Strange Metal Boxes Washing Up On Beaches

In the past two weeks, various blogs have been reporting that "strange metal boxes" have been washing up on beaches in Oregon, Washington, and northern California. In some versions of the reports, these boxes make humming and screeching noises, are seamless, and can't be moved, even by trucks. The boxes are said to have appeared after UFO sightings.

Theories about what these boxes may be (besides the theory that they're the lost luggage of UFOs) include the speculation that they're the floats that were once used to support docks, or that they're left by drug runners.

However, reports are now coming in that people have gone searching for these boxes, to examine them for themselves, but haven't been able to find anything. And it looks like the entire "strange metal boxes" story traces back to two articles posted by a Dave Masko. Perhaps the boxes only existed in his imagination.

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Posted on Wed Feb 22, 2012


Wasn't there a Doctor Who episode recently where aliens invade by dumping strange black boxes that don't do anything all over the planet?

Those were smaller and more numerous, though.
Posted by MugaSofer  on  Tue Nov 06, 2012  at  03:58 AM
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