Top Thrill Dragster

The following pictures of an extreme roller-coaster have been circulating around via email. Yes, the roller-coaster is real. It's the Top Thrill Dragster at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. On their website they've got some cool point-of-view videos of the ride in action.

image image image
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Appended to the pictures of the rollercoaster is this next one, with the caption: "And this last picture says it all..."


I'd be willing to bet that isn't really a picture of someone who just rode the Top Thrill Dragster. It's probably just a random picture that someone tacked on.

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Posted on Sun Aug 20, 2006


I've been near that... and unless the girl is a real thrill seeker, its definitely not the reaction you'd get.
Posted by Dustin  on  Sun Aug 20, 2006  at  09:30 PM
The background in the pee pic doesn't look like an amusement park exit lane to me, they should have tried harder to find a better pic, or actually went to Cedar Point and peed on purpose.
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  12:22 AM
yeah i've seen that before, it's part of a series. I think she was doing Kareoke or something. poor thing
Posted by Conny  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  04:32 AM
I wanna go! I wanna go!
Posted by Tru  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  10:41 AM
Those are construction photos, presumably official photos from the Cedar Point website at the time the coaster was built way, way back in 2003. Note the crane in the middle, where the queue is now. Also note the snow on the ground; the park isn't open in the wintertime.

So yeah, the last picture is definitely tacked on. If it'd been taken while the coaster was operating, I'd expect to see pictures of the coaster in operation. And, as someone else said, it doesn't look like the exit of any ride, but I can say from personal experience that it looks nothing like the exit from the Dragster. Nobody with a mind for maintainability installs lacquered wooden benches outdoors in Ohio, and anything indoors is far enough from the exit from TTD that there'd be no reason to correlate her predicament with the ride.
Posted by parkrrrr  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  11:07 AM
To me, having stood on the beach that's in the background of one of the photos, the really cool thing about those pictures is getting to see how far out into the lake the shelf ice extends. Talk about your thrill rides.
Posted by parkrrrr  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  11:19 AM
She peed trying to sing Jimmy Buffet?
Posted by Lonewatchman  on  Mon Aug 21, 2006  at  02:41 PM
So the ride just goes up and then drops down really, really fast? That doesn't sound all that thrilling, even with the track twisting around. They could throw in a few loops or something like that later on.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  02:36 AM
Yep, that's pretty much what it does. It's all about the acceleration: zero to 120 in (mumble) seconds.

Some riders get an extra thrill when the controller fails to compute the exact amount of thrust to get it to just go over the top.
Posted by parkrrrr  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  08:48 AM
I think it's 0 to 120 in 60 seconds and you go up and down at a 90 degree angle. The main thrills of the ride are going that fast and seeing the ground come straight at you. It has none of that stomach-dropping feeling. It also doesn't always go over the hill. They'll just keep shooting you until you do. Unless you're afraid you're going to hit the ground, there's nothing that would make you pee your pants and that is definately not the exit to it.
Posted by gabuhaha  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  09:40 AM
It says on their website: "The train then moves into a "starting line" position, where it is launched forward, reaching 120 mph in approximately four seconds."

120 mph in 4 seconds. :gulp: :sick:
Posted by RedNeckOreo  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  01:52 PM
They'd better have some good neck braces on that thing, if it really is just four seconds' worth of acceleration.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue Aug 22, 2006  at  08:07 PM
I rode top thril dragster once. If you are tall and fat it is VERY hard to buckel the saftey belt. So hard that just before we left my family wanted to go one more time and I decided not to so I wouldn't have to do the grunting/pulling thing on the belt.
Posted by NoName  on  Wed Aug 23, 2006  at  02:10 AM
I've seen that photo before too, ages ago...circulated via e-mail, via instant messengers, via file sharing servers, etc. I doubt it has any connection to the roller coaster.

Posted by DukeLeto  on  Thu Aug 24, 2006  at  10:29 AM
That pic is from a video file of a very, very drunk girl dancing on the table for the amusement of some very drunk boys. Things then proceed as one would expect.
Posted by DrObviousSo  on  Thu Aug 31, 2006  at  11:30 AM
ive been to cedar point and rode the top thrill dragster and it doesnt look anything like this from the p-o-v clearly these are pics from a different time and she didnt take them because the park isnt even openin the winter.
Posted by taylor  on  Fri Aug 17, 2007  at  09:19 AM
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