Smoking In Cars Illegal

A rumor flew through Lexington, Kentucky that the County Council had passed a law banning people from smoking cigarettes in cars. Given all the new laws banning smoking in public places, I guess such a law wouldn't be that unbelievable. Reportedly, hundreds of people called the Lexington police and City Hall to ask if the rumor was true. It wasn't. The rumor had been started as a prank by DJs at a Lexington radio station, Z-103. An early April Fool's Day joke apparently.


Posted on Thu Nov 11, 2004


I suspect that this got started because the CDC(??? some government agency at least) released statistics yesterday that ranked states by percentage of adults that smoke. Utah was lowest at 12%, Kentucky highest at 33%.

Just a guess ...
Posted by John.  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  09:12 AM
I live in ontario, canada and the government is seriously thinking about banning smoking in cars and in our own might as well ban smoking altogether
Posted by Jason Cosco  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  10:50 AM
Is it just me, or are radio DJs remarkably unfunny?
Posted by AqueousBoy  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  11:41 AM
I don't mind that people smoke, I just don't like that I have to put up with it when I'm out. I get a headache when I smell cigarette smoke. For the love of God, don't stand in the doorway of a non-smoking location & SMOKE! Go to the back of the building, stand in the parking lot, lay under your car, or stand in the middle of the highway...but don't make me gag my way into the building. I would vote yes on a smoking ban.

It was a funny joke though.
Posted by Maegan  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  11:43 AM
This one almost caught me. A DJ on a country station tried that one here in Dallas this past year. Being that they announced it on April 1st, no one was too concerned.
Posted by Tru  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  02:14 PM
AqueousBoy i agree wholeheartedly.
Posted by John  on  Thu Nov 11, 2004  at  06:51 PM
I think there is (in the UK at least) some form of law against smoking whilst driving (under the provision of driving with due care & attention).
Posted by Alan  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  05:52 AM
The Calgary Health Region (which controls, amongst other things, all the hospitals in Calgary) has banned smoking anywhere on any of its properties, including in cars parked in its parking lots. A ban on smoking in cars is not all that far-fetched.
Posted by Don Sucha  on  Fri Nov 12, 2004  at  03:56 PM
I first heasrd this when a friend's friend was traveling through Salt Lake City, Utah in a tour bus. The bus had to pull over so all could finish their smokes before entering town. I actually bought it, until I really thought about it.
Posted by Tyler  on  Tue Nov 16, 2004  at  02:57 PM
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