The Black Spider Club

The Black Spider Club bills itself as "the worlds most exclusive club".

"We are not listed on any search engine, and we do not publicise ourselves, for you to have found this site means you were referred by one of our illustrious members."

I haven't been able to find any info about what this 'club' actually is. It indeed doesn't appear in any search engines. So maybe it's really a club, or maybe it's an alternative reality game. I don't know. But if it is a club, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't accept me as a member. (thanks to Steve Combe for the link)


Posted on Tue May 10, 2005


Meh.. given that the URL is 'Dabizkit', I'm inclined to think it's probably some sort of viral ad for something silly.
Posted by Bobcat  on  Tue May 10, 2005  at  08:41 PM
Sounds almost like an allusion to Isaac Asimov's Black Widowers club.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Tue May 10, 2005  at  09:40 PM
And I'd bet that now it has garnered the attention of MOH... it'll show up on search engines now!!!

Posted by Mark-N-Isa  on  Tue May 10, 2005  at  11:06 PM
I did a quick WhoIs check on the domain name.

The address given there does not exist. The postcode is not valid according to the Royal Mail, and a search for the address "Bizkit Lane" finds nothing.

But maybe thats all part of the secret.......
Posted by Andrew Nixon  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  01:10 AM
Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Updated Date: 26-apr-2005
Creation Date: 22-apr-2005
Expiration Date: 22-apr-2006
Posted by ed  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  04:07 AM
"Sounds almost like an allusion to Isaac Asimov's Black Widowers club."
That was a real club Asimov belonged to (if you believe what you read) called The Trapdoor Spiders. He based the Black Widowers on the real one.

No clue about this Black Spider Club, though.
Posted by Nigel  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  05:51 AM
It's fake......If they were so private, why would they say who they are.....Looks to me like someone is wanting to meet celeberties.
Posted by X  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  07:41 AM
Umm...Bizkit? Like Limp Bizkit? Isn't that how they spelled that?

I remember going to this club in Jax once, and this loud band is playing...and I'm telling my friend Mike this has to be the worst band I've EVER heard....a couple of months later I heard that band on the radio...Limp Bizkit had their first single.

Anywho...Maybe they're releasing a new CD or something.
Posted by Maegan  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  09:49 AM
God almighty.
Another CD of Limp Bizkit.
(Brief OT, I once saw a kid wearing a hoody that said 'Limp Bizkit are better than you'. I ended up leaning against a wall wheezing with laughter. Ahhh, happy days.)

But yes, the fact that they're called 'Dabizkit' could well be a hint.
Posted by Boo  on  Wed May 11, 2005  at  10:01 AM
this site is real!!!! theres been a little bit of talk about it recently in London,its nothing special I heard its just a place where "famous" people use a chat room and get told where all the VIP parties are etc

i doubt any BIG name celebs use the site,and when I emailed them they seemed pretty real.I think they use "thebiskit" as a kind of cover name
Posted by Danny Chalker  on  Mon May 16, 2005  at  06:28 AM
I tried to link to the Black Spider Club today and a message appears indicating that the address for their website has changed. It instructs the user to check their welcome package for the new address.

If they are giving out secret welcome packages with the new address, how is anybody going to the old defunct one, besides people like us, anyway?
Posted by Rob Hansen  on  Wed Jul 13, 2005  at  05:09 PM
Just for info purposes that graphic on this is i believe a molecule of Exstacy.

At least i think it is...its of that "family" anyways..
Posted by Tom Drake  on  Fri Dec 23, 2005  at  09:51 PM
I put it in quotes and I Googled it and this is what I found:
Apparently their thing about not being on any search engine is baloney.
Posted by Someone  on  Thu May 04, 2006  at  04:13 PM
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