Visit Denmark, and get a girl pregnant

As posted recently by LaMa in the forum, a video recently began to circulate that appeared to have been created by a Danish girl who was trying to find the father of her child. She said the father had been a tourist in Denmark. They had had a one-night stand a year ago.

Turns out the video was actually created by Denmark's National Tourist Agency as part of a viral marketing campaign. The tourist agency has since issued an apology:

Local media reported yesterday the woman is actually an actress named Ditte Arnth Jorgensen and the baby "August" is not hers. The revelation caused outrage in the country, with one newspaper labelling the stunt "grotesque". VisitDenmark CEO Dorte Kiilerich said the aim of the viral advertising campaign was to create a positive view of Denmark.

As a publicity stunt, I'd say the campaign was highly effective. But in terms of encouraging people to visit Denmark, I'm not so sure.

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Posted on Wed Sep 16, 2009


They though this would create a positive view of Denmark?
What were they smoking??
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  09:45 AM
It would be easier to believe this was a public health message reminding people to use birth control.
Posted by Big Gary  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  09:46 AM
The positive view would be "Danish girls are easy, and can't figure out how to collect child support."
Posted by Goober  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  09:59 AM
Glad it's a publicity stunt, because I could have sworn it was me.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  12:23 PM
Hmm, anyone know the danish for "I'm NOT the Poppa!"
Just in case...
Posted by Captain DaFt  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  05:31 PM
Captain DaFi, in German it would be "Ich bin nich der Vater." At least I think that's how you would say it, it's been 25 years since I've spoken German. Danish isn't too far different from German if I remember right.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Wed Sep 16, 2009  at  11:32 PM
Christopher: In German it is "Ich bin nicht der vater", but Danish really is different from German. It is closer to Swedish and Norwegian and has a whole suit of letters and sounds that are not in German.
Posted by LaMa  on  Thu Sep 17, 2009  at  05:45 AM
@Christopher: I'm Norwegian, and our written language is virtually identical to Danish.

But I don't understand A SINGLE WORD of German. Norwegian/Danish and German all belong to the germanic languages, but so does English.
Posted by eovti  on  Thu Sep 17, 2009  at  09:55 AM
OK, I'm going off memories of around thirty years ago. I was stationed in Germany and went to Denmark for the NATO chess tournament. I remember being able to understand Danish somewhat because of my (limited) knowledge of German. I think I was told that Danish has had a lot of mixing with German over the centuries. Just like in Luxemburg where the language is officially German but is really about 50/50 German/French with pure German being used officially and French being used in some other capacity that I don't remember now and the "street" language is the mixture. If I don't remember right about Denmark, hey use the German and the woman won't be able to even get the country right when hunting for you.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Thu Sep 17, 2009  at  10:17 AM
Hello again, spammer..
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Fri Sep 18, 2009  at  05:59 AM
I deleted the spammer, for those confused by Robin's post...
Posted by Boo  on  Fri Sep 18, 2009  at  07:24 AM
*is confused since he missed the spam and doesn't know Danish*
Posted by oppiejoe  on  Fri Sep 18, 2009  at  11:35 AM
Perhaps the danes aren't aware that there are girls in the rest of the world too
and most of them can be gotten pregnant
though obviously not without their consent.
Posted by Sharruma  on  Sat Sep 19, 2009  at  06:43 PM
@Captain DaFt "Jeg er ikke faderen" or "Jeg er ikke far til barnet" should do if you ever need it.

I would think that the message "in Denmark the girls are easy and don't charge" will get lots of tourists coming here. :lol: I don't think the people responsible have thought it through, though, do we really want all those single, horny men coming here?
Posted by Mikkel  on  Mon Sep 21, 2009  at  01:39 AM
Hey Mikkel, look what it's done for Amsterdam.
Posted by Christopher Cole  on  Mon Sep 21, 2009  at  09:44 AM
And Prague:(
Posted by outeast  on  Tue Sep 22, 2009  at  01:54 AM
Exactly :shut: or Bangkok
Posted by Mikkel  on  Tue Sep 22, 2009  at  11:03 AM
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