Tattoos for Kids

Here's the latest hoax website making the rounds: Baby Ink, a tattoo parlor for kids. The site claims that any kid over the age of six months is allowed to get a tattoo as long as their parent signs a consent form. But I don't believe that's right. That would be a bit like saying kids are allowed to smoke or drink alcohol as long as their parents consent to it. No, I think you have to be 18 or over to get a tattoo (or is it 16 and over?). The site lists a San Diego location that's quite near to where I live. I think I'll drive by and see what's actually there.

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Posted on Wed Jul 09, 2003


I think people should make this decision alone is not earlier than 18 years
Posted by olvus  on  Mon Aug 23, 2010  at  01:44 AM
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