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Here's a couple of vampire-themed websites sent in by visitors. First we have the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency. According to the blurb on the site, "From 1868 to 1975, the Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency (FVZA) was responsible for controlling the nation's vampire and zombie populations while overseeing scientific research into the undead. This site is a tribute to the men and women who served in the FVZA, especially the over 4000 Agents who lost their lives fighting to keep our country safe." And next we have The Temple of the Vampire. If you want to live forever, then all you have to do is join the temple. The catch is that in order to join you have to buy their book, The Vampire Bible. That's a good sales gimmick. I should try something like that for my book, such as if you want to achieve a state of absolute enlightenment, then you have to buy my book.


Posted on Wed Oct 29, 2003


Thank you both for the kind link, and for discouraging na
Posted by Linguascelesta  on  Sun Jul 16, 2006  at  07:22 PM
It is understandable that someone might assume that the Temple claims are a hoax. The claim to immortality is a common claim of religions that promise
Posted by AngelVamp  on  Tue Aug 29, 2006  at  08:37 AM
A bloody rip off is what the Temple is. I saw the charges and what you have to do to maintain membership and someone at the top of the chain is laughing all the way to the bank.

Same as Scientology - give us your money and we'll give you enlightenment. It's bullshit and I find it disgusting that people get away with this sort of ssam - that's right - A SCAM. There are plenty of them in the world and this one just shouts "HEY YOU SUCKERS WITH TOO MUCH MONEY, COME OVER HERE AND BE WELL AND TRULY RIPPED OFF!"

I bet the person who runs this is rubbing their hands together and now doesn't need to work at all with all the cash that's floating his way.

Absolutely amazing that people still fall for this kind of stuff.
Posted by Jo  on  Fri Nov 24, 2006  at  08:33 AM
Jo, you are a noob. What's money compared to peace of mind? Aren't you curious at all? I'm planning on spending that money as soon as I have paypal set up... why? Because my intuition says "do it do it do it!"

Check your messages, see where you've been the last 17 billion years. Also, does the catholic church ask for money? 😛
Posted by James Thor  on  Mon Dec 25, 2006  at  06:22 PM
Do it then - and please let me know if you reach enlightenment LOL! (Or whether you are informed that the guy at the top of this money-making pyramid receives it, if he hasn't already. Absolutely ridiculous.
Posted by Jo  on  Wed Jan 03, 2007  at  01:39 AM
The Temple Of The Vampire,might have started off as a good thing but sadly it's now about monthly membership dues just like a mainstream religion.

My advice seeing as the teachings and philosophy are sound just buy all five bibles and forget the TOV,find a few people you can form a small group with to meet and study their bibles and do rituals,but beyond that forget the cultic TOV its now nothing more then a money making SCAM!
Posted by Jax larue  on  Thu Mar 08, 2007  at  12:52 PM
I saw nothing but glorified ripoffs of rituals used by The Golden Dawn. I'd recommend these guys instead.

And to James Thor in Vancouver I'd recommend:
Posted by Sand  on  Sun Mar 25, 2007  at  05:20 AM
I am the Vampire Reltuc. Not of those among the FVZA or the Bible following of the Temple of the Vampire. But to understand the world of a Vampire you should join them but not for very long for we may forget you are our friend I hope. You should talk to us personally instead of going from scienist and covens you need to talk one on one for the full perspective. Although i am just saying you are all adults I am sure. Well, Good Night.
Posted by Retluc  on  Tue Apr 10, 2007  at  08:15 PM
Vampire Reltuc??? LMFAO!!! oh puhleeze...

Grow up and stop giving these rip-off bastards your money. Go and do something useful with it instead.
Posted by Jo  on  Thu Apr 12, 2007  at  01:47 AM
Sorry but i do not waste my money on them. I do not believe of what any of the vampires who follow a bible or anything i am a free vampire who does what she wants i do not pay anyone. Unless i owe them money. I plan on Making money by directing and animating teaching people about the real life of vampires and all the other creatures in the world. And believe me there are many kinds, so many you could not imagine. Thank you.
Posted by Retluc  on  Fri Apr 13, 2007  at  07:59 PM
Reltuc. To understand the world of vampires, you should find proper contacts, and not someone who profits from the gullibility of others.

And getting defensive is not a good tactics. I'm surprised you're dismissing esoterics as well as science and still talk as if you know more than others. People who talk this big are usually mixing real life and roleplaying together.

