TV Screen Jesus

This might be in the running for the stupidest pareidolia ever. Floridian Guerda Maurice was watching the Bachelor on TV when she saw a design she wanted to take a picture of. (A design? I have no idea what she means by that.) So she picks up her phone and takes a picture of the TV screen. Later she looks at the picture she took and sees "Jesus picture". That is, there was a reflection on the screen that she thought looked like Jesus. She was so excited that she made a locket out of TV Screen Jesus. Link: (Thanks, Bob!)

Pareidolia Religion

Posted on Thu Mar 15, 2012


Blotch of reflected light + some woman's face = Jesus.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Fri Mar 16, 2012  at  04:51 AM
Jesus was desperately trying to tell her to change the channel.
Posted by Louis de Lombard  on  Mon Apr 02, 2012  at  07:33 AM
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