Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Skeptic

If there's one thing I've learned from running a website it's that you can't please everyone. And apparently my selection of the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest as the #1 April Fool's Day Hoax of All Time hasn't pleased Mike Jones, staff writer for the Gaylord Herald Times. I recently stumbled upon this comment he made in his column:

All-time hoax, not!

One thing we like here at the old “5 Nuggets of Knowledge” is “best of and top 10” lists. We recently came across “The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time.”

Again, you be the judge. The list was supposedly compiled based on “notoriety, creativity and number of people duped,” and this apparently is the best they could come up with.

Drum roll please: No. 1: The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest — This hoax occurred in the more simple, gentle and gullible time of the 1950s in Great Britain. Apparently a BBC news program announced a mild winter had eliminated the dreaded spaghetti weevil and Swiss farmers had harvested a bumper crop of spaghetti. News footage showed Swiss peasants harvesting strands of spaghetti down from trees and large numbers of viewers were taken in by the hoax.

I'll admit that a lot of the April Fool's Day hoaxes on that list are somewhat arbitrarily placed. After all, it's impossible to be objective about something like that. But come on! How can he question the selection of the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest as #1? That's like April Fool's Day sacrilege! It's obviously #1, if for no other reason than it's, hands down, the most famous April 1st hoax ever.

If Mike ever reads this, I'd be curious to know what he thinks should be the top pick.

April Fools Day

Posted on Fri Apr 17, 2009


Gaylord? Mike Jones lives in a place called Gaylord!

He's probably just too dumb to accept an April Fools hoax can be funny if it happened outside the US.
Posted by Croydon Bob  on  Fri Apr 17, 2009  at  06:32 AM
"This hoax occurred in the more simple, gentle and gullible time of the 1950s in Great Britain."

And 20yrs later we did it Australia!

(that means it's a great hoax right?, not that Australia is 20yrs behind the rest of the world...)
Posted by Joel B1  on  Sat Apr 18, 2009  at  02:06 AM
If you're a journalist for 'Gaylord Heral Times' you shouldn't bo so quick to criticise anything beyond your own career.
Posted by Renquist  on  Sat Apr 18, 2009  at  10:49 AM
Those who cannot do... teach. Those who cannot teach... become critics.
Posted by Socrates  on  Sat Apr 18, 2009  at  05:24 PM
Well, I'll nominate a hoax for Number 1 slot - The election of Barcak Obama as US President.

About as likely as a well-respected prostitute, or a highly-paid scientist. . .
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Tue Apr 21, 2009  at  05:43 PM
I know it's a hoax but I still want a spaghetti bush! Remember that horrible song "On Top Of Spaghetti"? Maybe that particular noodle had a different meaning to the beat generation.

BTW - I think "D F Stuckey" should get a clue about staying on topic.
Posted by CapnRob  on  Mon Apr 27, 2009  at  12:32 PM
"CapnRob", We were talking about physical impossibilities presented as facts in this topic - The idea of past growing on a plant is as equally impossible as an African-American president of the US, at least in the yes of the rest of the world. Subject is related and on topic - Objection is therefore pointless.

And not all of us hide behind false names to allow us to ridicule others, so please remove the quotation marks next time.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Mon Apr 27, 2009  at  02:51 PM
Dear Mrs. Stucky,

This thread is about fictitious bushes and the dreaded spaghetti weevil. I didn't see anything about US politics or our elected President (who happens to be black). Do us all a favor and take your anti-American racism somewhere else. I'm also trying to figure out what you have against prostitutes and scientist.
Posted by CapnRob  on  Mon Apr 27, 2009  at  03:43 PM
"CapnRob", let's go through this in reverse order.

I chose the two examples as oxymoronic descriptions based on popularr perceptions; The first I cannot comment on directly, but as someone who is constantly accused of being emotionally stunted, plotting to kill everyone, going to kill everyone through incompetence, and torturing animals and children I am as qualified to make a statement about scientists as a Jewish person is to talk about anti-semitism. And I can tell you, where I live, I could make more money as a cleaner than I could in my chosen profession ( Which I have stated on several occasions and proved on most ).

