The strongest man in the world

Here's an entertaining example of complete bs. An Arabic TV station interviews a man who claims to be the "Incredible Hulk" of Egypt. He says that he has the strength of 30,000 men! He never sleeps! He has sex 15 times a day with his four wives! And he's so strong that the government doesn't allow him to work, for fear that he might accidentally hurt someone.

But the only evidence of his strength that he offers is his ability to tear a coin in half. This, of course, is a well-known magic trick.

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Posted on Tue Dec 02, 2008


He won't shake your hand because he might hurt you but he has sex 15 times a day with his 4 wives who don't seem to suffer any injuries. I guess the wives must be on top.
Posted by Captain Al  on  Tue Dec 02, 2008  at  09:07 AM
I agree. B.S. 260 horsepower? And his dad had 840? If he's really that strong I want to see him lift up a city bus. And the no sleeping thing is a total farce. I think the truth is he doesn't have a job because he's an idiot and as a result has to pretend like the government tells him he can't work and do all this "super strength" crap to earn money...
Posted by SMD  on  Tue Dec 02, 2008  at  11:25 AM
I would have believed 240hp and sex 14 times a day but 260 and 15 times a day is just unrealistic. He is wrong about drinking butter. I often eat a stick a butter to coat my stomach before a night of binge drinking, and I don't have an extra vein on my spine.
Posted by 2Strong  on  Wed Dec 03, 2008  at  01:13 PM
So, 260 horse power, and 1 horse power is 360 men, that equals 93.600 men. That's even more than the 30.000 men the article is talking about! Whow, this guy is really, REALLY strong. Or do you think he might be exaggerating a little? If you can't trust the numbers anymore, what else can you do?
Posted by Abbe  on  Fri Dec 05, 2008  at  11:36 AM
hey . a question >> simply how could he knwe that his father was 840 Horse Power ?? how the people in his father's Day where able to measure his strength ??
this is a liar man . maybe he is upnormal and very strong but not 360 Horse Power !!! this is to stupide .
Posted by Gericom  on  Thu Jan 28, 2010  at  06:05 PM
Allah Hu Akbar. God gifts those worthy to keep gifts, and MashAllah, this man being so strong has such a good heart. I wish more people in the world would be like him. (less the 4 wifes, and sex 15 times a day).
Posted by Akbar  on  Tue Jun 15, 2010  at  06:19 PM
To the Buffoon that claims that "we all know the coin taring trick", No i am not familiar with it neither do any of my coworkers, friends or family. I looked it up on youtube and found a kid demonstrating a coin tare trick that is nothing like what this man is doing, nor can it amuse anyone older than 7 years. I m not saying that this man is the strongest in the world, but i m pretty sure you are somewhat ignorant..
Posted by Mawzoon  on  Wed Feb 13, 2013  at  02:16 PM
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