Fresh Stone-Age Meat

Back in 2010, Bosch refrigerators ran an unusual ad campaign to promote its VitaFresh technology which, it promised, could keep food fresh longer. They created fake plastic-wrapped cuts of dinosaur legs, mammoth steaks, and saber-tooth filets, and placed these meats in supermarkets throughout Germany. The idea was that this meat is really old, but it's still fresh.

Check out the video below to see people's reactions.


Posted on Wed Feb 05, 2014


I sure wish Bosch would sell some sweet dinosausage at my supermarket! As nice as their brats are, I could go for a change of pace.
Posted by hoaxinghal  on  Fri Feb 07, 2014  at  03:50 PM
Mammoth meat from the Siberian permafrost has, in fact, been eaten. At least once by humans, and more than once by sled dogs. It's probably not really a good idea, but it's possible. I doubt Bosch freezers reach Siberian temperatures, though.
Posted by Richard Bos  on  Sat Feb 08, 2014  at  09:36 AM
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