Sleep Messaging

Richard Griffiths has a problem. He sends text messages in his sleep. The messages seem to be inspired by whatever he's dreaming about. I'm actually perfectly willing to believe this case is real. I'm pretty sure I could type in my sleep, if I were the sleep-walking/sleep-talking type, which I'm not. However, I still refuse to believe that the sleep-sex woman was for real.


Posted on Sun Feb 06, 2005


When I first started working at a video store, I would be partly awake at night, sitting up in bed, but mostly asleep. I was pulling a pillow onto my lap, b/c it was a 'keyboard' and I needed to search for a movie title for a customer. Then I would pull my blankets all the way up around me, b/c I didn't want the customers to see my pajamas.
Posted by Maegan  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  06:23 AM
Trusting Ananova articles again, are we?
Posted by PlantPerson  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  07:29 AM
It sounds like she's using sleep sex as an excuse for cheating on her significant other.
Posted by jessica  on  Mon Feb 07, 2005  at  07:35 PM
If it's on Ananova, it MUST be true! :roll:
Posted by coit  on  Tue Feb 08, 2005  at  09:04 PM
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