I can imagine quite a lot. Claiming you know more than I can imagine seems arrogant. Grains of sand, lass... Realizing you know nothin is the first step.

Here's a hint on the vampire front: When Ramsland was researching, she primarily found thrillseekers and people who used the vampire image to justify sexual deviation or building up a perception of self. She should have looked where the vampire isn't needed.
Posted by Sand  on  Sun Apr 15, 2007  at  03:34 PM
Hey, I am so sorry, I just caught my friends on here getting ready to type a message. Sorry if they bugged you to much. They do this sort of thing all the time on my computer. I am so sorry.
Posted by Retluc  on  Sun Apr 15, 2007  at  06:46 PM
Doesn't anyone realise that there are no such things as REAL vampires? Yes, there are vampiric-type lifestyles, but the undead do not exist.

I, myself LOVE the idea of the vampire. The romantic images it can conjure up are beautiful and exciting but Lestat and Louis don't exist.

This group that calls itself a religion are rip-off merchants, nothng more, nothing less. The guy at the top decided to cash in on a few people who wished it was all true. Sad really, but good luck to him if it's working. I bet he doesn't have to find a job.
Posted by Jo  on  Mon Apr 16, 2007  at  01:22 AM
Vampires do exist.

Nature had a cool show on bats one time that included the vampire bat. It was very interesting.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Apr 16, 2007  at  08:29 AM
Thanks for that, only I'm talking about the undead. Not bats. No-one on here is talking about bats.
Posted by Jo  on  Tue Apr 17, 2007  at  06:56 AM
I realize that Jo, but I thought I'd make a little joke. I didn't mean to get your blood boiling over it.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Tue Apr 17, 2007  at  09:04 AM
I thought it was and iteresting joke. Do you know what you get when you cross a vampire with a scarf? A pain in the neck. I don't think it is very funny though I just saw it in a book one night.
Posted by Dude  on  Tue Apr 17, 2007  at  07:17 PM
The only thing about this that nearly annoys me, is the fact that some of you who discredit Vampirism as a religious manifestation, and as an actuality, are the same people who practice any other religion with claims of the supernatural. Christians and Catholics will say it is possible for Jesus to die and be born again walking amongst men, and yet it is impossible for a vampire to feed off of the lifeforce of humans... When it comes down to it, all that matters is what each of us as individuals believe. Jo is right in his mind, but I see him/her as completely wrong... And so on, down the list. We each have our beliefs, but no true pursuer of any religion should even feel the need to pressure and demoralize other religions... How can someone who claims to be striving for such holiness as the "Son of Man" be so cruel as to attempt to kill what brings another man joy? Our job is to spread what we know is true, and whether or not the unbelievers taste and find it fulfilling to the soul, is up to them. I implore you all, commune with yourselves before you try preaching to others. This is the wisdom I have gained in life. In your eyes it may be nothing more than folly lies, but I ensure that if you are truly hearing my words then, each letter will touch the reccesses of your very being. I do not claim to do that which I cannot do. I do not claim to be that which I am not. And I shall not reveal my religious orientation because I don't feel that you are open to recieve. Know this, though, I have spoken, and what I have said is said... You may continue to bicker and argue, but no man here is folding. To the wise, you may contact me for any reason at all at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) There is still much for me to learn, so share what wisdom you may have, for even if you do not see the truth in yourselves, I will take what it is that my mind and soul needs. Peace and love to you all, and may the path to each of your heavens be revealed to you all...

My dear friend Jo, I hope you understand that surely no religion encourages the ridicule of another. We must embrace everyone and everthing. That doesn't mean you must believe what others believe, but you cannot defeat your enemies without knowledge of their being.

Sand, I am glad to have read that you possess a wisdom that is nearly lost amongst us. Whatever it is that you practice, it makes you wiser than you may be willing to admit, and thus you have the voice it requires to speak to people of all different walks of life.

To all else, I wish you nothing bur the best in this life, and if your religion preaches some form of immortality, I hope that you are worthy by whatever standards to reach such a gift.

Posted by Dario  on  Sat Apr 21, 2007  at  09:44 PM
It's not a religion, I can't see that it ever would be a true religion. It is something made-up and fabricated for the money it brings in.
It IS a rip off and I feel for anyone dragged into all this enough to part with their hard earned cash.

There are NO such things as undead that we know of - prove yourself as undead to me if you really are. If you can't, then I rest my case.