If there is anyone I have any animosity towards, it is those who are willfully ignorant and arrogant about their fundamental righteousness in everything they say, do and think; the fact is, this is the perceived impression of the citizens of your country, no matter what their ethnicity. since so many of your compatriots are exactly the opposite, many of us outside your country are suspicious that you have elected Obama.

And your own inability to spell my name correctly after reading it in front of you, and assuming that someone who disagrees with you *must* be of the opposite gender ( I am guessing you are a male, based on that action, your pseudonym and general attitude and admit I might be wrong ) does little if anything to correct that impression.
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Mon Apr 27, 2009  at  04:01 PM
DFS, in fairness I wasn't quite sure how to interpret your first comment but let it fly. Now that you've made it clear, let me assure you that a year ago I was sure that McCain would win because too many voters would focus on race. I was as pleasantly surprised as you were (or at least surprised, depending on your POV).
Posted by Mark  on  Tue Apr 28, 2009  at  10:29 AM
Many, many years ago on the Jack Parr Show (the predecessor ((spelling?)) to the Tonight Show), Mr. Parr would show home movies of his trips to various countries around the world. One of these films consisted of the "annual spaghetti harvest" in Italy. The footage showed an orchard! of trees covered with very long, much longer than supermarket length, strands of spaghetti swaying majestically in the breeze as the happy locals scurried up and down ladders harvesting their crop in their old world way. After a brief description of what was on screen Parr, back in the studio, said that, of course, the idea that spaghetti would grow on trees was ridiculous.
Cut to an image of the mouth of a cave. Voice over: "Of course spaghetti dosen't grow on trees. Everybody knows that it comes from spaghetti mines". Image on screen: HUGE explosion from mouth of cave with TONS of spaghetti flying everywhere!
It was one of those glorious sight gags that stay with you forever. And kudos to the crew that had to set it up as well! There was a Lot of spaghetti involved!!
Posted by Ted S.  on  Thu Apr 30, 2009  at  06:03 AM
I can't say that the spaghetti harvest was the greatest hoax of all time. But it got me. Of course I was six when I saw it replayed years later in the US.
Posted by Ronsonic  on  Mon May 04, 2009  at  03:21 PM
I suspect CapnRob has missed the point somewhat.
Posted by Rich  on  Tue May 05, 2009  at  09:42 PM
Okay. I was going to drop it and move on but I have to defend myself. I thought the story about the spaghetti harvest was funny. What I didn't care for was DFS attempting to turn the comments into conservative political commentary.

With the posting from "Rich in Australia", I'm really baffled. Yes, America voted Obama into office. Ask Fox News. Why is that hard to believe? Why would that be considered anywhere near a hoax? Bush being installed in office by the Supreme Court would be much closer to a hoax and it still wouldn't be appropriate for commentary on spaghetti trees.

DFS and Rich are probably one and the same. Show me one news story, from a real news organization, that shows Obama was falsely elected. I will be happy to apologize for doubting your claim. Until then, go back to loading your shotgun shells and waiting for the end of the world. Remember, the new world order will be putting your post in their file.
Posted by CapnRob  on  Tue May 05, 2009  at  11:28 PM
CapnRob, suppose Tthat Naazi Germnay had continued on for a decade or two more ( If they had struck into England after the May 4 London bombings instead of the disastrous Russian campaign, then halted their advances for a few years, which might do it), ould you have been surprised if when Hitler stood down in 1953 frow ill health, the party then raised to the position of Furher a Jewish woman?

*That* is the reason I called the whole Obama election a possible hoax - Because of the unlikelihood of electing an African-American to the highest office in a country full of ignornat rednecks. And the proof of that last statement is demonstarted by how you managed to read exactly the opposite motivation into my message than it contained - Like reading Mein Kampf and concluding the author supports the Isreali state and has wishy-washy liberal ideas.

