The Barton Mansion

In September of 2001 four people entered the Barton Mansion, which is billed as being one of the most haunted houses in California (it's in Redlands, east of LA). What happened to them is described in great detail on the Barton Mansion website that they created a couple of years later. Included is a videoclip of their supposed encounter with a ghost (the clip looks staged to me). I'm not sure what the purpose behind the creation of the site was. They do sell a Barton Mansion dvd, but they're only asking $9 for it, so they can't make a huge amount of money from it. Maybe they're just big fans of the supernatural, or they're amateur storytellers hoping to create a Blair-Witch style mystery.


Posted on Wed Aug 03, 2005


To the people who claim to have photographs of things they've seen in the mansion, please upload your photos to ImageShack and paste a link to it. Let's see just how real it is. If you don't, it will be assumed you are a liar.
Posted by StarSplitter  on  Sun Sep 13, 2009  at  06:58 AM
Hey, I have to admit... it's arguable at best. However, what IS true (as far as I'm concerned) is that it's one of VERY FEW videos online that caused me to back the video up. In this case I did it five times! So, regardless... harmless scare. With regards to the DVD issue, how many do you think they've sold, forcryin'outloud?! The damn video is all over the internet for free! They SHOULD have done t-shirts!
Posted by Baldylocks  on  Fri Oct 23, 2009  at  12:11 PM
I have lived here in Loma Linda for over 40 years close and have been to the Barton house many times in the 40 years....there ues to be a gentleman the ran horseback riding stables there in the 60-70's my friends and I would go there...I go there now once in a while because my daughter works in a realestate office on the third floor...she many times is there by herself late at night...and NOTHING has ever happened and she has NEVER heard anything...There are several different kinds of offices in side now...I have ment a talked with the Project Manager and City Inspector when it was being remodled. They NEVER hear and NEVER saw anything in side or outside and they were there late at night many days...When it was built it was build by a man that was a Christian...with love in his heart for his family and friends...There were many children raised in that home with lots of love and laughter..So if any thing was in there it would be children laughing and running up and down the is am amasing home inside!! so beautiful they did a great job redmodeling it....Much of the origional wood work is still there...the only thing you notice when you first go in is the old musty smell that many of the old homes have...which has to do with the wood....
November 27, 2009
Posted by Lynn  on  Fri Nov 27, 2009  at  09:21 PM
What I can't figure out is that if this place is so haunted, why is there no actually history on the place? I can't find any records, only videos, photo shopped pictures, and personal stories.
Posted by Fox  on  Sun Feb 07, 2010  at  11:15 AM
I went to that house 20 plus years ago with about 10 other people. We broke in through the back porch. We were probably not the first to do this, but the house was vacant and VERY boarded up. We went into the living room and saw a blue light emminating from an unknown source. We then went into the basement, saw nothing, and on our way up we heard steps behind us. Thinking it was a homeless person, we didn't rush from the house. Instead, we waited for the 'person' to catch up with us. Well, it wasn't a person at all. It was more of a force or spirit of some sort. There was nothing there, just a differently pressured air, denser than the air around us. It did not touch us. THEN: outside as we were leaving, this man who everyone describes, attacked the car that I was in. We pulled out as quickly as we could and never went back. Two or three of the people who were with us were in a catatonic state for several days after. As they say: believe it or not.
Posted by Nation  on  Sun Mar 28, 2010  at  04:12 PM
maybe, the "ghost" was another guy exploring the mansion with a flashlight.
Posted by Prospero  on  Tue May 18, 2010  at  04:50 AM
😏 Hello i am in aggeement with a lot of you that it must be a set up.. think about it why take the video of the ceiling and as someone mentioned something that looks like a ball on the floor and then the vid cam pans round to the door where this so called apparition appears, well if that was me and it was really real i would probably drop the vid cam in the process etc that is what i think it is all a funny prank on some freinds also why were there no gasps or noises from the lads that did the video i would sure make some kind of noise if it was really real.
soz it has failed to make me believe in the ghost theory......... :exclaim:
Posted by polly  on  Wed Jun 22, 2011  at  03:25 AM
Well, my brother is actually really close friends with the man who filmed this. I have met him and he told me the story about it. He said to him and his friends it also didnt look very real and they were even hesitant to put it online because of that reason but everyone one that they showed that video to told him to just put it online. It became a big hit because people liked the video and i have even had people ask me were the barton mansion is because they wanted to go there because of the video. You all may believe its fake, but others like to believe its real. I dont blame you for thinking its fake, but hey, im convinced, plus i live right down the street from there and ive heard plenty of other stories and videos from that place.
Posted by Alexis  on  Thu Aug 09, 2012  at  02:07 PM
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