Transformers Comic Book Predicted 9/11

image Here's something that brings back memories of the Nostradamus predictions that swirled around in the weeks after 9/11. Some guy is claiming that comic book artist Simon Furman predicted 9/11 in a Transformers comic book published on Sep. 14, 1991. His main proof: a picture of a transformer (rodimus prime) hanging between the destroyed towers of the World Trade Center. He's selling the comic book that contains this picture (as well as some other stuff) on eBay UK. He launches into some convoluted explanation of other ways in which his Transformers comic book predicted 9/11, and then he winds up his sales pitch with this startling, though rather garbled, claim:

wouldn't you like some glimpse into future events, these comics if used to predict events from week to week, they are currently around issue 230, this is august 1989 (2004), and they run until 18th feb 1992 (2007), that means there are over 100 more issues to go, thats almost three years of predictions, i can send you information of exactly what to look for in them, how to make sense of the vague and cryptic predictions, and will allways answer emails from anyone who wants to help understand these better.

In other words, he's saying that these old Transformers comics are like windows onto the future. But the question you have to ask is why, if this guy can see into the future via his comic books, isn't he taking advantage of that ability? Why wouldn't he use this power to enrich himself (or at least warn the world about upcoming disasters) instead of giving it away for a pittance on eBay? (via Metaphorge)

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Posted on Mon Aug 23, 2004


Clearly, just like the story of Paycheck, this guy used the comics to look into the future and determined that his best bet was to sell them.

Here's to hoping the comics told him that he was mildly retarded and the world would be better off with him dead.
Posted by Eric  on  Mon Aug 23, 2004  at  12:42 PM
Posted by john  on  Mon Aug 23, 2004  at  11:37 PM
"Why wouldn't he use this power to enrich himself?" Well, I bet he's already gleaned as much as he could from them for himself, and written it down. Or maybe he's got another set. Now he's trying to help other people, just like Jesus and/or Optimus Prime would do. Duh.
Posted by Matt  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  09:15 AM
Betcha his comic books don't predict that he won't be selling them for too much.
Posted by L  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  12:16 PM
The whole city is destroyed, they obviously had to include the twin towers, otherwise it wouldn't look like new york 🙄
Posted by Max  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  02:43 PM
It seems to me if I had some sure-fire way of predicting future disasters, I'd be trying to warn people instead of wasting time trying to make a few bucks on E-bay.
But come to think of it, maybe this guy has already tried to warn everyone and has given up in disgust and decided to auction off the prophetic comics and be done with it.
After all, most people ignore perfectly real threats that we have every reason to believe in, like global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, and the arms race. So why should anyone pay attention to an unproven report of an imminent terrorist attack?
Posted by Big Gary C  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  06:28 PM

Maybe it is a joke, trying to capitalize on the new live action Transformers movie being produced by Stephen Spielberg.
Posted by The Mexx  on  Tue Aug 24, 2004  at  11:52 PM
Maybe he cant tell what the comics predict until after it was happened.....

I belive i hav some type of gift to tell the future, but dont know how to really use it, but when something happens i can give details that havent yet been revealed to me..

It happen on 9/11, i came home and asked what had happened and my mum said that a plane had been crashed into the twin towers, and i thought that i recognised it from somewhere and said to her, "has it collapsed?"... she replied with "no...?" then five minutes later it did...
Posted by Spike  on  Wed Aug 25, 2004  at  08:12 AM
Omigod, Spike that's just unbelieveable! :O How ever were you able to predict such a thing?

What does Mr. Furman have to say about his predictions?

What's funny is that this item is so valuable and full of information that he doesn't even offer insurance on it!
Posted by Dawn  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  01:35 PM
Let's not forget the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen" (the X-Files spin-off) which centered around terrorists taking control of a plane -- via remote control -- and flying it into the WTC.
Posted by Steve  on  Thu Aug 26, 2004  at  05:47 PM
You would think, if Simon Furman was such a visionary, he wouldn't have to still be writing comics. He'd have made a fortune in the stock market already! It's not like the man's dead! 😉
Posted by Jenni  on  Sat Aug 28, 2004  at  11:47 PM
The guy is trying to capitalize on the transformer movie and on a HORRIBLE event and he should be shot for trying to do so.
Posted by Snipes266  on  Mon Apr 16, 2007  at  03:16 PM
Snipes266 and all the others, I wasn't trying to cash in on this. eBay was the biggest and best forum at the time to showcase what I thought & see if anyone else agreed etc.

I did actually contact a government agency regarding a terrorist plot I thought I saw in the comics and this was prevented before I listed this auction, so I've got no guilt about my actions, I didn't expect to be met with such close minded insults from most people tho!
Posted by Skyshadow  on  Sun May 18, 2008  at  10:50 AM
pure coincidence 😉
Posted by comicslover  on  Wed Jul 23, 2008  at  10:52 AM
My dads frieds live in America even thorght im British dosent mean i dont care about america were on your side its hard for you too lose love ones in the 9/11 attack but its hard for britian to get over the fact that we lost soo many troopes in the last year but nothing is more harder then 9/11 yes i know that 7/7/05 happend (london bombings) but 9/11 is so upsetting if i could change back time i would

Posted by julia  on  Thu Apr 15, 2010  at  08:26 AM
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