Charybdis - you sod. And I thought the pain in the neck thing was funny.

It is something that is either not real or cannot be proved because there are no examples walking among us.
Posted by Jo  on  Mon Apr 23, 2007  at  08:04 AM
Actually Jo, your reasoning applies equally to most mainstream religions as well since they're all made up and most seem to operate soley for the power and money they bring.

Yes vampires are a myth, but almost all religions are based on myths that are either not real or cannot be proved. The only reason I rate vampire wannabes lower than normal religions is because the whole goth subculture just annoys me. Personal preference.

And damnit, I tried to think of 'pain in the neck, I really did. But it just wouldn't kick out. Stupid brain.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Apr 23, 2007  at  09:10 AM
look guys i hate to let u all in on this but if u really want to find a real "vampire" just look where you would not think they would be for many yrs the holy mother church aka those god be damned catholics have used the "blood of Christ" and his flesh in their services and no one thought much of it but if u believe it with all sincerity by drinking and eating of this "holy?" commune u would slowly become a vampire of Christ but be that as it may i have met many who have shown me MORE than enough real hard proof that the immortal vampire is very much "alive" and thriving in this modern society because of the indifferences and foolish beliefs of the new human world that has sprung up and replaced what used to be a hard place for the true night walkers to live and thrive so before any of you out there in webworld disbelieve in something you have never looked into in the real world think to your self's "maybe i really shouldn't walk down this dark road alone" or you might just get bitten in your dumb arse so may they peace the night be with ALL you real members of my new wonderful family and may all you fools be wary of what might find you when you least suspect it to
Posted by drainsuslowly  on  Thu Apr 26, 2007  at  11:04 PM
Wow, that was mind-numbingly goofy.

Drinking blood doesn't make you a vampire. Try it for yourself if you doubt me, you can purchase animal blood if you really want to try it. And drinking wine that's representing blood* makes even less sense.

*Yes I know that the Catholic Churchs holds that the wine auto-magically transforms into the actual blood of Christ. But that's just silly, isn't it?
Posted by Charybdis  on  Fri Apr 27, 2007  at  08:59 AM
so i was "mind-numbingly goofy." huh? well just so you know i feel that if you are on a site such as this you should be prepared for any kind of comments that may be posted as for proof of other things "mind-numbingly goofy" just take a long inward look at who you claim to be "Charybdis in Hell " so tell us where is this supposed "hell" that you reside in? is it one of the many foolish american city's that tout that name or are you refering to the biblical hell or the norse hades ? or maybe your own private hell that must be the mind of a child that has no sense of logic,reasoning or common sense? sincerly the always "mind-numbingly goofy" drainsuslowly
Posted by drainsuslowly  on  Sat Apr 28, 2007  at  05:31 PM
Well, until you provide this proof that immortal vampires actually exist, I stand by my 'goofy' assertion.

As for my location being Hell, it's a joke. Though if I did happen to live somewhere such as Hell, Montana I'd be perfectly justified in stating so, regardless of your personal feelings in the matter.
Posted by Charybdis  on  Mon Apr 30, 2007  at  09:47 AM
I applaud you for exposing TOV for the money-grubbing sham that it is. I've often thought something similar about the Church of Satan--you know, non-conformist philosophy, but a $100 membership fee. On the other hand, are these organizations any worse than other religions and organizations that also prey on the foolish?
Posted by Atropos de Lutece  on  Sat May 05, 2007  at  10:05 AM
...Such as Christianity or Catholicism, etc...
Posted by Dario  on  Sun May 06, 2007  at  05:10 PM
Man you peeps, you disagree a lot, don't mind my spelling i can't. All most everything comes from a myth, pirates, zombies, warewolves, elves, gods, demons, ghosts, even humans probubly comes from some myths. I agree with all of whay yal say but some thing just seem mosterous! sort of speaking. Thanks for the link by the way. lol Hey do yal mind if i chat with ya eventhough i am not as umm what would you say a person with not as big a vocabulary as your selves. lol
Posted by Never in reality  on  Mon May 07, 2007  at  08:15 PM
look i know that many may not believe in the classical vampire or in the "new age" astral vamp but i mean come on these are the same ppl who dress their kids up for samhain and parade them around bumming candy from others im not saying that i never had a "trick or treating" but i sure as hell dont intend my child to partake of such a strange and rude practice as that and as for "proof" what do you wish for? a ripped out neck and a smiling Nosferatu leering with your own blood dripping off his chin? pllz! i could only wish such a thing on a person such as your self and as far as being a person who would be proud to state that they live in a place named as hell and would have no problem stating it i can only say bahhumbug sir you are why i would love to have the cash needed to leave america for good and trust me i would most certainly never come back it is the same guffawing that you have sown on a site such as this that proves to a person such as myself and many others that most Americans have no sense of humor at all much less anything that truly constitutes fauth thank you all for hearing my rant sincerely Drainsuslowly !!!
Posted by drainsuslowly  on  Thu May 10, 2007  at  09:33 AM
I've studied religion for over 30 years, many of them from the inside. I believe that a desire for supernatural mystery is a valid human hunger.

