Telekinetic Coffee Prank

The video of the "Telekinetic Coffee Shop Prank" has gotten over 30 millions views on YouTube in 4 days. So it's definitely served its purpose, which is to promote the upcoming release of the Carrie remake.

A lot of people have questioned whether the customers in the coffee shop were real or actors. But according to Andrea Morales, the actress who played the telekinetic coffee woman, the customers definitely were real. She says in an interview with the NY Daily News, "We got some awesome reactions. Some people got really into it. A constructor worker actually came toward me to calm me down, saying everything was going to be okay." 

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Posted on Fri Oct 11, 2013


How come nobody ever tries promotions like that on me,[removed]void(0); when I get dragged out to a coffeeshop in Chicago? Instead I simply get handed fliers.[removed]void(0);
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Sat Oct 12, 2013  at  10:05 AM
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