The Turd in the Olympic Ring

Brian Chapman reports the start of an interesting Olympics 2012 rumor on his Legends & Rumors blog:
Enormous Olympic rings have started popping up in London. There's a set at St Pancras, another recently floated down the Thames, and a third set will be suspended at Tower Bridge.

We're told that there's something special about one of the rings. Someone involved in their construction had a bit of a downer on the whole Olympics in London thing. So he took a shit inside one of the rings. And then had it welded shut.

Gross Sports Urban Legends

Posted on Sat Apr 07, 2012


This sounds like urban legend, probably one of those started so people can relate it to other people in a self-satisfied way. There are an awful lot of folks in Britain who think that this Olympics thing is going to be a huge expensive flop, especially in light of the economic situation. They can now go on about this alleged turd in one of these sculptures as though to say, "Some right minded person's got their own back" without it probably ever being proven otherwise.

The same kind of thing is said about mosques. Right wing folks I know will insist that the builders of one (or both) of our biggest mosques bricked a pork pie (or a rasher of bacon) in its walls. I've since heard that this is said about other mosques in the country. It's always people who've got a grudge against big Islamic buildings being built in their city that relate this story as fact, even though really it's just something somebody with a similar mindset has told them. They always state it as though to say, "Ha! They're not so great now, are they? They may have got their mosque, but it's not halal!" And in all likelihood, no-one will ever know any different.
Posted by Paul Taylor  on  Sun Apr 08, 2012  at  09:04 AM
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