I encourage it's exploration.


I've read all four books of the Temple of the Vampire and much of it is claptrap. They claim that Jesus died in battle in the First Century... kind of like the unsubstantiated claim that he showed up in the good old USA via Mormonism.

At first I was impressed with the author, until I realized the limited range of his vision. Most of this is rewarmed hermetics, psychology and pure schucketerism, without any real answers. Much of it is double speak.

For example, let's look at the section on summoning the undead (they seem pretty dead to me if you have to summon them from the ether): The author instructs, "Breathe in and out to summon the undead spirits." Then, later in the book we're told, ways to tell that the undead are present "include tingling in your extremities."

In Medical texts this is called hyperventilation, and tingling in the extremities is a common manifestation.

Also, it is a debate technique, by the way, to challenge people not to take you on faith, then feed them bullcrap. It undermines one's natural inclination to skepticism.

Hence the defenders who say, "We are challenged to test everything we are taught," while still promoting the idea that they can inhale other people's souls. Even their leader warns them that much of what he says "may be fact or fancy."

I suppose his lawyer told him to add this, in case one of his plastic fang wearing followers brings daddy's shotgun to school.

If you want to prove your claims of physical immortality then please produce a 500 year old undead person. If you cannot do that, then shut up.

I suppose the vampires found golden tablets in the woods. Unfortunately, they never explain how they know all of this stuff. In other words, Nemo, who I personally know to be trained in psychology and hypnotism makes it up as he goes along.

Defending this silly scam of a "vampire" religion by arguing that it is as valid as Christianity is ridiculous. Bram Stoker must be turning in his grave. Why would anyone with church experience want to be like a Christian, or hold this up as a good thing for the thinking person???

From my point of view the Pagans and Satanists have it right. There may be gods and goddesses... or maybe not. As for life on Earth, the only testable law is Tooth and Claw.

All else occurs in the twilight.
Posted by Mystic  on  Fri May 11, 2007  at  04:03 PM
Mystic first of all i have no problem at all with you expressing your views in fact i welcome it but to say such things as "I suppose his lawyer told him to add this, in case one of his plastic fang wearing followers brings daddy's shotgun to school.
" kinda gives the public the opinion that every "goth" kid out there role plays being a vampire to the point that they are a danger to the public not so!!! i am a solitary satanist and have been hated ,searched illegally ,harassed and in general socially abused my whole life for being in their own words "different" and to hear some one who agrees with the satanic view of life and faith yet be so foolish as to act Christian by making false statements such as that and grouping everyone who is a mature responsible adult with an alternative life style or faith as one of those stereotypes of person well...all i can say is may the powers of common sense lay hold of you so strongly that it breaks your neck for you are no better than the hick scum that i have had to deal with in my past as im sure many others have to also
drainsuslowly p.s next time you make a statement such as that pllz consult your own lawyer as to charges YOU may face for slanderous statements thnx
Posted by drainsuslowly  on  Sun May 13, 2007  at  12:37 PM
The TOV are a bunch greedy buggers exploiting people with mental illness.

I have read the Bible and it 'preaches' complete narcism and is against all groups and religions. They promote that members must keep their beliefs secret as its supposed to be something very personal to them. It encourages people isloating themsleves and outlines meditation practices to 'bring the undead gods into your room'.

