Virus-Noise-Reducing Cable

Add this to the list of bizarre and dubious claims made by the manufacturers of audio and computer cables. The manufacturer of the Xbox 360 Elite HDMI 2.5m Basic Cable claim that their product includes "anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises." I'm glad someone is finally doing something about those awful virus noises! (via reddit)


Posted on Wed Mar 14, 2012


My money is on this being closer to 'engrish' rather than 'extravagant claims'.

This looks to be a cheap cable, packaged to look as impressive as possible. Computer buzzwords are mentioned, without the people involved never actually knowing what they mean. I am willing to bet that they could not tell you what made their product 'anti-virus' if you held a gun to their head. Note the specific mention of the Xbox 360 Elite - a relatively small portion of the game console group.

Oh hey, I found a company that carries it!
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Thu Mar 15, 2012  at  12:15 AM
I'm not sure if MoH has covered it before, but if not go have a look at the snake oil peddaled by Russ Andrews.®ion=UK¤cy=GBP&pf_id=1541&customer_id=PAA1538030212269NEWCWUYDBTCWPSQD

£86 for a power cable! Ludicrous.®ion=UK¤cy=GBP&pf_id=3151&customer_id=PAA1538030212269NEWCWUYDBTCWPSQD

£158 for speaker wire, when most professionals recommend normal house wiring cable for the job, which is about £2 a metre.
Posted by Mr R  on  Thu Mar 15, 2012  at  02:04 AM
Well, I'm guessing that by "noise" they mean it in the unwanted additional random data way rather than in just the unpleasant sounds way. Perhaps they're saying that it reduces the effects of viruses on image quality? Though I'm not seeing how it could do that, either, since it is just a cable.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Fri Mar 16, 2012  at  08:40 PM
Cables are a seller´s best friend!
They are cheap but cost a fortune for the unwary customer.
Posted by Unfairly Balanced  on  Thu Mar 22, 2012  at  12:55 PM

this is just a classical exemple of poor translation. The original text was probably in Corean, French (whatever) and "parasite noise" came out as virus noise... that's it.
Posted by Frenchyarnaud  on  Wed Feb 13, 2013  at  07:27 AM
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