The Screaming Ghost in Room 209

The story here is that this video supposedly comes from security camera footage of a Sep. 14, 2003 paranormal event at a Wingate Hotel in Illinois. Though it wasn't until Sep 2012 that it was posted on YouTube.

Screaming was heard coming from room 209. But no one was checked into that room. So some guy named John (a security guard?) is sent to investigate. He enters the room and reports that the carpet has been ripped up, the shower is on, and all the furniture is turned upside down. But the room is empty! Also, as John enters the room, a ghostly figure can be seen exiting it.

Of course, we actually see very little of anything in the video, except for the ghostly image, which could be easily faked. We also hear the audio track. But again, that could easily be faked.

The biggest problem, however, is that it's apparently impossible for anyone to identify exactly which Wingate Hotel in Illinois this occurred at. The poster of the video explains that, "Due to legal matters, I am not allowed to say any more information regarding the exact location of this hotel. Please stop asking. Thank you!"

Following the rule that information is only as good as its source, this video has no identifiable source at all. So that suggests...

However, by googling "Room 209 Wingate Hotel" I found this recent negative review posted by someone who stayed in Room 209:

Carpet in room (209) was wet, foot stool was left on top of the cair, empty shampoo bottle from previous guest was still in the shower, a Coors Lite beer from the previous guest was found in the fridge.

It was Room 209 in a Wingate in Saskatchewan. But maybe the ghost is on the move!

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Posted on Sat Oct 26, 2013


This looks like it's supposed to be viral marketing for some awful, low-budget horror movie.
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Mon Oct 28, 2013  at  06:38 AM
The security guard has his flashlight out and on before he enters the does he know the room lighting doesn't work ????
Posted by Rob  on  Fri Feb 07, 2014  at  08:36 AM
Whether the video is faked is irrelevant in your argument because you clearly demonstrate your lack of common sense. "I did a google search and the very first thing that popped up must be the one I'm looking for." You state yourself that it's hard to pin down which Wingate this actually is yet one google search is enough to convince you that you've found it? I pity anyone has to put up with you.
Posted by That guy  on  Fri Feb 07, 2014  at  07:32 PM
That guy -- I think you misunderstood what I wrote.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Sat Feb 08, 2014  at  05:38 PM
Well, good video, yes suspicious if its faked. But to answer the security guards actions, I used to do security in Las Vegas Casino (hotel suicide central).
1) When your one of the only guards on duty with no back up, cause I am assuming they don't need many, fairly quite hotel, you will investigate rooms by yourself.
2) Using the flashlight, he had the flashlight on before he entered the room, because if some one is in there sleeping (hotels do mix up and assign/double book) you don't want to wake them by turning on a light.
3) He did try(and you see him touch the wall) the switch on the wall by the door next to the bathroom. BUT (BIG BUT) alot of hotels only have lamps and no over head lamps and as we later heard the room was turned upside down, so really how are the lamps going to work if they are maybe broken or unplugged.
4) Shower is on, REALLY he needs to turn the light on in there to tell the shower is running? Shine flashlight in bathroom no need to walk in the before you check the rest of the room, maybe later go in there but why check the bathroom first?
5) Why is there a camera and sound coming from the room? Well with upgraded tech, we now have cameras (in most hotels) above the room entrance to help identify people coming out of the room for what ever reason. Sound in the hallway is a new thing and also helps to protect employees and guest by recording sounds in the hallway again for what ever reason needed, like crime, noise complaints, whatever needed!
Other than that I have nothing else to say on the video, pretty creepy with the screams in the Hallway. But this is mostly to help with why the guard did what he did and why he may have done it. I myself (being female) was more gong ho with bigger balls than most guys I worked with, I wound't care if a male was but naked I would still do what I had to do, I have seen a lot of stuff I was more ready to do. We do what is needed at the time to get things done.
Posted by Melissa Mullins  on  Wed Feb 19, 2014  at  08:52 AM
Just a thought, the security guard would of had his flash light on before angering the room as most hotel room electric runs off the key card, not sure if I believe this to be real or not but it gave me gooseys
Posted by Natalie  on  Sun Mar 09, 2014  at  03:12 AM
Entering* bloody autocorrect
Posted by Natalie  on  Sun Mar 09, 2014  at  03:15 AM
I don't understand why we can here the operator, we can hear a little of this "amy" Presumed receptionist? And we can even hear the screaming (which does sound very fake). But not once do we hear John talking? surely whatever mic is picking up the screaming should pick up Johns voice too?
Posted by Tom Moore  on  Tue Apr 15, 2014  at  08:21 AM
Aside from never hearing 'John', yet hearing the 'screams'; aside from the very poorly done CGI of the 'ghost' coming out of the room; aside from the whole "why does John have his flashlight on before he enters the room?" thing - the main reason this is fake as hell to me? Why on earth does this hotel have a security camera pointed directly at the door to this ONE specific room??? Hotels don't do that. They generally have one maybe two cameras in a hallway, pointed down the hallway, to see anyone IN that hallway. They don't have security cameras set up to record one specific guest room door.
Posted by Curt  on  Thu Jun 25, 2015  at  10:04 PM
Also... The room is 209. In the original poltergeist movie, the hotel room they check into at the end is room 209... I find that too much of a coincidence.
Posted by Clayton  on  Mon Jul 13, 2015  at  10:09 AM
No, That Guy read exactly what you wrote. When all that you can state up front is that it can easily be faked, that means that you go through every thing with the assumption that every thing is faked. Devil's advocate is one thing, being a butt is totally another.
Posted by 1958Debs  on  Sun Aug 02, 2015  at  10:00 AM
Couldnt be that hotel. In other comments a guest states they have been staying there since it opened 5 years ago. That was in 2013...If the video was taken n 2003... Thats pretty good getting it 5 years before it opens 😊
Posted by Laura Fine  on  Wed Aug 05, 2015  at  04:11 AM
I install surveillance cameras for a living. By law, hotels and other establishments are not allowed to record sound. Just video. So the sound we are hearing in coming from the walkie talkie station in either the security room or reception desk (I was a mall security guard back in the day). Cameras are strategically placed in hallways and lobbies for security of guests and staff. So that clears up that.

