Superendowed Children

Found on Liquito (the only Portuguese weblog I regularly read, even though I don't read Portuguese) [note: I meant portuguese-language blog... Liquito is a Brazilian blog]. Proof that the Egyptian pyramids and the Easter Island statues were constructed by superendowed children: image


Posted on Thu Nov 11, 2004


The automatic translation on that page is superb:)
Posted by paul in prague  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  05:36 AM
Come on... that's a brasilian not portuguese blog..... If you ever want something translated from portuguese, just tell me!!!
Posted by BSantos  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  07:44 AM
So funny! 😊 (im from Brazil)
Posted by Luis  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  09:48 AM
I actually knew it's a Brazilian blog. It was late at night and my writing was getting sloppy. What I meant to say was that it's the only Portuguese-language blog I regularly read.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  10:18 AM
Oh, I was not offended at all if people understood the blog was from Portugal. I hope Portuguese people were not offended either 😊

Thanks for the link, Alex. To top this language and counrty confusion, it's nice to note I found that image in a Japanese blog. Japanese-Japanese, it is. Those seem to be very tiny Japanese people on a school trip. Superendowed, obviously.

Posted by Kentaro Mori  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  11:08 AM
Well, I've got a broke-down Ford they can move.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  11:50 AM
where is the auto translate button?
Posted by John  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  06:53 PM
John - the autotranslate is on the right, just under the links to the archives. The little Union Flag with 'This page in English'. For some reason it doesn't translate every item though.
Posted by paul in prague  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  03:57 AM
Incidentally, I'm rather concerned about the heading this has been given. I just hope none of my colleagues notice me receiving email about 'superendowed children'...!
Posted by paul in prague  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  04:00 AM
Hmm. The other meaning of the heading hadn't occurred to me, but I guess it could be misconstrued. In my defense, I didn't think up the phrase myself. It's how the automatic translation thing translated the portuguese phrase crian̤as superdotadas.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  03:46 PM
thank you, Paul in Prague.
Posted by John  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  06:11 PM
How do I translate this to english?
Posted by Darren  on  Mon Nov 15, 2004  at  07:57 AM
I'm on Eastern time, why is the time on my posting 3 hours earlier?
Posted by Darren  on  Mon Nov 15, 2004  at  07:59 AM
Because the server is in San Diego, CA.
Posted by The Curator  in  San Diego  on  Mon Nov 15, 2004  at  09:37 AM
If you look carfully at the picture you can see that there is a rock behind the children. 😏
Posted by Carmen  on  Wed Jan 05, 2005  at  09:46 PM
Oo, sharp :coolhmm:.. That Paul just keeps on moving, doesn't he..?
Posted by Cal  on  Tue Mar 01, 2005  at  10:25 AM
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