The Barrel Monster

Proof that the art of the student prank hasn't quite died. N.C. State University student Joseph Carnevale has been arrested and is facing misdemeanor charges for damage to property after creating a "barrel monster" that menacingly pointed its finger at motorists on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. The creation of the monster is documented at

I couldn’t get it out of my head. Its that itch, that need to make real an idea that has rolled around in one’s head for days, snowballed itself into a temporary obsession that just has to be satisfied.


Posted on Fri Jun 12, 2009


Interesting artwork. I'm less thrilled about him stealing safety barrels from where they had been places and then chopping them up, though.
Posted by Accipiter  on  Fri Jun 12, 2009  at  06:18 PM
I like it! In fact, I'd pay more attention to the fact that roadwork was going on....however, as stated above, he had to use barrels that had been placed elsewhere leaving those areas without warning barrels.

Still gotta admit I love the sculpture though!
Posted by hulitoons  on  Fri Jun 12, 2009  at  08:42 PM
Heh.. That *is* signifigantly awesome. I hope they said 'Ok, here's your fine, and since you've paid the replacement price of the barrels... you can keep the thing.'

It's just too freakin' nifty.
Posted by Robin Bobcat  on  Sat Jun 13, 2009  at  12:16 AM
I can't in good conscience condone his appropriation of safety equipment, but damn, that's a fine piece of art.

Joseph Carnevale should see if he can carve himself out an art career, making things like this and getting them exhibited in galleries. I've seen worse.
Posted by Cranky Media Guy  on  Sat Jun 13, 2009  at  03:22 AM
Once the student pays his fines, the DOT should have him make more. I mean, I imagine that people would actually slow down when they see that thing that just a little barrel.

I don't know about anyone else, but it is tempting to take those barrels and make other things out of them. Personally, I think they'd make nice deck chairs. Luckily for PennDOT, I don't own a pickup truck or they'd be missing a few barrels. 😉
Posted by RainOubliette  on  Sat Jun 13, 2009  at  09:11 AM
LOL. The fact that someone took the time to actually do this is very funny. I wonder if he will end up serving time? Hopefully, he will get community service at worst and can put all the creative energy to good use.
Posted by Shayne  on  Sun Jun 14, 2009  at  09:47 PM
Me likey. Makes me want to create a street-lamp Gojira. rrrrrrrrr
Posted by Hairy Houdini  on  Mon Jun 15, 2009  at  03:52 PM
Quite late, but better than never, I guess: the Christian Science Monitor has a follow-up article to the story:
"'Barrel monster': Is it a crime, or is it art?:
Even the owner of the purloined orange traffic barrels urges the D.A. not to prosecute."

From the story:
"The president of Hamlett Associates, owner of the barrels, has urged the city not to prosecute. The cost of the barrels
Posted by Donna F.  on  Fri Jun 26, 2009  at  12:12 PM
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