Victoria’s Disturbing Secret

image Nick and Emily discovered a ghoulish secret while perusing the latest edition of the Victoria's Secret catalog: a disembodied hand resting on the shoulder of one of the models. Very creepy. Either the model has a hand growing out of her shoulder, or there was originally someone standing next to her in the picture. The question is, was the hand left in there by mistake, or was it left in there on purpose... the mischievous signature of some disgruntled photo retoucher?


Posted on Tue Jun 15, 2004


Posted by Hollow Man  on  Tue Jun 15, 2004  at  04:56 PM
Posted by Beth  on  Tue Jun 15, 2004  at  08:16 PM
Has it been checked to see if maybe the picture has been photoshopped in there? If it aint been...then.....woah. That would be quite intersting having a hand growing out of ur shoulder...
Posted by Fuzzums Wuzzums  on  Thu Jun 17, 2004  at  12:46 AM
Well, regardless if it was photoshopped in our out (or, if indeed, it is the ghostly apparition like I've seen in old black and white photographs :-p), the hand seems to be female.
Posted by Iavas  on  Sun Aug 01, 2004  at  03:59 PM
That is my cousin, Marissa. She doesn't have a hand growing out of her shoulder, if she did, she wouldn't be modeling.
Posted by Toast  on  Thu Sep 23, 2004  at  02:01 PM
By the way she has her arm out, almost as if it were around someone, I would be more inclined to think that there was another person orginally in the picture, and that person was airbrushed out, but not the hand.
Posted by aimeemarie  on  Mon Nov 08, 2004  at  06:57 PM
theres no hand growing out of her shoulder...that was a simple mistake...the pose she's doing is simply walking a long a beach side with a guy on her right side if you look at her right arm..its in a holding around the waist
Posted by martinez  on  Sun Feb 13, 2005  at  09:48 PM
I've seen this kind of thing photoshopped before. There was a show on TLC about 3 or 4 years ago about how they make models more "attractive" to the human eye. This consisted of shading, extending of the legs, and so forth. They even showed moving and removing images from the shot. This seems like a simple editing mistake.
Posted by Jonathan  on  Wed Apr 06, 2005  at  06:15 PM
OK does this mean if i continue to shop at Victory's Secret that ghosts are gonna come and haunt me or what !!
Posted by Ashley Brothers  on  Thu Apr 28, 2005  at  12:59 PM
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