The Knoxville Carjacking Party

According to internet rumor, Britney Spears is planning to star in a movie titled The Knoxville Carjacking Party, based on the brutal 2007 murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. Spears would play Channon Christian.

The story is a hoax. More specifically, it's a case of satire mistaken as news, having apparently originated as a faux news report from "celebrity snitch, Clarence Star" on the site Ghetto Bragging Rights.

Wayne Bledsoe, a columnist for, notes that the spread of the false rumor offers a case study in how misinformation is propagated by the online media. Numerous celebrity gossip sites, such as, reported the false rumor as fact, without making any effort to verify it. Bledsoe writes:

By Wednesday morning, a Google search found more than 10,000 hits for "Knoxville Carjacking Party" and the rumor had been translated into Spanish and French. Not only that, but Web "reporters" often edited out the more ludicrous parts of the story, helping to make it sound more credible. Readers not familiar with the Knoxville murders simply assumed it was a new slasher film.
Some Web browsers left comments on the sites saying that the report sounded like a hoax, but others were quick to defend it. A reader at insisted: "It's not fake. I don't think so. It's all over the international scene."
The amazing thing is that out of the 10,000-plus mentions of the fictitious movie, no one had apparently contacted Spears' management or record company to check if it was real.

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Posted on Tue Aug 05, 2008


They say Brit couldn't handle the pressure but the movie's underway.
Posted by sign of the time  on  Thu Aug 07, 2008  at  06:38 AM
To even joke about making a movie like this is outrageous!! Five blacks raped, tortured, dismember, and murder a young White couple out on a date. The fucking idiot that came up with the 'Knoxville Carjacking Party' movie hoax should have the hell beaten out of them!! You know, this double-murder wasn't even covered by CNN, FOX, or MSNBC? But they had a field day over the fake Duke rape case. This anti-White racism that goes unnoticed had better fucking STOP, before we Whites say ENOUGH! No more Mr. Nice Guy and start taking matters into our own hands!!
Posted by Michael  on  Sun Jan 18, 2009  at  10:29 AM
Thank you Michael! Finally someone agrees with me. This case needs to be recognized nationwide. I'm so sick of jesse jackson playing the race card! This was a very brutal crime...this isn't something that happens everyday here in Knoxville. If 5 white people did the same things to a young black would be EVERYWHERE. I hope each one of these guys gets raped and beaten every day that they are imprisoned.
Posted by ashley  on  Sat Jun 27, 2009  at  12:38 AM
this case haunts my nights since the day i heard about this fuckin faggots combat 88 wp 🧛
Posted by jerome  on  Fri Jul 30, 2010  at  10:21 AM
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