I agree with the hotel worker on this forum about not turning on the light, as to not wake the guest. Makes sense. Yes, the ghost and the screams can be faked. Anything can be faked. Amityville was for decades. But I have to admit, those screams sound blood curdling and not human. Just my thought.
Posted by Mr. Murphy  on  Fri Aug 14, 2015  at  10:55 PM
Also, if the screams were purportedly coming from that room, wouldn't you think there would be more people in the hallway,coming out their rooms to see what on earth was going on?!
Nah,I think it's fake...
Posted by Lisa G  on  Sat Aug 15, 2015  at  04:39 PM
I really dunno if its true, or not. And still dont understand if John turned the flashlight or not. But how can u scream like that while ur speepin'!? Maybe there exist ppl that do it, first time i said: "Omg. Wut if it is true!?" By reading these comments, i said "Its fake!" But if its real... then why that room? Why not another one? Why was there a ghost?
•Well maybe there died someone.
• Maybe, there came a man, that doesnt respect God.
• Maybe someone did there something.
Boooh! Now im really scared.
I still want to understand, much better! I dont watch that anymore!
If u wanna tell me, im Arctic Victory on facebook. Thx! 😊)
Posted by Birsan Julia  on  Tue Sep 01, 2015  at  06:11 AM
I would just like to point out a few things. First, if I was a guest in a hotel and heard screams like that coming from a room, I would STAY IN MY ROOM and LOCK the door cause god knows what is going on to the person in there! A lot of people aren't heroes and would hide and call the police. Second, its a small time hotel by the sound of it. Maybe there's not that many guests. The screams and audio seem to be coming from a walkie to me, so most likely the securities walkies. Lastly, you do scream like that in your sleep. Or you can. They're called night terrors. It's a legit psychological thing look it up (Yes I am a psychology major I am not making this up)
Posted by Megan Harris  on  Sun Sep 13, 2015  at  12:29 PM
All I can say......

If you think this stuff is faked.....

Go on an overnight paranormal investigation.....

You will become an immediate believer and your entire outlook of that video will change.......

I'm a believer..... Paranormal investigators
Posted by I'm a believer  on  Mon Sep 21, 2015  at  09:51 AM
well,as for me,if its fake,its a good one as it is really fucking scary.
Posted by meldrei v.  on  Tue Sep 22, 2015  at  02:14 PM
Its obviously fake, as the carpet can be ripped by anyone, the shower can be turned on by anyone, anyone can tamper with the lighting, and anyone can scream like that. Probably just a prankster or just plain out fake
Posted by agusto  on  Tue Sep 22, 2015  at  10:02 PM
So let's fucking assume all ghosts and shit is fake for a minute. But how do you explain;

1.Balls of this energy in the specturm we don't see with our eyes.
2.why the fuck isant everyone a ghost?
3.What is this energy!!? Something we haven't discovered yet!
Posted by Truth  on  Wed Sep 23, 2015  at  05:30 AM
I wanna party with ThatGuy!
Posted by Davey  on  Thu Sep 24, 2015  at  09:04 PM
"Go on an overnight paranormal investigation.....

