The Coke Bag Hoax

Recently a video began circulating that appeared (despite suspiciously poor production values) to be an advertisement by Coca-Cola announcing a new "Coca-Cola-Bag." The idea was to do away with selling Coke in bottles and switch to biodegradable plastic bags made "in the unique Coca-Cola bottle shape."

The video claimed the idea came from Central America where many consumers supposedly already buy Coke in plastic bags in order to avoid paying the bottle deposit.

Gizmodo, Digital Journal, and WKMG Orlando were among those who posted about the video.

But now says it has received confirmation from the Coca-Cola Co. that the Coke Bag is a hoax — though not one Coca-Cola was responsible for. The company says it has no idea who created the video.

Given the references to Central America, and the idea of Coke bags, I'm guessing the video may be an elaborate drug-themed joke.

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Posted on Tue Jul 10, 2012


I'm pretty sure that street venders in Central America selling coke in plastic bags is a real thing. I've heard about it before.

It's tough to search for now that the hoax has hit the blogosphere, but I was able to find one travel account that mentions it :

It almost seems logical that Coca-Cola would start selling branded bags.
Posted by Andy L  on  Tue Jul 10, 2012  at  07:37 PM
I hope I'm not the only one who is disappointed to find that this is a hoax. I really like the idea.
Posted by Tru  on  Wed Jul 11, 2012  at  06:52 AM
Where I live the schools serve milk and juice in bags like that, its quite common.
Posted by Raven P.  on  Fri Jul 27, 2012  at  11:45 AM
I live in Costa Rica, and I can confirm that the practice of selling coca cola in plastic bags is 100% real. It's not oly real but very common, specially with what we call the "Pitufa" bottles (smurf bottle) with are the small 8 oz bottles. Kids will go to the pulperia (a very small convenience-type store), bring the bottle to the counter and the clerk will open it, keep the bottle and pour the drink in a bag, add a straw and give it to the customer. This is done as well with the bigger versions of coca cola. It's just a way of avoiding having to return the bottle. And no, no special bags are used, just regular plastic baggies, like the ones you use for sandwiches (minus the zip lock)
Posted by TehOvermind  on  Wed Jan 09, 2013  at  06:41 AM
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