Shoe Corner

The Mystery of Shoe Corner: "Thousands of shoes have been dumped there over the years, and residents can't figure out how or why."


Posted on Wed Sep 04, 2002


I work a few miles west of shoe corner, and have known a couple people nearby. I have not seen it myself yet, but plan to not only see it, but contribute to the cause!

From what I understand, there is no big mystery, and the entire "mystique" behind it has been profoundly overstated.

In reality, it's just a fun tradition to toss old shoes at this corner.

Period. That's it.

No murders, no weird back story, just... the fun of it. Leave it that way. Don't overthink it, just enjoy it.
Posted by Eric Bailey  on  Mon Jan 04, 2010  at  12:41 PM
The story that was told to us is that the corner was part of the underground railroad.....and the shoes were left for the slaves fleeing the south.
Posted by Originally from Illinois  on  Tue Mar 09, 2010  at  11:26 AM
Posted by ZORO  on  Wed Apr 21, 2010  at  04:07 PM
This is the real story how shoe corner got started. God leaves me a new pair of shoes every week for being a good sole and straight lace person in Shoe Heaven, Unknown Galaxy. For the last 61 and a half years my shoes have been mysteriously disappearing from my house in shoe heaven, Unknown Galaxy. For the first 47 years I thought my neighbor Eugene had been stealing them, but then he was killed in an unfortunate accident in Seoul, Korea. While he was inspecting a Nike shoe factory his feet were run over by a forklift. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors amputated his feet, trying to save his life to no avail. At Eugene's funeral I met an odd women who introduced herself as Mrs. Villen. While we were talking she told me the whereabouts of Eugene's shoes. When I visited 109th and Calumet I not only found Eugene's shoes but also a few pairs of mine that had been recently stolen. I have never been able to locate Mrs. Villen, I firmly believe she is a shoe angel.
The Shoe Believer.
May you enjoy your visit to shoe corner, where the rubber meets the road.
Posted by rbaalkmw  on  Tue Dec 07, 2010  at  10:08 PM
the shoe corner actualy came from john dillenger back when he was the top gangster, he shot 3 men at that corner and when the cops came upon the scene there were only the victims shoes. ever since people have been throwing shoes there just as a tradition
Posted by bob baked  on  Sun May 08, 2011  at  12:18 PM
The REAL truth is....the shoes on shoe corner are the ones we clean up when we make the crop circles. We don't like to leave a mess when we make the circles so we load the shoes into our invisible-to-the-human-eye hover vehicle and take them to shoe corner and dump them. We were originally going to use them to stock the shoe store we were going to build there but the St. John building and planning had difficulty trying to see our plans and would not approve them. So we put up an invisible building and all of our invisible fellow beings can get their shoes there. Although we don't wear clothing, we DO need shoes and it's very difficult to shop in your conventional stores for them. Please don't judge us until you've walked a mile in our shoes......
Posted by ccrider  on  Tue Jan 15, 2013  at  02:40 AM
People! Its a ghost. There is proof. People don't throw shoes out of their cars. That is stupid
Posted by Allison  on  Tue Sep 24, 2013  at  07:07 PM
Twice we saw 2 guys riding motorcycles throwing shoes on shoe corner. Both of these men has artificial legs.
Posted by joseph johns  on  Sat Oct 12, 2013  at  11:48 PM
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