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image I'm receiving a lot of strange photos in my email today. This one comes with the caption: 'Holy Crap' Engine. I have no idea where it originally comes from. But I would guess that it's real. If it's photoshopped, it's a very good photoshop job. Click on the image to enlarge.
Update: This is definitely a real photo. It was taken on July 13, 2004 aboard an AirTran flight from Atlanta to Orlando with 110 people on board. The left engine cowling came off soon after take off, but the plane managed to turn around and land safely. One of the passengers took this photo. It's not known which one.


Posted on Wed Feb 02, 2005


If I saw this out my airplane window, my first thought would not be, "I'd better get a picture of that."
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  04:14 PM
Saw this the other day on a database of airline Photos,, The site maintains an extensive amount of aircraft photos including damaged aircraft and aircraft that have crashed.
Posted by Will G.  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  04:26 PM
Hmm. Some of the people on seem skeptical that the guy the photo is copyrighted to actually took the photo. See the comments. One of them says:
it happened in July 2004 in Atlanta, NOT Connecticut. The cowling came off just after takeoff from ATL. The cowling was recovered in a field in Forest Park and the aircraft returned to ATL immediately. They were barely 3 minutes into the flight
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Wed Feb 02, 2005  at  04:36 PM
"It's not known which one."
-The guy with the window seat of course.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  05:14 AM
I'd like an aisle seat please
Posted by Darren  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  06:00 AM
Well, maybe the guy took it figuring that if the plane crashes he'd help investigators figure out what happened. That is, if the film survived.
Posted by brian  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  10:46 AM
Not exactly what one wants to see looking out of the window of a plane! :ahhh:
Posted by Glamcat  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  12:53 PM
Here's the NTSB write-up on the incident:
Posted by Vic K.  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  07:42 PM
Now I know why some people want Jesus as their 'co-pilot'! I've flown a lot, (passenger style), and have had two close calls. But if I saw this out my window, the trip's OVER, buddy. Land my ass, safely, and PLEASE, God, I swear I'll never drink/smoke _______ again!
Posted by stork  on  Thu Feb 03, 2005  at  08:33 PM
Two words for that: HOLY CRAP!:gulp: If that thing is faked, he should have added a Gremlim for humor 😝
Posted by Carmen  on  Fri Feb 04, 2005  at  05:41 PM
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