The Silent Movie Actress Archive (Corporeal Memorabilia)

Status: Art Project
The website of the SMA (Silent Movie Actress) Archive claims that:

We are a small and dedicated organisation based in Baltimore, USA. Our aim is the ‘resurrection’ of actresses from the Golden era of silent cinema. To do this we are securing a large body of quality genetic material from a variety of sources which is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure its validity. Samples range from small tissue and blood samples to full bones and several preserved organs.

Is this real? Well, the site it's located on,, is so elaborate that it would be easy to believe it was real. It delves into all kinds of bizarre aspects of "corporeal memorabilia," which is the trade in the body parts of dead celebrities. Now, I realize there definitely is a market for body parts of famous people (see Rasputin's penis). However, the elaborate corporeal memorabilia of the SMA Archive and everything else on is fictitious. It's the creation of artist Gregory Whitehead. He wrote a short movie called The Bone Trade about Walter Sculley, a (fictional) dealer in corporeal memorabilia. In the movie, Whitehead plays Sculley. (Also check out this mp3 file of Whitehead interviewing Sculley.) The website about corporeal memorabilia appears to be an outgrowth of the movie. For more weirdness by Whitehead, you can read his article in Nth Position Magazine about bibliovoria (people who love to eat books). (via The Presurfer)

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Posted on Tue Nov 08, 2005


Yeah, didn't think so. cloning is still illegal.
and how do you "test their validity?" they
didn't have dna testing back then.
Posted by cate  on  Wed Nov 09, 2005  at  03:19 AM
Posted by Craig  on  Wed Nov 09, 2005  at  08:05 AM

I thought someone had done this already . . . Surely "Will & Grace" star Megan Mullally is a clone of silent goddess Clara Bow, right done to the squeaky and at the time unrecordable voice! 😉
Posted by DFSTuckey  on  Thu Nov 10, 2005  at  01:28 PM
KirbyGeorgia34, I suggest you stop pretending to be in the USA, quit annoying people with your mindless spam and get a real IT or support job, so you can feel good about yourself while munching curry and dreaming of intercourse with your female relatives...And no, I have no website to push here, I work for a living!
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