And I think Rich should feel insulted that you compared him to a subhuman monstrosity who some liberal Berkelyite like yourself would have cut the prefrontal lobe out of over thrity years ago to prevent overthinking and correct behaviour; And you are telling a perosn from the country that has just planted a vegan lesbian atheist into the position than 3 out of the past 5 UN secretary Generals have started form about the New World Order? As we say here to such intellectual comments ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . . . . Breathe . . . ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

CapnRob; The source of the phrase 'As ignorant as an American' 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Wed May 06, 2009  at  01:51 PM
I was under ther impression that Stuckey was being ironic.
Posted by RIch  on  Sun May 10, 2009  at  04:01 PM
You do not have a clue what you are saying, almost there but to arigant to make it the rest of the way. What you see on TV is a lie, what you think you know about Amaricans, is wrong, as a matter of fact the "American Dream" that leads all kinds of imagrents to America is based on a false image prodcated across the airwaves. Yes there is raceism in America but the bottom line, a good man is a good man black, white, brown, Amarica's youth is breaking away from the sins of our fathers. Obama as Amaricas Leader is proof not a joke that we are improveing our socety, if a country stops progression, stops identifying and fixing its faults it will fall. So maby you should stop reffrenceing events from the 40's (when America was very racist) and get with the 2000's its a real happening time in America, lots of heaviey change going down.
Posted by Jeff  on  Thu May 14, 2009  at  04:35 PM
Jeff, I would ask if the Muslim American and Gay communities in the USA would agree with you how things ahve cahnged, or if Mexicans would agree that going to work in America would not result in a chance to live a better life ( Which is the American Dream you claim no longer exists), or if you actually think Obama can acheive anything against the immovable force of bureaucracy in the system over there.

But from your spelling, I doubt you'd be able to understand what I was saying because you have difficulties with the English langauge. I'll just say Ha Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha breathe Ha Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha Arrogance indeed. 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Thu May 14, 2009  at  11:55 PM
Stuckey, you are a clown.
Posted by Rich  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  02:52 AM
Do you know how to read, I never said "the American dream was dead" I said it was not what foreigners beloved it to be.

I could continue this argument but it is apparent that you are only taking things you heard other people say and stealing their ideas as your own without ever thinking of doing any research for yourself.

Could you please check my grammar? And when you are done, do you a favor and proof read your own post before pointing out other people
Posted by Jeff  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  10:27 AM
I say we just go ahead and vote Mrs. Stuckey of the island.
Posted by CapnRob  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  10:57 AM
Oh dear, now they do it ion a group - So much for individualism.😊

Jeff, making a mockery of peopel who have dyslexia is benaeth you. And yet, you do it. What next - insulting the deaf and blind? I did expect better of you.

CapnRob the errors in you post almost exceed the number of words in it; There is no Mrs. Stuckey, as my mother is dead and I am not permitted to marry ( Leviticus 20:11 as well as PETA say so ), and if by island you refer to my country - well, there are three to choose from. Maybe you *do* need to attack us ( As Jon Stewart said once "War - God's way of teaching Americans geography") and put us in our place so to speak; We do have oil . . . 😊

But the prize for an intelligent and well-reasoned response to all my arguments goes to Rich, the great thinker of the group 😊
Posted by D F Stuckey  on  Fri May 15, 2009  at  03:16 PM
You just got interesting! Your still do not have dyslexia and you really should not get your American news updates from an American comedy show but I liked the way you slipped in "Leviticus 20:11 as well as PETA say so", clever. In an argument that was ending with both sides not too much wiser, a fine conclusion.
Posted by Jeff  on  Sat May 16, 2009  at  05:31 PM
You should all be banned from commenting for those posts...wasting my time to find horrible spelling and grammar and blatant racism from a person who's country discriminates against whats left of its cannibalistic aboriginal people.
Posted by Not The Same Jeff  on  Sun Jun 21, 2009  at  12:34 PM
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