What a great way to suck money out vulnerable people with mental illness.
Posted by theantiVamp  on  Mon May 21, 2007  at  04:32 AM
Mystic, is your name Karl M. by any chance? How can I contact you by email?
Posted by Theoi  on  Wed May 23, 2007  at  05:52 PM
please, i want the five recommended vampire bible
Posted by celestine  on  Sun May 27, 2007  at  07:51 AM
please, i need the five recommended vampire bibles thanks
Posted by celestine  on  Sun May 27, 2007  at  08:00 AM
Hey, by all means I am not being mean, but I don't know who you all are really but you do not need to get vampire bibles for any reason. It is not worth it. If your a vampire, wanting to be a vampire or what ever you do not need a bloody bible to be it. It is just a way for people to get money. Some of you have been saying that and it is true. People just make the rules and follow them plus they are more like guide lines anyway. You all ready know them anyway, your instinks is what you follow not a bible. But that is just my oppinion.
Posted by no one  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  08:44 PM
Oh, thanks for the link by the way.
Posted by no one  on  Fri Jun 01, 2007  at  08:45 PM's "Temple of the Vampire" calls itself ToV and is a rip-off of the latin priesthood of the "oriental" Temple of Vampires found in central America first revealed to the general public through through a 1950s radio play. will request that you buy their incomplete and plagiarised "Vampire Bible" to join and this will *then* tell you that you can not *really* know anything unless you join the inner temple of the priesthood of Ur. Of course to do this you must be an active subscribing member for a couple of years and purchase the vampire predator bible then pay for certification as a vampire predator, and only then buy the vampire priesthood bible and of course pay for certification as a vampire priest signing a contract never to speak out against the temple. At which point you will realise that you can not really achieve immortality unless one progresses to the level of Adept and buys the vampire sorcerer bible and pays for certification as a vampire sorcerer and then finally buy the vampire Adept bible and pay for certification as an Adept. If you have anymore questions for Magister Nemo (the Church of Satan rep who set the whole thing up) after this which he does not like (and invariably cannot answer competently) then he will always excommunicate you as he is also the ultimate executive. Look for the original Temple of Vampires instead.
Posted by Kazikli Bey  on  Sat Jun 16, 2007  at  02:20 PM
The Tov say they do not condone any activity that is illegal. Well, these people are saying untruths in their bible that vampires wrote the US Bill of Rights.

Perhaps it is debatable whether this is illegal, but it is certainly going against real historical facts and implying strongly that the US govt supports vampirism. Perhaps there are some legal 'sedition' considerations here.

And any 'religion' that promotes extreme narcism and that living alone and isolated is a good thing, and keeping this secret while members have to pay subscription fees to them is perhaps a form of exploitation and emotional abuse of the mentally ill, which may also have some illegal implications ?
Posted by anti vamp  on  Mon Aug 06, 2007  at  04:34 AM
And another thing : Vampires Suck !

What a boring existence ! Being alone in your room, sitting in a chair all day trying to summon undead gods. Paying subscription fees to the TOV, while they are laughing their way to the bank, probably holidaying in the Bahamas somewhere.

Now lets take a real Vampire (they arnt real buts lets assume they are for one minute), they cant enjoy the taste of food, they cant play any sport during the day, they cant do anything much other than go around sucking blood off people like you and I ! Being immortal, then I think you would get very bored of that after about 2 years, leaving you to a 'lifetime' of complete mental torment.

The concept is just ridiculous and a complete scam.
Posted by anti Vamp  on  Tue Aug 07, 2007  at  10:32 PM
Hi everyone,

I've gone all the way up to "adept status".

The rest of you get off drugs or clear your head.

Take care.

PS: Great book(s)
Posted by Some dude  on  Tue Aug 21, 2007  at  02:44 PM
Anyone proud of any status they have reached would have to be in a psychotic and manic state, or sadly just very lonely or someone from the 'religion' trying to promote in a bizarre way more business for themselves.

Why is it, unlike other religions, that in order to reach a certain 'status' you are forced to pay the religion money ? To participate at all there is a minimum amount you must pay. Other religions may ask for donations but that is flexible and not mandatory. Other religions also dont require you to keep your involvement secret, but to be very open about it. What have they got to hide ?
Posted by antiVamp  on  Wed Aug 22, 2007  at  11:56 PM
umm well for starters, i dont believe vampirism is a religion, tht ToV bullshit is just tht, bullshit, however there are people who have a need for either blood or pranic/astral/psi energy or they could A)die...B)become depressed...C)have a mental breakdown and do sumthing either stupid or dangerous or both
these people are not immortal, they eat normal food and it tastes good, they can walk in sunlight though they may easily sunburn or be blinded by the light or have their mood effected in some way
if a bat can be parasitic off other creature's blood, why could there be a condition where a human was also forced to be parasitic?
these "Vampires" for lack of a better word are completely normal and functioning members of society, they have jobs and go to school and have children just like everyone else, just once in a while they like their steak incredibly rare or raw
i believe everyone has a right to their own opinions and no one should have to pay to talk to people with a similar mindset or belief system
some of them choose to take blood from a consenting adult donor, but roleplayers and false religious groups really need to stop because its very annoying

