted on Thu Apr 10, 2014


I say it again. The VM is readable, written in Latin and it is no forgery! These inventors have encrypted it knew exactly what they were doing! 4 complete translated sentences are on my homepage Also available in English
Posted by J. Kellner  on  Thu Apr 10, 2014  at  09:30 PM
I would not be surprised if he's right, but either way, it remains a remarkable work of art. Whether calligraphy or pseudo-calligraphy, it's a decent bit of penmanship and code-creation.

Oh, and Jutta, Schätzchen, I can't work out if you're a kook or a con artist - there is evidence enough on your site for either - but I suggest you don't give up your day job.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Sat Apr 12, 2014  at  04:28 AM
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