The “Fake Dominatrix” Scam

A 35-year-old Austrian woman advertised herself as a dominatrix, promising strict discipline to clients willing to pay. It took the men who responded to her ad a week to realize that instead of getting sexy punishment, they were being made to do work around her farm (chopping wood, mowing the lawn) while dressed in black fetish gear. They were paying for the privilege of doing farm labor. [spiegel]

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Posted on Wed Sep 18, 2013


It is my understanding that there is a marked disparity between the number of dominants and the number of submissives, with female dominants being rare. Thus, many submissives are willing, nay eager, to pay for a 'professional' dominatrix who will have many 'clients'.

In other words, they were desperate, and thus willing to overlook a little farm work in exchange for being told they were naughty. For a while.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Wed Sep 18, 2013  at  09:36 PM
Reminds me of that time after Arnold got married and left Milwaukee for Southern California he duped that Daniel Laruso kid from NJ into painting a fence, repairing a fence, sanding a wooden porch, and various other household tasks under the guise of teaching the kid, karate. 😉

Posted by Perplexio  on  Thu Oct 03, 2013  at  11:33 AM
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