well there is my 5:33 AM after being up all night philosophy
if anyone has any questions my AIM is chicoine666,
and for more information about real vampires, visit
Posted by Mike  on  Sun Sep 23, 2007  at  04:32 AM
Dear Lord, Mike, grow up. I hate be rude, but these things simply are not true. There are no such thing as a vampires- only fools acting ridiculous because they think people will pay more attention to them if they behave like undead freaks.
Posted by Nick  on  Sun Oct 07, 2007  at  06:13 PM
like i sed, they arent undead
their body doesnt produce enough hemoglobin to sustain their lives
ever hear of hemophilia?
or anaemia for tht matter?
Posted by mike  on  Sun Oct 14, 2007  at  02:10 PM
oh ok get this bullshit, ok first off i have a life, a job a house a cat and dog, i told this nemo mother fucker that i got paid under the table for my job and he said i was involed in the black market, i'm here to tell you that, i'm on ssi and can only make up to $60.00 bucks or i loose my ssi check. so i had to break it down for him that i clean houses and offlices as my job and that i don't get paid on there time sheets and that the time that i do work goes onto my gfs time sheet and she gets the money and gives it to me for the time that i've worked, ya well this nemo's not very smart by the looks of things if he can just fly off the handle as he does without finding all the facts first, what a dumb fucker he is. i can sue his happy ass right now for slander. pisses me off, fuck him and his fake ass shit to the lowest bowls of hell. so he suppend my account at TOV for his fuck up, wow thats really smart you dumb bastard. you not smarter then me and you just go pissed off cuz you were wrong, grow up nemo and get some real balls, you childish motherfucker. maby i am a bit childish too but i still get my work done and done right, i can live with that, hell i've had a gf for 10 years and she loves me to death after all this time, so i must be doing something right. plus i took collage psyc 101 when i was 16, so i know all the little mind games people try to pull so i can tell you right now that he is full of himself, self deluted fucktard. that small enough for your tiny brain nemo the dumb ass fish, loser.
Posted by mick  on  Fri Oct 26, 2007  at  05:53 PM
and here's the email he sent me for the post above this one.

You posted in part: "...getting paid under the table for starters and
if thats what it takes for me to live then so be it."

Your complete post is reproduced below my signature.

This is against Temple Law as it advocates criminal activity.

It is illegal to participate in the black market.

I am suspending your membership as of now.

You will need to convince this Temple that you have abandoned this
line of thought to have your membership restored.

This is not an issue of debate.



You will have to totally abandon this line of thinking and action to
remain in the Temple.
Internet Administrator
Temple of the Vampire

still struggling, not in the least. i've had a girlfrend for 10 years
we have our own house, i pay all of my bills on time. My gf helped me
get a job and her boss says i do a better job then 3 girls combind,
i'm not lazy others just hold me back from doing what i love and i
would do anything even die as a mortal for them but i'd rather become
a vampire and thats what i'm working on, sucking lifeforce from my cat
and dog, my gfs dad and my gf. As far as the SSI thing goes, theres no
way out of it. but as in everthing there is an easy way to do things
as in getting money, like getting paid under the table for starters
and if thats what it takes for me to live then so be it. Now that
i've held a job for about 2 months, now i could not be happier. so as
you can see, if it takes ten bucks and a buttload of practice on the
nightside, it will be done. thats just too easy. if you have anymore
questions i'll be gald to get back to you on them. getting to know me
as a person is best before any kind of comments about me and my
personal life are made please and thank you its best left in the dark
for now, sence you are the system it will be no feat at all to find
out about me. i have no fear about becoming a vampire, i'm now making
it my lifes work. i will in time learn to feed off of humans, its just
a matter of time, cuz thats all i have left in this world. the rest of
my lifes work is now so easy its not even funny. i'm just as smart as
HP tech support and much easier to understand, i've studied collage
phyc 101 when i was 16 and the other teachers couldn't understand what
i was talking about and yet they let me pick what i wanted to learn
about and then grade me accordingly. So i know i the little mind games
that people that i've met before this try to do to me and they get mad
cuz they can't pull the wool over my eyes. which i has to hold my
toung and just laugh at them in my head, lol. so sence this is a
public thing i'll just have to let you get to know me. Smile your prey
is learing.

