The Angel in the Shopping Mall

Over at, Ben Radford analyzes a video that supposedly shows an angel falling to the floor of an Indonesian shopping mall. The video is said to have been taken on Sep 11, 2011.

Radford concludes that whoever created the video (and he's sure it's a fake) got the lighting all wrong when they inserted the animated angel.

Light sources near the top of the frame are clearly reflected in the polished, semi-glossy floor (which appears to be painted and sealed concrete), though when the brightly luminous figure falls to the floor, its light does not appear in the foreground on the right of the scene, where its reflected light should be.

He also quotes Derek Serra, a Hollywood visual effects artist, who notes: "look at the light hitting the building behind it: given its movement, we would see high contrast shadows from the window frame and tree move across the inside of the building as the light moves around, but those shadows are conspicuously absent."

Of course, true believers might respond that angelic light doesn't behave the same way that normal light does.

Regardless, the only real mystery remaining here is who created the video, and why.

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Posted on Fri May 18, 2012


Reminds me of an episode on the Simpsons about an angel skeleton found at a shopping mall -
In the show it turns out to be an elaborate publicity stunt for the mall.
Posted by KAE  on  Mon May 21, 2012  at  03:18 AM
This was made by some ad/marketing agency in Indo to promote some bodyspray product (that bodyspray which use hot and sexy angel in their ads). It was meant to be a viral video but it failed.
Posted by Farr  on  Tue May 29, 2012  at  11:59 PM
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