You will become an immediate believer and your entire outlook of that video will change......."

Yes. If you spend the night in a supposedly haunted place with a bunch of other people that already believe, or want to believe, being hyper aware of every little noise and visual noise in your peripheral vision, the odds are good you will become a believer.

What you will have * experienced* are the sounds of settling timber as it cools, the nocturnal wildlife, drafts, regular visual glitches and noise in your peripheral sight you'd normally ignore automatically, but now try to explain, and, quite possibly, falling asleep for five minutes, dream and wake up again. Given the preoccupation of the mind, it won't be hard to guess what you'll dream about.
Posted by Washell  on  Sat Sep 26, 2015  at  05:49 AM
Wow, none of you have any good evidence to how this can be a hoax, because it isn't. Also shut up about the god damn CGI already. You skeptics always jump to the conclusion of "Oh my god, it's really crappy CGI." I've delt with paranormal cap my entire life, My family believed in witchcraft, and I'm learning the arts of black magic myself. Science exist, but so does the supernatural. Trust me, I've seen alot to know.
Posted by Eli Moore  on  Wed Nov 25, 2015  at  12:22 AM
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Posted by RonaldMt  on  Mon Nov 30, 2015  at  11:22 AM
Posted by ECTOGEOS  on  Wed Jan 20, 2016  at  07:04 PM
Im a paranormal investigator and I say this is fake. Faker than fake. Lol
Posted by Rae  on  Sat Feb 13, 2016  at  01:23 PM
Ask yourself; without the sound and blurry "ghost" image, what did I really see?
Posted by A Rains  on  Sun Feb 21, 2016  at  01:37 AM
has anybody stayed in any rooms regarding whichever hotel this is happening at ?!? if not, then shut up !! and let me see proof !!!
Posted by michelle  on  Wed Mar 09, 2016  at  01:42 PM
All you dumb fools who think this is fake, are f'n idiots. I'm from and live in Canada, Niagara, Fort Erie Region. Let me tell you something. I was f'n pushed down, while walking along the north side of Niagara. Not to far from Stanley Rd. Late last summer night. I can't recall the exact time, but it was after dark. I was by myself, on my way home as usual after work and I worked late, and some energy literally pushed me towards the railing, as if it wanted me push me off. I was sober, and nor do I, or have I ever used narcotics. When it happened, I looked back thinking someone was being stupid and at the same time I said, "yo wtf" I absolutely seen No one. I instantly freaked out, and ran towards the other side of the street. As I was running, I looked back. It seemed like a blurry fuzzy image of some s#$% was pacing me, but like 50 feet away. I sped up, cutting across neighbors backyards, fearing whatever it is will follow me home. I pulled out my cell phone, f'n heart going like God knows how fast, told my mate what just happened. And guess what? I was informed by him I'm not the first person that has happened too. He didn't think anything of it to tell me. Weeks before, a women had the same incident happen to her, except her hand bag went flying over the rail. This is what he read in the Niagara daily news. I don't read or watch t.v. This woman contacted the authorities and explained the incident. Of course, who would believe it, because it wasn't them it happened too. I tried to find this woman for further questions with no avail. Up to now, I take the long way home. So before you anyone even tries to talk smack, think again. There are always idiots out there who don't believe, or try to money off real things calling it fake. In Africa, no one believe in Ebola. They thought it was a government conspiracy to make money. Now they believe it after how many deaths. I know it's completely different that what happened to me. But its the best example I can have, because what happened to me, never happened to you. And I hope it never will. I've been in fear ever since. F'n sleep with lights on, candles and crucifix. You think it's joke, think again.
Posted by Conspicuous consumption  on  Tue Mar 15, 2016  at  02:14 AM
Well i say the same as my man already, why would you have a camera outside the room you just happen to have a paranormal situation happen. I so do believe in the afterlife and i know ghosts and such exists. Be careful out there guys n girls.
Posted by Steve  on  Tue May 10, 2016  at  02:33 PM
Great entertainment tho!
Posted by Steve  on  Tue May 10, 2016  at  02:35 PM
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Posted by Security Services  on  Mon May 30, 2016  at  06:10 AM
you can't rule it a hoax unless you have some evidence to offer that it was... no one, at least no one level headed, is going to take your word for it just because.
Was it a hoax... don't know... but that is as much as you know. If you had evidence or something to offer, that would be different, but to come online and proclaim it is 'just 'cuz...' is well, what-the-fuck-ever; thanks for your opinion though.
Posted by Mike  on  Sun Aug 21, 2016  at  09:51 PM
I was told it's a Japanese trailer for a movie or game.
Posted by Jason  on  Thu Oct 13, 2016  at  10:29 PM
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