Humans are my prey and i will feed from there blood.

Have a good feeding.
Posted by mick  on  Fri Oct 26, 2007  at  06:06 PM
well i've sent him 2 letters and he's ignoring me, wow does he treat his family like that, beatting his wife or GF for that matter, hell i wouldn't put it past this guy thats into satan and stole the COS's guidlines and changed a few of the words around, but if you read the church of satan's site you'll see that its nothing more than the mirror affect. change this and that and beat my wife with a wiffel ball bat, to that end, sturring his pot of visions, while telling lies to the people that have weak wills and have nothing better to do. well i'm dropping out of the religion thing all togather, i have to get back to a real life with people that love me just for who and what i am, not to brain wash you into thinging other wise. They are real friends and not people out for a quick buck, speaking of which i think nemo's really pissed off cuz he found out i was on ssi and didn't think i can get him 10 bucks right when he wanted it, fuck that dude in the ear for all i care, they say that if you want to sell something lie your ass off to sell it. then the dead fish that he is makes a book, then sells it too, god's are for small minded people that have nothing to hold on to in this world so they just make it up as they go along, they always loose there followings sooner or later, its just a matter of time before he pisses of the wrong person, history shows us that all too well i might add. well peace the fuck out ya'll, hehe
Posted by mick  on  Sun Oct 28, 2007  at  08:32 AM
Finally, a posting devoted to naming this organization as a HOAX.

It's a well-orchestrated hoax, dare I say brilliant, but a hoax nonetheless. It
Posted by Watching Your Wallet  on  Sun Dec 09, 2007  at  08:44 PM
Oh boy, lookie what I found on a google search for "temple of the vampire" and it even comes up in the top ten. How auspicious!

Where, oh where, is the almighty, immortal vampire Nemo to set the record straight here regarding the Temple of the Vampire? One of his ambiguous replies would be absolutely perfect just about now.

Come, tell the world how your organization is not a complete and utter hoax. Tell us how you think you are all elite and above the rest of humanity. Tell us how you're going to physically live forever, though I've heard you're getting older by the day, just like everyone else. Only human, isn't that right?

Most important of all, please tell us how many members of your organization are actually over the age of say... I dunno... how about 400 years old. That would qualify as someone who has succeeded in physical immortality to some degree, or at the very least, outlived his fellow man. This request implies living, breathing candidates only please, who are also subscribing members to your website.

You don't have to even give any names. Just a number, a statistic will do. Even one person? Anyone? I'll bet the majority of your members are under the age of 35, no?

Is it true there are no real immortals amongst your membership ranks? Even someone over the age of 150 years old might stir up some vague curiosity and a sense of credibility on your behalf.

Tell us, is Lucas Martel an immortal vampire? Isn't he the gentleman that signs all the membership title contracts which you then revoke at your nearest convenience?

Are all the immortals so feeble they cannot type words on a keyboard? Come on! I want to meet an immortal vampire!!!!!

Hey, if you're really watching as you say, I'd have already met you, but alas, I have not. If you all were really watching, you'd stop me from typing these words. You're not watching at all. See, I'm still typing!!!!!

Your motto is "Test everything, believe nothing" but isn't it true that anyone who doesn't do exactly as they are ordered is forced out of the group? What happens when you test everything and discover it's just a bunch of bullshit?

We want answers!!!!! Tell us it isn't really just a money-making hoax, Nemo. Please!!!!!

For Satan's sake, please tell us.
Posted by SATAN!!!!!  on  Tue Dec 18, 2007  at  10:02 PM
u ppl got it all wrong. when i was a kid my tooth fell out and i put it under my pillow and the tooth fairy took it and left me a dollar and santa claus used to leave me presence under the x-mas tree every year until i stopped believing in them both. the undead gods are like that too. don't ever stop believing in them or they won't come anymore. if u make them mad they put curses on u like it says on the website somewhere. u can't prove they're not real just like u can't prove crop circles, ufos, and the easter bunny are not real either.
Posted by bob  on  Wed Dec 19, 2007  at  11:15 AM
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